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Managing Transaction Tax Audit Risk: How to Protect Precious Cash Flow by Proactively Addressing Audits
Even in the best economic times, businesses must be vigilant against unnecessary costs and risks. But not just businesses need to be vigilant@states and other

oce consumables  value from people and processes. But it’s not just businesses that need to maximize cash flow these days — states and other tax authorities are feeling the same economic pinch. State budget deficits are mounting into the tens of billions, income tax takes are shrinking, and federal help is drying up, leading states to become more creative in targeting additional products and services to tax, and more aggressive in collecting that tax. The result is a flurry of new laws and rate changes, intensifying

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Software Functionality Revealed in Detail

We’ve opened the hood on every major category of enterprise software. Learn about thousands of features and functions, and how enterprise software really works.

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Pricing and Revenue Optimization: A Manufacturing Perspective

Pricing and revenue optimization is the process of improving business margins by either increasing unit prices or increasing gross revenues. This type of optimization is fast being recognized as having the capability to help businesses grow margins significantly. In fact, studies have shown that it can add a 15 to 50 percent incremental margin to the bottom line.

oce consumables  B2B E-Commerce , Business Processes , B2B Technology , B2B Marketing Solutions CONTENTS Executive Summary Optimization Perspectives Current State: Profit Management by Pricing and Revenue Optimization Pricing and Revenue Optimization Defined Demand Curve: The Impact of Pricing Pricing and Revenue Optimization Drivers Real-World Examples of Industry Applications A. Airline Industry B. Retail Industry Challenges with Pricing and Revenue Optimization A. Application in a B2C Environment B. Application in a Read More

RAJA Selects n.SKEP Retail Planning Solution

QAD Inc. continues to gain new customers via its relatively autonomous divisions, such as Precision Software for transportation management, and the recently acquired DynaSys for supply chain management (SCM) and CEBOS for quality management. QAD expects all of those products to carry their own weight and continue to sell to non-QAD enterprise resource planning (ERP) customers (in addition to cross

oce consumables  it optimize its SCM processes. In addition, the RAJA team valued the deep expertise of the DynaSys team and its ability to work closely with RAJA IT staff to organize the implementation plan for a six-month go-live date. Last but not least, the n.SKEP RTP solution offers out-of-box capabilities for distribution in the retail industries. The pre-configured Demand Planning and Procurement Planning solution, developed by DynaSys and based on the n.SKEP suite, has allowed RAJA to rapidly implement the Read More

Will a Tool Manufacturer and a Supply Chain Software Vendor "Click" in Matrimony?

The merger of traditional brick-and-mortar manufacturer Illinois Tool Works with Internet-based Click Commerce is puzzling, but has some method to the madness. Only time will tell how easily and tightly their tools will "click" with each other.

oce consumables  assets, and orchestrate common processes in the demand, supply, and service chains (consisting of sales force, key accounts, consumers, retailers, distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, field service, etc.). It is a hackneyed fact that traditional phone, fax, and paper-based communications systems are labor-intensive, inefficient, and prone to error. Companies have historically dedicated significant resources and time to the manual entry (re-keying) of information from faxed or phoned-in purchase Read More

Ariba LIVE 2014—Spotlight on Procurement and Predictive

Ariba LIVE 2014 was the 15th annual customer conference by Ariba, an SAP company, and the largest one thus far with 2,200 attendees. The major themes of this year’s conference were: 1) Procurement/sourcing and business networks as strategic platforms for innovation; 2) Enabling the business of tomorrow today; and 3) Focusing on business outcomes.

oce consumables  materials and specialized manufacturing processes. Procurement and strategic sourcing can certainly help with finding those materials and/or suppliers that can help a company deliver and sell more innovative products. Material analysis helps one figure out how to change ranges of attributes on current materials and processes versus buying new ones. This analysis could impact a large number of items and thus must be done early, and sometimes exotic materials are complex to procure. We have all heard about Read More

