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Checklist: Adding Up the Return on IP Telephony Investments
Calculating the total cost of ownership (TCO) of an Internet protocol (IP) telephony system is complicated. And you need to know the return on investment (ROI).

nortel ivr  be considerable. Rybczynski of Nortel said that wiring for converged IP telephony and data service costs an average of $204 per desktop, while individual voice and data cables run $170 each, adding up to $340 or more per desktop. 6. Save on moves, adds and changes. With traditional phone systems, every time it's necessary to move, add or change users, the company that sold the system, often called a VAR, or value-added reseller, has to come on site to make the change. It requires specialized knowledge Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » nortel ivr

Call Center Buyer’s Guide
A call center can be so much more to your enterprise than a costly necessity. By carefully selecting an on-premise contact center solution, your company can

nortel ivr  many vendors, including Avaya, Nortel Networks and Alcatel- Lucent, of er both options. In fact, some industry analysts argue that an on-demand delivery model simply isn't cost-ef ective in the long- term for large enterprises requiring hundreds ' or thousands ' of subscriptions. And then there's the thorny issue of disgruntled IT staf . After all, introducing a solution that doesn't require any in-house deployment, support or upgrades can spell career-suicide as far as some salaried IT professionals are Read More...
Enterprise Phone Systems Buyer’s Guide
Implementing or upgrading an enterprise phone system is a strategic investment for any large enterprise. To reach an informed decision, you should understand

nortel ivr  Cisco, M5 Networks, Mitel, Nortel, ShoreTel and 3Com. For a detailed background on phone systems and the vendor landscape, see our Phone Systems Market Primer. Buyer : What type of buyer are you and what are your particular needs? Product : What product features and functionality should you focus on? Cost : What expectations should you have for price, indirect costs and return on investment (ROI) ? Vendor : What will you need from the vendor during sales, installation and support? The most salient points Read More...
SMB Phone Systems Buyer’s Guide
If you are a small to medium business (SMB) looking to purchase a business phone system, you’ve no doubt discovered that buying one is not easy. You must

nortel ivr  Telephone System (such as Nortel NorstarT series telephones, Samsung Digital Key phones and Fonality PBXtra turnkey telephone system) Tend to be small businesses and very cost-conscious Need the most basic functionalities of a phone system Control over phone system not a priority Minimal internal support Fast Featurists: Would like to take advantage of advanced business communication features, to not exceed the budget and to avoid a complicated implementation Ideal solution: Hosted advanced VoIP service Read More...
SAP - A Leader Under Reconstruction
SAP is responding to the changing Internet marketplace by restructuring to develop flexibility and forming key partnerships and alliances to put content behind

nortel ivr  following: A partnership with Nortel Networks to develop and integrate industry-specific CRM solutions (see SAP Gives in to CRM (Part Time) Matrimony ) A partnership with Commerce One to build and sell software for online trading exchanges (see SAP Becoming a (Legal) Polygamist ) Involving itself in XML-based Internet content standards initiatives (see (XML + mySAP.com) - Spin = Status Quo ) An alliance with BackWeb Technologies to provide a push platform for the mySAP.com business-to-business Read More...
Strategic Partners or Merger on the Horizon?
3Com Corporation (COMS) and Extreme Networks (EXTR) have entered into a partnership where 3Com customers will be given an enhanced migration path from the now

nortel ivr  two - Cisco and Nortel. Even though Extreme offers a full range of Layer 3 switching devices, it has no WAN routing products, and is not ready to step into the void created by 3Com. However, we still expect Extreme to increase their market share in the switching space. With the migration plan Extreme has outlined for existing 3Com customers, we believe Extreme is well positioned to become the number one vendor in Layer 3 ports shipped in 2000. We feel that the combination of Extreme's migration plan with Read More...
Navigating Between Service Management Scylla & Charybdis - Part 3
Part 1 of this series analyzed the phenomenon of the service economy or the increasing importance of the service sector in industrialized economies. Especially

