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Off-shoring: Are You Getting Your Money's Worth?
Are companies that offshore software development, call center operations, and remote implementations really saving money? Are customers and users realizing

off shore manufacturing  it's a long way off but as the off-shore salary structures continue to approach those of the US, the savings expected from off-shoring with continue to diminish, requiring companies to sharpen their pencils to ensure the move makes financial sense, and to take a closer look at the total cost of ownership. About the Author Joseph J. Strub has extensive experience as a senior project manager and consultant for the planning and execution of ERP projects for manufacturing, and distribution systems for large Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » off shore manufacturing

Are PLM and Global Sourcing Related? Duh, And How! (Part II)
Part I of this blog post analyzed the white paper entitled

off shore manufacturing  required to manage an off shore manufacturing partner not losing sight of the OEM's increased level of inventory liability due to the longer transportation lead times At the end of the day, the white paper concludes (and I concur) that outsourcing can be successful only if OEM's have the right strategy, processes, people, and tools to maintain control of their businesses. Even more, without setting some strategic assumptions beforehand and instituting right policies, even the best PLM software system Read More...
When will RFID Hit Main Street?
The desire for improved visibility, tracking, etc. stands out as a critical issue to global firms. Most firms don't know how to get started. But as the cultural

off shore manufacturing  fact that it scares off buyers and creates confusion in the market. Shortage of sales people and solutions people to meet with; design unique solutions for many firms. Lack of engagement by the third party market to achieve economies of scale for their customer base. Standards—Globally, we can't get to a one standards world this is true of most wireless, RF, and cellular products. Deal with it! And each industry group weighs in on process standards relevant to their industry. (See below.) Challenges Read More...
Geac Hopes To See System21 Shine Again Like 'Aurora' Part 2: Market Impact
Geac appears to have at least learned some hard lessons and it should not fall again in the trap of its former rampant acquisition strategy in a number of

off shore manufacturing  recently all but disappeared off the ERP radar screen. Impact of Acquisition of System21 The fact is also that Geac has not initially significantly enhanced System21 since either (except for Web-enabling it through Universal Commerce Adapter ( UCA ) based on Jacada technology and for embedding RunTime CRM product acquired in 2000, but for the apparel/fashion industry only). Reverting to support for only the IBM iSeries (formerly IBM AS/400 ) and dropping the support for Unix have additionally narrowed Read More...
Michael Treacy Focuses on Double Digit Growth
This new book, Double-Digit Growth was one of the most useful and optimistic books to come along in some time. Growth is the whole point of business. Yet many

off shore manufacturing  tier jobs are moving off-shore. ChainLink : In my lifetime, we will see the US change. Even the higher-level knowledge workers—radiologists, for example—will be offshore. ChainLink : It makes me think about where will be the strong places for growth, to invest in. Michael : Think about it. By today's standards, Ozzie and Harriet would be considered poor—one TV, one phone, one car. Now, there is a TV in every room in the house! The entertainment business is not only something that sells here, but Read More...
Cloud ERP for Manufacturing: 6 Considerations
There is no shortage of cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software offerings nowadays, for almost any vertical manufacturing market segment. But

off shore manufacturing  (SaaS)–based manufacturing ERP software offerings nowadays, for almost any vertical manufacturing market segment, but while cloud and hosted solutions are routine for many types of business software across various industries, TEC data shows that they are not in wide use among manufacturing businesses. To analyze the data, I combined TEC Advisor project numbers of ERP for discrete manufacturing, ERP for process manufacturing, ERP for engineer-to-order manufacturing, ERP for the apparel industry, ERP for Read More...
SAP Manufacturing
Managing complexity while enhancing agility is a real challenge. To respond to customer needs, manufacturers must reduce their time to market and time to volume

off shore manufacturing  
Process Manufacturing Software: A Primer
This article defines process manufacturing; discusses its formulation, packaging, and pricing issues; talks about interfaces; and provides cautions and caveats.

off shore manufacturing  sales territory discounts, percent off, and rebates are fairly standard and should be handled without major modifications. However, if you price goods based on the phases of the moon, Jupiter rising, and the mating habits of an adult baboon, this is not considered straight forward. Consequently, the pricing engine of the ERP software must be thoroughly examined to ensure that your common as well as complex pricing algorithms can be accommodated. Understand that your customers will tolerate certain Read More...
Sage ERP X3 (v. 6) for Discrete Manufacturing ERP Certification Report
Sage ERP X3 (v. 6) is TEC Certified for online evaluation of discrete manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions in the ERP Evaluation Center

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ERP for Manufacturing (SMB)
TEC@s new ERP for Manufacturing (SMB) evaluation model targets the software requirements of small and medium enterprises. If your organization doesn@t have many

off shore manufacturing  erp for small manufacturing, ERP small manufacturers, ERP software for small manufacturers, ERP SMB, erp comparison, compare erp software, erp systems, erp software comparison, top erp, erp visual manufacturing, erp industry Read More...
Ramco Enterprise Series - Discrete Manufacturing
The Ramco Discrete Production (DP) application is a manufacturing, planning, and control solution. Ramco DP was designed to address enterprise manufacturing

off shore manufacturing  ramco erp,ramco forms,evaluate test tool ramco,ramco marshal,ramco,ramco delhi,ramco system,choose hardware ramco,ramco vs sap,ramco manufacturing,ramco in chennai,ramco consultants,evaluate eai ramco,comparison ramco axapta,ramco virtualworks evaluation Read More...
How to Choose a Manufacturing System
If you’ve worked for more than one manufacturing company, you know that each one is different. Different processes, systems, problems—all these variations mean

off shore manufacturing  process, employees were taken off task and the company paid an additional $2,500 in overtime. But the system just wasn't getting off the ground. After losing $20,000 in unrecoverable expenses, they started over. After more diligent research, they selected a system costing $15,000. A new server and network connection added $7,500 to their costs, and the consultant fees were $50,000 by the time the system was fully functional. While training costs added up to $5,000, overtime needed during implementation Read More...
Dealing with Chaos: 4 Steps to Manufacturing Success
Manufacturing today is fraught with uncertainties in the supply chain due to a variety of global issues, including weather and exchange rates. You can counter

off shore manufacturing  manufacturing,lean manufacturing,manufacturing solutions,manufacturing system,manufacturing equipment,manufacturing automation,manufacturing process,manufacturing engineers,manufacturing community Read More...
A Primer on Lean Manufacturing Using Microsoft Dynamics AX
Lean manufacturing constructs have been incorporated into the Microsoft Dynamics AX package, enabling firms to support lean and traditional manufacturing

off shore manufacturing  enterprise resource planning,ERP,lean manufacturing,Microsoft Dynamics AX,Managing Your Supply Chain using Microsoft Dynamics AX,manufacturing practices,lean manufacturing functionality,kanban,kanban policies,kanban tickets,replenishing kanban,non-replenishing kanban,pull-to-order,PTO,lean schedules Read More...

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