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The 2008 Handbook of Application Delivery: A Guide to Decision Making
The 2008 Handbook of Application Delivery: a Guide to Decision Making. Documents and Other Computer Software to Use In Your Application Delivery System. IT organizations can no longer manage networks in isolation from the applications they support, requiring a shift from focusing on devices to a focus on performance. But a number of factors complicate the task of ensuring acceptable application performance, including the lack of visibility into application performance. Learn tips to plan, optimize, manage, and control your application performance and improve delivery.

OFF THE JOB TRAINING: compression most solution providers offer. The effectiveness of advanced compression depends on two factors. One factor is the quality of the compression techniques that have been implemented in a solution. Since many compression techniques use the same fundamental and widely known mathematical and algorithmic foundations, the performance of many of the solutions available in the market will tend to be somewhat similar. The second factor that influences the effectiveness of advanced compression solutions
6/20/2008 12:34:00 PM

The Power of One
The typical mid-market company that has roughly $350 million in annual revenue, has not fully automated its business processes, and would gladly give up its legacy systems if everything could work from one server, and give the executives the information they need in the process. Another opinion in the dilemma - the one-stop shop versus best-of breed concept.

OFF THE JOB TRAINING: interesting that Siebel now offers the Universal Application Network (UAN), which meets the key objectives of enabling organizations to deploy end-to-end, industry specific business processes. In other words, although Siebel does not offer an end-to-end solution, they do realize this is what the market needs and will fight the best-of-breed battle, while providing integration software. Obviously the independent business integration software companies would argue that integrating multiple systems is the

The Seven Types of Power Problems
The Seven Types of Power Problems. Get Documentation for Power Problems. Many of the mysteries of equipment failure, downtime, software, and data corruption are the result of a problematic power supply. Compounding the problem is that there is no standardized way to describe power problems. Learn more about common power disturbances, what can cause them, and how to safeguard your critical equipment—all described in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standard terms.

OFF THE JOB TRAINING: infrastructure, and to shut off the supply power when this occurs. The recloser will, after a set time bring power back on line, in an attempt to burn off the material creating the short circuit (This material is often a tree limb, or small animal trapped between the line and ground). You ve probably experienced an interruption if you have ever seen all the power in your house go out (all lights and electronics), just to have everything come back on a few minutes later while you re breaking out the
6/25/2008 5:28:00 PM

The ASP Decision
The ASP model is the latest in a long line of silver bullets that are supposed to simplify the delivery of technology’s benefits to the business world. This article provides some simple guidelines for determining if you should consider the ASP model along with thoughts on selecting an ASP.

OFF THE JOB TRAINING: ASP option may not offer the best option. Although it is evolving, the ASP model is based on the economics of delivering similar functionality to multiple customers with minimal integration. As soon as you start discussing significant customization and integration you step out of the ASP model into the systems integrator model. This is not to say that any customization or integration needs should prevent you from examining ASP options. Most ASPs can handle some customization, and their offerings may

Tackling the International Supply Chain
Effective supply chain management is vital for global manufacturers' and retailers' success. If TradeBeam GTM blueprint proves successful, the time and money spent managing suppliers to ensure inventory levels are maintained will be optimized

OFF THE JOB TRAINING: employed 125 people in offices in the US, Germany, and Australia. TradeBeam acquired SupplySolution to add collaborative inventory management (CIM) capabilities to its GTM product suite. The acquisition has benefited both companies and their respective customers, given TradeBeam and SupplySolution have similar roadmaps for the management of order, inventory replenishment, compliance, logistics, and payment of the domestic and international movement of goods. Their combined product has helped many common

3 Countries Open the Gate
EC-Gate creates a wireless vertical marketplace to enable B2B e-commerce. The first of several wireless virtual communities were unveiled at three international conferences in the Netherlands, Brazil, and Canada.

OFF THE JOB TRAINING: CEO of EC-Gate. EC-Gate offers businesses a wide array of services ranging from online trading communities to advanced back-office solutions, allowing all participants to transact business via fixed or mobile devices, regardless of company size or in-house technology. We believe the use of wireless technology is an important step toward achieving a truly next-generation collaborative commerce solution for businesses, stated EC-Gate s President, Ivan Zasarsky. Our success in expanding EC-Gate s

Supplier Parks - Back to the Future
As supply chains become increasingly integrated and synchronized, we are witnessing the evolution of the business/production models (in some industries) that merge virtual integration with elements of the older vertically integrated enterprise. This has profound consequences, in particular for suppliers to OEMs.

OFF THE JOB TRAINING: additionally are allowed to offer their services to other firms. Thus, the shared service department becomes a highly autonomous unit, hard to distinguish from external suppliers. New Entities What is striking here is the level of supplier commitment and integration. These tenants have long-term (e.g. 9+ years) triple net leases (tenants pay for all maintenance expenses, plus utilities, taxes, and insurance). Many have put significant investments into upgrading the buildings, and all are putting large

The Necessity of Data Warehousing
An explanation of the origins of data warehousing and why it is a crucial technology that allows businesses to gain competitive advantage. Issues regarding technology selection and access to historical 'legacy' data are also discussed.

OFF THE JOB TRAINING: or three-tiered? Three-tiered architectures offload some of the processing to an application server which sits between the database server and the end-user. Will the tool employ a push or a pull technology? ( Push technology publishes the queries to subscribed users, much like Pointcast works, pull requires that the user request the query). Will the information be broadcast over a corporate intranet, extranet, or the Internet? How will the organization implement data security, especially if

Are You Ready for the Cloud? » The TEC Blog
knowledge about the actual offers and the possibilities for moving to the cloud. With a better understanding of the possible paths for your cloud adventure, you can consider and evaluate your potential service providers. Evaluate providers using common criteria like cost, regulatory compliance, service and support, as well as specific sets of criteria like infrastructure, technology, security. Put special emphasis on the degree of risk control you can put on your providers for assessing a risk management

OFF THE JOB TRAINING: Cloud, Cloud Computing, IaaS, paas, SaaS, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

The Truth about Data Mining
It is now imperative that businesses be prudent. With rising volumes of data, traditional analytical techniques may not be able to discover valuable data. Consequently, data mining technology becomes important. Here is a framework to help understand the data mining process.

OFF THE JOB TRAINING: implementations. Its Enterprise Miner offers a wide range of predictive analytics and visualization capabilities. The product encapsulates SAS data mining process that it calls SEMMA: sampling (extracting a representative sample that can be manipulated easily, and partitioning data for training and testing); exploration (searching for unexpected trends or patterns through visual exploration or statistical techniques); modification (iteratively processing data to focus on relevant data and include new

The Demarc Extension and Its Role in the Enterprise Network Telecommunications Infrastructure
Refer to Demarc Extension and Its role in the enterprise network telecommunications infrastructure.Read IT reports linked to demarcation point. Demarc extensions have been a recurring gray area in the telecommunications industry for years. There is often misconception when it comes to who actually performs the Demarc extension. This confusion can lead to finger pointing and eventually a bad reputation for those involved. Understand the issues surrounding the Demarc extension and how they can be resolved from the very beginning.

OFF THE JOB TRAINING: computer users within an office are unable to communicate to the outside world. With the internet and other forms of communications, such as voice and video playing a large role in daily business life, it can be catastrophic when access is denied. However, little attention is given to the importance of this necessary element to a network until it is not working and the finger-pointing begins. Since the deregulation efforts, this extension of the demarcation point, known as the holy grail of cabling, has
5/10/2010 3:56:00 PM

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