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Reflections on Lean Philosophy and the Theory of Constraints
The theory of constraints (TOC) is similar to, yet different from, the lean philosophy. TOC focuses on optimizing production through critical bottlenecks in

other hand on the  money through sales. In other words, throughput is production that can be invoiced—only monetized sales generated by the system get counted. Building inventory (just for the sake of stocking up), on the other hand, is not throughput in TOC terms. This is consistent with lean manufacturing's focus on the customer and customer value-adding activities. Another example is TOC's definition of inventory , which includes all investments in procuring materials to meet customer demand, such as raw materials, Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » other hand on the

BI on the Go . . . So, Who’s Using Mobile BI?
In this first of two posts, TEC senior BI and data management analyst Jorge García presents some of the main findings of the TEC 2014 mobile survey on the usage

other hand on the  lead, followed by the other big software powerhouses SAP , Oracle , and IBM . These results are in line with what we would expect considering that most of these vendors already have large sets of BI implementations worldwide and that customers tend to choose mobile BI offerings from their existing BI provider. Figure 1 shows that more than 8 percent of respondents either still have not implemented or are not using a mobile BI application. This is a relatively large segment of potential BI users, Read More...
The Challenges of the Lawson-Intentia Merger
The new company forged from Lawson and Intentia will have to carefully blend their different corporate cultures, which has traditionally been proud of in-house

other hand on the  opportunity. Intentia, on the other hand has been on a losing streak for years, with its last profitable full fiscal year was 1998. Intentia's financial situation has at least played in Lawson's favor to acquire Intentia's assets at a good price—about 1.2 times its revenue, and become somewhat a bigger partner in what has been touted as the merger of equals . For details on the merger announcement, see New Lawson Software's Transatlantic Extended-ERP Intentions . Part Four of the New Lawson Read More...
Microsoft says: Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Glasses
In one of the quicker reversals on record, Bill Gates and Microsoft issued conflicting statements within a day regarding the software giant's willingness to

other hand on the  of Windows and to other concessions to settle the case. Microsoft executives including Gates have said they oppose any plan to settle the suit that would break the company up. U.S. Circuit Judge Richard Posner, who is presiding over the talks between Microsoft and the Justice Department, has told both sides in strong terms not to speak to journalists about the talks. Company denies report quoting Gates as ready to open source code to settle antitrust suit. Statement 2 - February 17, 2000 5:54 PM PT Read More...
The Hidden Gems of the Enterprise Application Space
Given ever-shorter product life cycles and companies' ever-increasing reliance on third parties to increase customer satisfaction, the need for some form of

other hand on the  reduce costs in ways other than tried-and-true massive layoffs. Purchasing departments, which have long been regarded as necessary-evil pen-pushers, have recently come to mind as the bottom line improvement opportunity makers through ensuring sourcing and procurement of all materials (indirect and direct) and services for the organization in a more strategic, streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective way. Owing to ever increasing deployment of outsourcing, virtual manufacturing, contract Read More...
Sage’s New Year's Resolution: Make 2013 The Year of the Customer
2012 was a whirlwind year of influences on the business landscape—some of them good and some of them not so good. The fiscal cliff, the U.S. presidential

other hand on the  via text message or other more immediate mode of communication. 2. Give your customers more. As a large company, Sage has the luxury of access to tons of data—something its customers, mainly smaller businesses, typically cannot get their hands on. Sage took the data that it already had, analyzed it and turned it into actionable information that the vendor could provide to its business partners. Sage is using the data to help its business partners better serve their clients and understand where there Read More...
The Miracle in Detroit: Putting the ROI into ITIL
IT managers understand the difficulty of demonstrating returns on investment for technology projects. The issue is particularly acute for large multiphase

other hand on the  
ERP in the Cloud and the Modern Business
Businesses are realizing that the cloud is the future of enterprise software and offers many attractive business benefits. But there is much to think about when

other hand on the  cloud ERP, ERP cloud, business cloud, business software, IDC white paper, SaaS Cloud, Oracle white paper, Oracle ERP, Oracle cloud Read More...
Manage the Change or Change the Management during an ERP Software Selection: The Change
Change happens all the time—but why are changes in our personal lives similar to those in our professional lives?  There are some major events that occur and

other hand on the  not blindly following the others or let yourself be influenced : In both marriage and software selection, we sometimes tend to follow others because it seems like the right thing to do. You shouldn’t get married because all your friends are doing it and you shouldn’t look for or replace your current ERP system because everyone else in your industry is doing it. 2.  Understand the disadvantages : It’s important to understand the disadvantages change will bring preferably before it happens. It is Read More...
The Old ERP Dilemma - Should We Install The New Release?
If you have an older ERP system, and you have decided to continue to pay maintenance, you should be getting periodic releases from the vendor. The frequency of

other hand on the  starting place is with other companies who have already installed the new release. Perhaps the greatest value in attending user conferences is networking with other companies so you can share information at a later date. Locate a company who has already installed the new release. It is the pioneer that can lead the way for you. How difficult was the installation? What surprises did they have? Where were the problems? The vendor can also help you, in two ways. First the vendor should be providing Read More...
Agresso Bucks the Slump (and Fights the “ERP Madness”) - Part 1
Sadly, it is not difficult for so many of us to concede that, except for maybe the historic elections in the US and the successful Olympic Games in Beijing

other hand on the  sales activities in several other countries.  Depending on the ever-fluctuating exchange rates, Unit 4 Agresso’s revenues for 2008 are expected to be between US$500 million and US$600 million. Unit 4 Agresso’s major subsidiary is Agresso , a mid-market ERP company and one of the top five providers of solutions for professional services and public sector organizations. With over 10,000 deployments and 1.5 million users in 100 countries, Agresso is also lauded as the sixth largest mid-market ERP Read More...
The New Role of the CFO: from Bean Counter to Corporate Wizard
Find out in the new role of the cfo: from bean counter to corporate wizard.

other hand on the  role cfo bean counter corporate wizard,role,cfo,bean,counter,corporate,wizard,cfo bean counter corporate wizard,role bean counter corporate wizard,role cfo counter corporate wizard,role cfo bean corporate wizard. Read More...
Service Lifecycle Management - Tapping into the Value of the Product Aftermarket
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) addresses the full lifecycle of a product. The focus of most of the current PLM solutions, however, does not make the most

other hand on the  instrumentation, IT hardware and other complex equipment, companies are starting to significantly increase their focus on services revenue. For some companies this is a strategic move to grow the top line, while others are looking to replace revenue from slower product sales in the current economic conditions. Better Service, Lower Cost Another benefit of SLM is the automation and optimization of the service processes in the field. Resource utilization and efficiency can be increased through effective Read More...
E-Procurement Usability: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Adoption of enterprise resource planning (ERP)-based E-Procurement solutions has hit a plateau in recent years due to inherent usability deficiencies

other hand on the  E-Procurement,SAP,SRM,usability,UI,P2P,catalogs,spend management,adoption,procurement

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