Amazon’s “Vendor Flex” Supply Chain Innovation

Supply chains are always looking for greater efficiency, and reducing latency is a recurring theme. It was interesting therefore to read a recent Wall Street Journal article by Serena Ng about an ambitious experiment by Amazon, and one that has apparently been ongoing, very quietly, for some 3 years. In a joint initiative with Procter @ Gamble (P@G), Amazon has developed a program called

oce consumables  service offers select household, grocery, beauty, or pet products by subscription (on a 1- to 6-month schedule), with an up to 15% discount (depending on the number of subscribed items ordered) and with free shipping. Amazon's Vendor Flex is helping Amazon to better compete with the likes of Sam’s Club and Costco, while responding to P&G's reported interest in doing more in e-commerce. Amazon's Vendor Flex service is now installed in 7 of P&G’s warehouses, with more opportunities at hand: Amazon is Read More

ERP Systems and the ETO Manufacturing Market Part Two: ETO versus Repetitive Differences

ETO-oriented (engineer-to-order) systems must facilitate the near real time transfer of information and complex product knowledge for collaboration across the extended enterprise. It should especially be suited to organizations that seek to maintain complex selling relationships, such as businesses whose procurement and sales functions rely on subcontractors, channel partnerships or a distributed sales force.

oce consumables  sales and manufacturing business processes, often requiring collaboration between the customer, sales representatives, and critical back-office experts. ETO manufacturers focus on special jobs that have never been done before, or custom jobs that are similar to others but require extensive modification to accommodate customers' special requirements. Further, customer approval may stipulate many engineering changes and adequate information about these changes must be timely when released to manufacturing Read More

Solomon Stands the Test of Time Despite Changing Masters Part Three: Product Differentiators

Of all the MBS' products, Solomon is apparently the purest in terms of a standard Microsoft technology stack, and without any proprietary additions. Furthermore, its sharp focus solely on Microsoft technology from ground up, coined in ''the power of one'' motto (one OS platform - Windows XP/NT/2000, one database platform - MS SQL Server, one development environment - MS Visual Basic, etc.), also presents an attractive, risk-adverse option for penny-pinching mid-market customers. Solomon IV has consequently been very competitive in speed of implementation, feasibility of customization, total cost of ownership (TCO), and price/performance ratio.

oce consumables  automation of service call processing and dispatching, management of service contracts from quotation to renewals, equipment management, and invoicing capabilities. The Service Dispatch module has a graphical dispatch board that allows for drag-and-drop service call rescheduling. The module can also process invoices using flat rate or time and materials. With the Equipment Maintenance module, users can define equipment types, services provided, and work performance codes. The module also includes Read More

MPS in European and US Enterprises

The printing environment is now an integral part of the IT infrastructure. Organizations that use managed print services (MPSs) are seeing reduced cost and increased efficiencies. Using MPSs optimizes the way in which networked printers, copiers, and multifunction peripherals (MFPs) are managed to minimize the wastage of paper and toner. Find out how effective MPSs offer cost transparency and reliable service levels.

oce consumables  trails to support business processes. Many are wrestling with cost and security challenge s: Operating a heterogeneous environment is costly and complex, and reliance on paper output brings with it security vulnerabilities. Overall 83% of respondents indicated cost as a major concern, followed by 76% who cited security challenges. Cost-reduction drives MPS adoption . The top drivers for moving to MPS in all countries surveyed were cost reduction, cost predictability and a need for IT to focus on Read More

Peregrine Hatches an "e-"

Peregrine Systems announced its Get.It! solution suite for the company Intranet. Peregrine's first self-service solution is corporate e-purchasing, and uses Commerce One's MarketSite.

oce consumables  Hatches an e- Event Summary Peregrine Software, up to now a specialist in software for infrastructure management, has moved into the eCommerce arena with its first offering. Their Get.It solution will allow employees to acquire assets by buying, leasing or taking from existing stock. Market Impact Peregrine seems to be avoiding the crowded market for consumables procurement to specialize on assets, which is close to their traditional areas of expertise. Arguing that the consumables that are Read More