nortel ivr  
Gosh, They Kill Partnerships, Don't They?
There is nothing new in the fact that software partnerships do not last long. While Commerce One would face serious consequences if there were a breakup with

nortel ivr  ended an agreement with Nortel Networks to promote the Clarify CRM call center software, which Nortel owned at the time, to SAP customers when it enhanced its own CRM capabilities. SAP might have had decent intentions at the time of partnerships' beginnings though, but the zest for being 'all things to all people' must have become too overwhelmingly tempting over time to incite the killer instinct. Enter the recent tacit cold relationship with Microsoft , and some might even see angelic wings growing on Read More...
Oracle Corporation: Flying High for Being Jack-of-All-Trades and Master of Some
Database and enterprise application vendor Oracle has streamlined itself, overcome the hardships of the past and seems prepared and eager for the future. We

nortel ivr  a reseller agreement with Nortel/Clarify. Expecting these customers to replace SAP's endorsed solution with Oracle in droves, based on their loyalty to SAP, is unrealistic. Oracle may respond that its individual components are based on open standards so that integration would not be an issue whatsoever. While some may see contradiction in a proposition that attempts to cover the integrated solution and best of breed religion at the same time, we would support Oracle's open systems intentions if that were Read More...
Concur Gives Up The Boast
Concur Technologies dreamed of going mano a mano with Ariba and Commerce One. However, announcing the details of its new operating plan in the report of a

nortel ivr  mid-sized companies with partners Nortel Networks and Safeco (see Concur Scores A Bingo ). Still in the early stages, the result of the initiative with Nortel and Safeco will probably be quite different from the Concur Procurement product. We expect it to be an ASP-based product that requires almost no implementation before a customer can be active - although there will no doubt be customization offerings, and the product will certainly be built to play well with the rest of the eWorkplace suite. Read More...
Pure-Play CRM Vendors: Choose an Integrated or Best-of-Breed Solution?
When selecting a CRM vendor should you go with a one-source solution, reducing the need for integration with other corporate data sources, or go with a best-of

nortel ivr  to the oasis of Nortel ( Clarify ), or PeopleSoft , or, the current King of the CRM Integration hill, Siebel . Ahhhh . That feels better , doesn't it? Enter the kingdom. Become 'Clarified.' Sure, it'll cost you many camels to enter, and you'll need to rely on the big CRM vendor to do all that messy integration for you, but you've been promised Time To Market, a smaller IT investment, happier users because of smoothly-flowing interfaces and access to information, and, ultimately, happy customers, who have Read More...
The Wizardry of Business Process Management - Part 4
Part 1 of this blog series started a lengthy discussion about the value proposition and parts-and-parcels of business process management (BPM), with an ensuing

nortel ivr  
Customer Relationship Management and the Next Generation Network
Next generation networks may eventually allow us to interact with the world in a way compatible with how we live. This would have the greatest impact on our

nortel ivr  Microsoft having relationships with Nortel , Cisco, Avaya , and others, there remains the possibility that they also will offer IMS-compliant services at some point. I believe that at some point in the not-too-distant future, the IMS-powered next generation networks carrying services from leading CRM vendors will allow us to interact with the world in a way compatible with how we live. Imagine actually being able to start a voice call on your home phone and transferring it over to your cell phone so you Read More...
Software as a Service's Functional Catch-up
Software-as-a-service solutions are emerging to address almost every business application need considered

nortel ivr  a consortium that included Nortel , Solectron , Toshiba , Hitachi , Matsushita , Seagate , and Panasonic . CommerceHub would be an example of a focused SaaS provider in the tricky realm of drop-shipping; see A Drop-ship Enablement Pioneer Leads the Way . Global trade management (GTM) and similar applications that entail event management and visibility in a dispersed environment seem to lend themselves well to on demand deployment (see article on TradeBeam , Confronting Core Global Trade Problems: Order, Read More...

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