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Documents related to » outsourcing pros and cons

Arena PLM

OUTSOURCING PROS AND CONS: Arena PLM is delivered over the Internet as a secure service and facilitates outsourcing, operational efficiency, and time-to-market for product manufacturers of complex products, and global outsourced supply chains.

iVend Retail

OUTSOURCING PROS AND CONS: iVend Retail is an end-to-end retail management solution for mid-market retail store chain companies.

Global Integrated Solutions

OUTSOURCING PROS AND CONS: Global Integrated Solutions is the Pronto Software business partner for the mining industry for companies operating primarily in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Sage ERP X3

OUTSOURCING PROS AND CONS: Sage ERP X3 provides medium-sized businesses with fully integrated functionality in all areas of business for accounting and financial management, purchasing, inventory, sales, customer relationship management (CRM), and manufacturing.


OUTSOURCING PROS AND CONS: KSign’s PKI solution issues digital certificates to authenticate users with digital signatures. The application offers various features to e-commerce applications in a wireless environment, including issuance of certificates, registration of users, time stamps, and real-time certificate verification.

Avayle Solutions

OUTSOURCING PROS AND CONS: Avayle provides business and accounting software for manufacturing, distribution and software development companies.

MicroMain XM

OUTSOURCING PROS AND CONS: MicroMain XM gives organizations comprehensive maintenance (including fleet) management. MicroMain sets-up its enterprise asset maintenance/computerized maintenance management system (EAM/CMMS) to work the way facility and maintenance managers work.

ProfitKey RRM

OUTSOURCING PROS AND CONS: Rapid Response Manufacturing (RRM) is a real-time, all-the-time solution providing users with accurate, timely information.


OUTSOURCING PROS AND CONS: ETAdirect is a cloud-based field service and customer experience management platform. It is the foundation for ETAdirect Enterprise and ETAdirect Professional, TOA’s solutions for businesses of all sizes with field workforces.


OUTSOURCING PROS AND CONS: - We are experts in business overhauling. We offer a holistic and systems-oriented approach to consulting.

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