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IBM PC Line Redrawn
IBM has decided to combine its entire desktop PC line under one name. The NetVista brand, until last week the name for IBM’s thin clients and appliance desktops, will now cover the whole range, including newly-released models for home and business.

one line jokes  blessing for IBM. On one side, there is an attempt to tie into the forward-looking brand used for their Internet appliance product line; the flip side is that none of IBM s main competitors (with the possible exception of Gateway) use a single brand name for both home and business PCs. We believe expecting the customer to remember the difference between a NetVista A20 (large enterprise), a NetVista A20m (small business), and a NetVista A20i (home) is a little much. Especially when contrasted to HP s Read More...

Compaq Streamlines Product Line
Compaq is simplifying its sometimes dizzying range of product offerings in its business desktop lines. This bodes well for their customers.

one line jokes  to customers, sources said. One source said Compaq hopes to change its product sales mix, which is now largely indirect sales through retailers and resellers, to a mix that is largely direct sales. Yet another piece of Compaq s commercial PC business is its recent introduction of the legacy-free iPaq PC line, which stresses ease of use and simplified support. The iPaq brand includes desktop PCs, notebook PCs, and handheld devices. Compaq s commercial PC sales have fallen. In its fourth quarter, Read More...
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Radio frequency identification (RFID) criteria cover tags and storage devices, readers, wireless hubs and servers, and the middleware necessary for evaluating an RFID system deployment. RFID sys...
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Documents related to » one line jokes

Breakaway, MoveOver Or Stand In Line
Breakaway Solutions has recently announced its partnership with leading technology providers to deliver its MarketMover program. The new platform solution is designed to foster the rapid launch of online B2B marketplaces.

one line jokes  architecture consisting of integrated components, XML interfaces and messaging that will be published to facilitate multiple B2B exchanges to work together. Through its work developing custom B2B marketplaces, Breakaway Solutions has developed an open platform which will serve the needs of marketplaces in all industries. The MarketMover platform consists of the following elements: Components from leading technology providers Open infrastructure that allows customers to have flexible and customized Read More...
Dell Updates Its Appliance Line
As part of a far-reaching strategy to grab a large share of Internet infrastructure computing, Dell has announced three new appliance server models.

one line jokes  position. Although skills in one area don t necessarily map well into another, we believe Dell s business model combined with its recent alliances give it a better-than-even chance at meeting its goals. This is also a signal of a more aggressive stance toward Sun Microsystems. Although Dell s offering is not aiming directly at big systems such as Sun s E10000, it believes it can surround the Big Iron and bide its time until Windows 2000 is proved to be more robust than Solaris. Of course, we re not Read More...
Malware Security Report: Protecting Your Business, Customers, and the Bottom Line
Be sure to protect your Web site by understanding techniques that can be used to detect when and how attackers compromise Web servers. Also, understand the business models behind malware attacks to better anticipate, and prevent, attacks on your business by reading this white paper.

one line jokes  Malware Security Report: Protecting Your Business, Customers, and the Bottom Line Malware Security Report: Protecting Your Business, Customers, and the Bottom Line Source: Symantec Document Type: White Paper Description: Be sure to protect your Web site by understanding techniques that can be used to detect when and how attackers compromise Web servers. Also, understand the business models behind malware attacks to better anticipate, and prevent, attacks on your business by reading this white paper. Read More...
Provia Tackles RFID in a Twofold Manner Part One: Recent Annoucements
The fact that the size does not necessarily mean everything in the enterprise applications space might be proven by Provia, which certainly still continues to differentiate its value proposition despite its smaller stature and quieter nature compared to most of its adversaries. Most recently, it would be its early embrace of RFID through two offerings for different levels of RFID needs: 1) ViaWare WMS--RFID compliant product, for intrinsic RFID enablement of many processes within the supply chain, and 2) the RFIDware add-on module, for achieving outbound RFID tag application only.

