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Lawson Standing Vertically in a Flat Economy
Lawson Software has hardly ever been associated with flamboyance and ostentatious behavior, let alone in these murky economic times. Still, its chief executive

noncumulative preferred stock  
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for the Health Care Industry
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) assists physicians and other clinicians document patient care for current visits and provides access to patient clinical history. Sometimes may be referred to as co...
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Documents related to » noncumulative preferred stock

Stock Build Optimization in Food and Beverage Manufacturing: Are Your Profits Suffering Due to Stockouts or Expired Stock?
For food and beverage manufacturers, the failure to meet demand peaks can result in poor customer service, lost revenue, stockouts, brand erosion, and—in

noncumulative preferred stock  
Software Leasing Trend Slams Baan Earnings
On October 21, the Baan Company announced a larger-than-expected loss of $25M. Baan's stock price tumbled more than 10% after the loss more than tripled Wall

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IFS Bucking the Trends - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series analyzed the current upbeat state of affairs of IFS, a public business software company (listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange

noncumulative preferred stock  the abovementioned IEE (with non-real-time “sticky notes”), EAS, and  IFS Virtual Maps (based on Microsoft’s Bing Maps ) , to enable collaboration in context. Facebook & Twitter at the Factory (of the Future)? Recently, I was made privy to the upcoming solutions from IFS Labs , such as IFS Unified Communications . In the context of business contact, communications will be made easier by showing an individual’s availability (presence) info everywhere there is a reference to a person, for example i Read More...
Aiming for Agility: Challenges and User Recommendations
The preferred agile architecture will rationalize business processes without ripping out current application investments. In such cases, Agresso will have to

noncumulative preferred stock  information warehouse (financial and non financial data), business processes, and the delivery methodology (analytics and reporting) should be seen as a refreshing option. Namely, there is the promise of business being able to change systems as required, often without the customary business pain and costs associated with IT re-architecting; this means that user enterprises can pursue business strategies (or a new way of doing business) that they might previously have avoided (likely in order to choose the Read More...
Symix Starts New Year Under New Name, But Old Issues Remain
On November 8, Symix Systems began operating as Frontstep, and its common stock will be traded under the symbol

noncumulative preferred stock  a $2.2 million, pre-tax, non-recurring charge. Figure 1. As expected, we incurred a loss in the first quarter as ERP revenues remained sluggish and e-business revenues just started to ramp up, said Mr. Sasser. From an operational standpoint, we continue to make steady progress in transforming ourselves into an e-business leader. Our e-business initiatives are being enthusiastically received by industry analysts, the media, leading e-business partners, a growing number of e-customers, and early adopters Read More...
Cloud/SaaS is the Perfect Solution for Food and Beverage Processors
Fast becoming the preferred delivery model for companies in other manufacturing industries, software as a service (SaaS) is being adopted by food and beverage

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SYSPRO Point of Sale
SYSPRO Point of Sale is a fully-integrated retail software solution that facilitates over-the-counter sales transactions by accepting payments or deposits

noncumulative preferred stock  
Taking Stock of TAKE Supply Chain Solutions - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series introduced TAKE Supply Chain, a supply chain management (SCM) division of TAKE Solutions, Ltd. The TAKE Solutions parent company is a

noncumulative preferred stock  module to track part non-conformance and another that provides A/P collaboration with multi-tier visibility and communication for trading partners. The X.PC quality collaboration module provides a central location where users can review, document, and collaborate on a deviation found in the material. Suppliers can create a deviation request if a part fails to meet design and/or quality specifications. Suppliers can also determine which buyer and/or sourcing QA engineer should be assigned to and notified o Read More...
Resistance is Futile: Computer Associates Assimilates yet another Major Software Firm
Once again, Computer Associates is executing the largest software acquisition in history, eclipsing its Platinum Technology buyout of 1999, which was the

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Big Bird Dines Again
Harbinger has agreed to be acquired by Peregrine in a stock exchange. The merger mates an infrastructure company that has already begun feathering its nest

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Taking Stock of TAKE Supply Chain Solutions - Part 1
Over the past several years I’ve repeatedly heard of a supply chain management (SCM) software and professional services company called ClearOrbit that was

noncumulative preferred stock  (who prefers to remain anonymous) deployed the solution with well over 100 of its suppliers participating. The renowned high-tech customer had a problem reconciling invoices for products that may or may not have been shipped to the company by its numerous suppliers. With more than 100 suppliers, this reconciliation was consuming an inordinate amount of time and attention from an army of buyers and  accounts payable (A/P)  clerks. To that end, ClearOrbit created a purchase order (PO) collaboration portal Read More...
Tata Consultancy Services
Tata Consultancy Services (TSC) is an IT services, business solutions, and outsourcing organization that caters to global businesses. TCS employs over 120

noncumulative preferred stock  Tata Consultancy Services
Corporativo Ayax
Ayax is the consulting and information technology (ICT) and payroll solutions, preferred by major technology players in Mexico. We belong to Luserra Group

noncumulative preferred stock  
Deloitte & Touche Alliance with SynQuest Largely Symbolic
Deloitte & Touche recently named SynQuest, Inc. a preferred advanced planning and scheduling (APS) partner. Under the terms of the agreement, Deloitte & Touche

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