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Optiant Going to a (Much) Better Place: Logility - Part 3
Part 1 of this series analyzed the late-March acquisition of long-struggling inventory optimization (IO) provider Optiant by long well-performing supply chain

optiant  inventory  optimization (IO) provider Optiant by long well-performing  supply chain management (SCM)  provider Logility . I then discussed Logility’s acquisition history to set the stage for the current offerings that Optiant will join.The 2004 acquisition of Demand Management, Inc. (DMI) and its Demand Solutions brand was especially valuable as it provided more than 800 active customers in the growing  small and midsize enterprise (SME)  market for Logility. Today, Logility’s customer base Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » optiant

Optiant Going to a (Much) Better Place: Logility - Part 1
The mergers and acquisition (M@A) market seems to be coming back slowly. One evidence of this could be the late-March acquisition of long-struggling

optiant  inventory  optimization (IO) provider Optiant by long well-performing  supply chain management (SCM)  provider Logility . Now, I certainly wasn’t surprised by  Optiant’s acquisition per se . After all, it was only a matter of time before Optiant would be acquired (or simply go out of business). The company’s decade-long history has been plagued by repeated management turnover, staff exodus, strategic direction wanderings, bleeding cash, and poor sales execution. Optiant’s original primary Read More
Inventory Planning & Optimization: Extending Your ERP System Part Three: Business Case for Inventory Optimization Solutions
Inventory Optimization software recognizes that different industries have different inventory profiles and requirements. Research has indicated that solutions

optiant  have all made layoffs. Optiant is a relatively new market entrant. SAP has slowly been growing its own consultancy due to poor software license sales. Non-Stop has had a volatile liquidity past. JustEnough though an older player, but is new to the the United States (two years), having grown primarily in the European and African continents. About the Author Dirk Hooiman is a respected and successful consultant with over 28 years of industry experience in the areas of business process consulting, quality Read More
SAP Acquires SmartOps, At Long Last
This could be the very first time as a market observer that my reaction to a merger announcement is not “Why?” but rather “Why now?” Namely, in late February

optiant  S&OP solution with former Optiant MEIO (Optiant had been SmartOps’ fierce competitor in the past). In addition, Logility already has a strategic network planning (SNP) piece from Optiant (so that now companies can even do what-if scenarios on inventories and strategic network nodes during strategic planning), which SAP offers via a Llamasoft partnership. SmartOps and SAP SCM solutions have traditionally been major implementation projects with long durations and efforts in terms of money and human Read More
IBM & ILOG Matrimony: Good for BPM, Uncertain for SCM? -- Part 3
Part 2 of this blog topic continued to analyze IBM’s rationale behind acquiring ILOG to bolster its service oriented architecture (SOA) and business process

optiant  relationships with SmartOps and Optiant , so I doubt it would want to jump in the fray.  I doubt the offering is big enough to make much of an impression on Oracle. I could see a venture capital (VC) firm getting its hooks into and merging it with something or trying to make a business around it.  I doubt IBM would want to sell it to another big consulting firm, even the ones in India that might have fun with it.  I’d say it is 80/20 that IBM keeps it versus spinning it off.” This statement made Read More
The Rapid Response Solution Continues to Improve
Kinaxis’s latest response management product releases deliver even more refined software system tools to help global manufacturers with capacity planning and

optiant  of inventory liability capability, Optiant , SmartOps , ToolsGroup , MCA Solutions , and LogicTools all have inventory optimization solutions that create plans to minimize inventories across the network (but with achieving desired customer service targets), which can nibble at Kinaxis’s potential customers. Also, in many markets, Kinaxis is far from a household name, owing in part to its relatively small size, its name changes, its budding install base, and its lower visibility typical of a privately Read More
SmartOps Steps Out in to the Cloud SCM
SmartOps Corporation is a quiet provider of supply chain planning (SCP) solutions that right-size inventory and capture more sales (by way of managing demand

optiant  suspect competitors: Logility (formerly Optiant ), ToolsGroup, Manhattan Associates , JDA, etc. Your views, comments, opinions, and experiences with SmartOps and its products are, as usual, welcome in the meantime. Further reading: TEC Article (April 2012) “Logility: Supply Chain Innovator and Workhorse” TEC Article (February 2012) “ToolsGroup—Going Back to Its SCP Roots” Read More
Can Webplan Reconcile Planning and Execution? Part Four: Challenges and User Recommendations
Webplan appears to be ahead of the pack in applications for concurrently optimizing demand, order promise, and inventory management, taking constraints into

optiant  by the likes of Optiant , SmartOps and LogicTols has been to use inventory optimization techniques that create plans to minimize inventories across the network, but with achieving desired customer service targets. Therefore, owing to the plethora of solutions with no immediate or apparent differences, Webplan needs to more aggressively spread the message of offering much more than glorified event management applications, whose stand-alone application provider days are numbered. Even without the Read More
A Modern Tale of Long (Supply Chain) Tails -- Part I
As a little kid growing up in former (and erstwhile happy) Yugoslavia and watching my elders, day in, day out, downing dozens of strong Turkish coffees with

optiant  , ILOG Logic-Tools , Optiant , SmartOps , Terra Technology , and certainly ToolsGroup for inventory optimization and warehouse replenishments. I would dare to add here i2 Technologies , Manhattan Associates , Barloworld Optimus , JDA Software (including former Manugistics ), Adexa , Invistics , Smart Software and Logility . In AMR's opinion, the solutions like Retail Solutions (formerly T3Ci ) and True Demand for retail outlet sensing, and Market6   and Prescient to build inventory strategies from Read More
ToolsGroup-Going Back to Its SCP Roots
What has ToolsGroup, the expert in demand-driven SCP, been doing to address demand and supply variability? Read P.J. Jakovljevic’s article and see how

optiant  the recent acquisitions of Optiant by Logility and Logic-Tools by ILOG (and then IBM ), the stand-alone IO market is being subsumed by SCP ( SmartOps remains independent on paper, but most of its revenues come via the SAP Enterprise Inventory Optimization by SmartOps solution).  IO is (and always has been) a subset of ToolsGroup’s SCP solution, but over the past two years or so, ToolsGroup’s new corporate positioning, particularly in the North American market, has been one of transitioning from IO Read More

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