one line jokes  now that Wal-Mart s top one hundred suppliers will have to provide the retail giant with RFID-tagged cases and pallets as part of a mandated pilot project beginning in January 2005, because Wal-Mart intends to use RFID to track products at the case and pallet level within its supply chain. Remaining Wal-Mart suppliers will have to provide RFID tags on all cases by 2006. Thus, the RFID technology has so far seen only early adoption, mainly with passive RFID tags applied on cases and pallets, while the Read More...
RFID--A New Technology Set to Explode? Part One: RFID Technology
For retailers and the other vertical industries, radio frequency identification (RFID) tags present enormous opportunities to improve supply chain operations, since real-time inventory control, tracking, and alerting capabilities could be very important advantages of RFID. As tagged inventory goes through ports, terminals, freight forwarders, and into a distribution center, the RFID tag should provide near real-time visibility of an item's whereabouts at all times.

one line jokes  chain This is Part One of a two-part note. Part Two will discuss early adopters, the challenges they face, and make user recommendations. RFID Technology Pioneers Against the backdrop of the ongoing RFID frenzy and the attempt of vendors to jump on the RFID bandwagon, there has naturally been a type of vendors public relations (PR) war-of-words (as well as of true actions) in their zeal to portray themselves as an RFID thought leader of any sort. However, while customers should be encouraged by the Read More...
So What's the Bottom Line on Price Segmentation?
Data-driven, science-based price management is an emerging market. Therefore, vendors should be made to prove whether and how they can enable a company to achieve and measure margin lift, or return on investment, of their price management applications.

one line jokes  hike). In B2B environments, one price does not fit all—quite the contrary. In these industries, it will often be the case that customers will never respond to price shifts under one set of circumstances, and therefore slashing prices only leaves profit on the table. However, under different circumstances, some customers may always respond to shifts in price, while others will vacillate. Price optimization should give the company the insight it needs to react appropriately in each situation, thereby Read More...
Fujitsu Poised to (Inter)Stage Glovia's Comeback Part One: Event Summary
Glovia continues to provide astute solutions for manufacturers and service companies well beyond core ERP. Although, bundled with Fujitsu's Interstage infrastructure platform, low brand recognition outside Japan and nascent channel and traction for multiple products within the Fujitsu products' family will remain hurdles it must surmount. However, through a new partnership with Fujitsu Software Corporation and the backing of a resplendent and committed company, Fujitsu Limited, Glovia is now poised for a noticeable return.

one line jokes  of Fujitsu, and delivers one of the world s broadest lines of application infrastructure software products, including the Interstage Suite and NetCOBOL . Fujitsu s Interstage Suite provides a collaborative business integration platform that enables companies to relatively easily share and exchange information across disparate systemswhether internal or external. Coupled with Glovia International s extended-ERP suite, glovia.com , the joint Fujitsu solution should enable manufacturers to improve supply Read More...
Understanding Business Intelligence and Your Bottom Line
But now you can get the straight facts on BI in the informative white paper understanding business intelligence and your bottom line.

one line jokes  what are the key components of a BI solution for a small or midsized business BI used to be available only to large corporations. This is no longer the case, with a new generation of affordable BI solutions. Find out how you can use this powerful software to help your company compete and prosper in a tough economy. Download your PDF copy of Understanding Business Intelligence and Your Bottom Line today.   For assistance, please contact customer service. Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST. Phone: Read More...
Understanding Business Intelligence and Your Bottom Line
Given that virtually all small and midsized businesses can benefit from business intelligence (BI) tools, the real question is how much of this technology constitutes a good investment of time and energy? Your need to determine what BI tools you really require to drill down and extract the key performance data that will make your company more efficient and profitable.

one line jokes  through your accounting system. One BI tool that can serve this process admirably is an Alerts solution that integrates with your accounting system. Using Alerts and special triggers, your organization can automatically generate e-mails, launch reports, or generate system warnings without the need for human intervention. While no software application will make you compliant, the right mix of accounting and BI applications can work in conjunction with your internal policies, compliance programs, and othe Read More...

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