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Agile Information Systems: Conceptualization, Construction, and Management
Agile Information Systems: Conceptualization, Construction, and Management
The book "Agile Information Systems" unveils how modern companies can create and deploy agile information systems. Academic experts, researchers, and practitioners discuss the concept of agile information systems, the importance of the context of agility, and organizational management issues in the context of agile information systems.

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Not Your Mother’s Portal
Radnet’s PortalworkX™ provides an elegant solution to a class of problems you knew you had, but thought you’d have to solve by hacking up other products that do something different. The keyword is collaboration.


Introducing TEC s Software Selection Portal
Get your software selection portal free trial today.

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Wireless Mobile Portal by MobileID
MobileID has produced a clean, easily navigable, user-friendly web site, which will allow users of all abilities to set up their MobileID personalized service quickly and easily, and its free too.

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Industri-Matematik Joins The Portal Market
Portals foster collaboration by making it easy for participants to access the system. As with any relatively new technology, prospects should kick the tires and take a test spin before buying.

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Soffront Software

ONYX PORTAL: Soffront Software, Inc., established in 1992 and located in Fremont, California (US), offers an integrated CRM solution spanning marketing, sales, customer support, employee support, and portal applications. Soffront has more than 500 CRM installations worldwide. Soffront customers include mid-sized companies across all industries, federal, state, and local government agencies, and the departments of many Fortune 500 corporations.

Computer Associates Jasmineii - When Is A Portal Not Just A Portal?
Computer Associates International, Inc. has announced the availability of Jasmineii Portal 3.0, the latest version of its portal technology. The product also functions as a front-end to the complete Jasmineii architecture, which is a fairly complete Application Integration framework.Why don't customers know CA does Application Integration? CA is still working on that one.

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TheMIGroup Delivers an Outstanding Customer Experience Level by Integrating SAP® Crystal Dashboard Design and Business Objects InfoView into its ReloWeb® Portal
TheMIGroup is a provider of relocation and assignment management programs for companies relocating their employees nationally and internationally. While the company had made some standard reports available online, it needed to enable clients to tailor both reporting formats and the information presented to their changing needs. See how the Illumiti-implemented solutions helped TheMIGroup deliver outstanding customer experience.

ONYX PORTAL: TheMIGroup Delivers an Outstanding Customer Experience Level by Integrating SAP® Crystal Dashboard Design and Business Objects InfoView into its ReloWeb® Portal TheMIGroup Delivers an Outstanding Customer Experience Level by Integrating SAP® Crystal Dashboard Design and Business Objects InfoView into its ReloWeb® Portal Source: Illumiti Document Type: Case Study Description: TheMIGroup is a provider of relocation and assignment management programs for companies relocating their employees nationally
4/13/2011 4:09:00 PM

Synergy Business Solutions

ONYX PORTAL: OVERVIEW & INDUSTRIES Synergy Business Solutions provides comprehensive softwaresolutions primarily to organizations doing project-based work,including architecture, engineering, construction,pharmaceutical, research, biotechnology, professional services,and make-to-order manufacturing companies. SOFTWARESynergyimplements Microsoft Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon)project-accounting (job-costing) software and integrates it withsoftware you already use, i.e. Microsoft Office, as well asproject management, CRM, collaboration, and analytics andreporting software. STRATEGIC VALUEThrough this powerful integration, Synergy helps organizations that have outgrown theirsystems and procedures or have found them cumbersome, to operatemore efficiently and profitably while effectively managingprojects, resources, time, financials, and growth. PROVES THESYSTEM WORKS BEFORE YOU PURCHASE Synergy’s Plan > Prove >Purchase > Perform approach means Synergy plans your solution,using your real data, and then proves to you that it meets yourbusiness requirements. You see a working solution not atheoretical demonstration before you purchase. Once implemented,your company performs with new efficiency. SOLUTIONSProject Management and Accounting Synergy implements and supportsMicrosoft's Project Management and Accounting solution. Itempowers your organization’s managers with a flexible, integratedsolution tailored to your business needs. From smoothly launchingnew projects and tracking their progress, to getting outinvoices, to analyzing projects, this powerful solution helpskeep projects on track.Financial Management With yourproject-accounting solution you get seamless financialconnectivity across your entire system, including integrationwith project accounting, materials management (distribution), andother business processes. Information is centralized and easilyaccessible, helping eliminate redundant data entry, increaseaccuracy, and facilitate informed, flexible reporting. Analytics and Reporting Synergy’s Analytics and Reporting solutions utilizethe data in your accounting/ERP system generally MicrosoftDynamics SL along with the most advanced analytical tools, todeliver accurate business insight about your customers, projects,markets, finances, inventory, orders, etc.Materials ManagementSuperb customer service begins and ends with your ability tomaintain control over every aspect of your materials managementor distribution processes. Synergy helps you build long-termprofitability with lasting relationships with your customers andvendors providing them with the information and services theywant.Business Portals Enhance productivity by providing user andcustomer-specific access to information and processes from asingle portal. Synergy implements Business Portal, integratedwith project accounting software, which takes the hassle out ofcommon tasks, reduces information support costs, and helpsdeliver at-a-glance access to project and financial information,anywhere and anytime. Collaboration Through Microsoft WindowsSharePoint Services, Synergy helps your project-drivenorganization increase efficiency and improve team productivity.SharePoint delivers tools for collaboration and documentmanagement and sharing that keep people connected acrossorganizational and geographic boundaries.CRM Synergy’sintegration between Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft CRM getsyou one-click customer views in CRM from within accounting orproject modules. Data created in one application automaticallypasses to the other, which reduces duplicate data entry and givesall stakeholders complete visibility of a customer

The Blessing & Curse of SharePoint’s “Grandma’s Attic” – Part 2 » The TEC Blog

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ONYX PORTAL: Emojo is a technology enabler that develops and evolves on-line interactive systems and software that encompass the complete user experience. The company concentrates on making technology accessible and useful for all companies and organizations. The principal agent that Emojo has developed is the web site portal creation and management system—Affino.

Portal Strategy: One Vendor s Story and What It Means to You
Epicor is working with Microsoft so that portal adopters can benefit from SharePoint's models and access to other enterprise data.

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