Are Spend Management (or SRM) Apps Suited for the Mid-market? - Part 2

Part 1 of this blog series introduced common supply chain challenges and resulting spend management opportunities for companies of all sizes. The article then went into the philosophical and functional differences (if any) between the “spend management” and "supplier relationship management (SRM)" monikers. Further discussion was about what exact functional parts of this software category small

oce consumables  speaking, sourcing is the process of identifying a company that provides needed goods or services. APICS Dictionary  further defines strategic sourcing  as “The development and management of supplier relationships to acquire goods and services in a way that aids in achieving the immediate needs of a business. It is entirely aligned with the sourcing portion of managing the procurement process.” In other words, strategic sourcing is the continuous evaluation of preferred suppliers, goods, Read More

First Look: Peregrine Offers Cradle to Grave Procurement

Peregrine's Get.Resources is an E-procurement system that contains features to manage the acquisition of capital assets and track their lifecycle costs. The product supports a number of different kinds of supplier arrangements ranging from internally hosted catalogs to links with Commerce One's MarketSite. This article offers a pre-release look at Peregrine's product and strategy.

oce consumables  company is in the process of training integrators in preparation for the February launch. Although Peregrine partners with large firms, it certifies individuals rather than firms. This protects against an integrator accepting a contract and then putting inexperienced staff to work on it. Product Challenges According to Peregrine the user interface is totally and easily customizable by the customer to meet their needs. The unconfigured interface is weaker than we would like. For example, a user signing Read More

How the Mining Industry Benefits from ERP Systems

Integrated enterprise resource planning software normalizes the reporting requirements for a mining company’s various departments. This article loosely shows the parallels between the operations in a mining company and those of a manufacturer whose product is sold on store shelves.

oce consumables  the refining or smelting process. Multiple sales contracts combined initiate the mining of the ore. Extraction and transportation of the ore is subject to sales and to seasonal requirements, and these operations are managed by the geologist and the engineering groups. In the extraction environment, analysis is performed to determine decline (the angle of a tunnel or the angle of the walls) at an open pit. This ongoing work allows for maximizing safety while ensuring the lowest cost of excavation possible Read More

Geocoding: Acquiring Location Intelligence to Make Better Business Decisions

By geocoding your address data, you have the location intelligence that helps you see patterns and create new opportunities to grow your business. There are three levels of positional accuracy, based on budget and business needs, as well as more enhanced levels of geographic accuracy. Learn more about geocoding, and how you can use it to perform market-specific data analysis—to strengthen customer relationships and more.

oce consumables  Technology Offers | Geocoding Process | Geocoding Capability | Geocoding Compliance Technology | Locator Geocoding Software | Zip Geocode | Zip Geocode Information | Zip Geocode Mapping | Zip Geocode Service | Zip Geocode Services | Zip Geocode Software | Zip Geocode Tool | Zip Geocode Web Service | Zip Geocoder | Zip Geocoder Tool | Zip Geocoding | Zip Geocoding Coordinates | Zip Geocoding Data | Zip Geocoding Information | Zip Geocoding Map | Zip Geocoding Mapping | Zip Geocoding Service | Zip Read More

Ariba Goes Vertical: No Pain, Much Gain

Ariba, a leader in E-procurement software and market management, pays $1.86 billion in stock to acquire TRADEX, a vendor of software that lets its customers build their own Internet marketplaces.

oce consumables  Goes Vertical: No Pain, Much Gain Event Summary Ariba, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARBA) has purchased privately held TRADEX Technologies, Inc. for $1.86 billion in stock, based on the closing price on the date of the announcement. Ariba sells software that lets companies engage in E-procurement, and manages marketplaces that bring together its buy-side customers with vendors. Ariba's marketplaces are primarily for MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) products. TRADEX sells software that allows its customers Read More