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If There s One Thing CRM Tells Us: Don t Do PLM the Same Way
Product lifecycle management (PLM) doesn't work, but it should. Industry's general approach and attitude to PLM mimics the early days of customer relationship management (CRM) adoption, and lessons from that experience should help when tackling the

OVERLAPS: Applications There are already overlaps between CRM and ERP. When PLM is rolled out, there are even more overlaps, and more functionality choices to be made as a result. I started this essay by pointing out a few of the key components of PLM. Let s recap. Issue and revision control of data Management of the design database and the cross-referencing of components Collaboration technology such as portals to disseminate information Workflow to drive (predominantly) sign-off and engineering change notices Inp

Podcast: A Project Manager s Guide to Business Performance Management
As business performance management (BPM) has expanded into virtually all areas of business, project managers have been broadening their soft management skills. Learn what project managers can borrow from BPM to streamline service delivery, optimize operations, and improve customer satisfaction.

OVERLAPS: management applications have similar overlaps in terms of identifying what projects are being worked on, the status of projects which can be tied to the metrics identified in BPM, and the interactions between projects. For example, how resources are allocated, how they are meeting their deadlines, etc. can be compared to the way collaboration works within BPM. NS: Project managers are generally trained to measure concrete metrics, such as budget overruns, project deadlines, and specifications. However, as

Product, Project, Process, and People: The Four Ps of PLM Analytics
Product, project, process, and people represent the four areas of PLM analytics that may help PLM user organizations develop better products, improve the product development process, increase operational efficiency, and better measure employee performance, respectively.

OVERLAPS: In general, there are overlaps between this group and the previous group (project data). Process data refers to the daily operational activities that are not managed as projects. Routing and approval activities Problem-solving activities Collaboration records Transactional data associated with business processes People User information (with regard to PLM systems) may be associated with all the previous categories. However, it is necessary to treat the user-oriented data as the fourth data set since the

Microsoft Throws .NET At SMEs, With CRM As Bait
While Microsoft might be honest today with its claims of staying away from the true enterprise-level CRM applications space, no one can be sure that its appetite will remain in check for very long.

OVERLAPS: CRM complements (and possibly overlaps with) a plethora of Microsoft s other CRM offerings for small and medium-sized businesses, including bCentral Customer Manager and DealerPoint , Microsoft iCommunicate , Microsoft Great Plains eEnterprise Field Service , Microsoft Great Plains Solomon Field Service and Great Plains Siebel Front Office . Market Impact Having stepped into the enterprise applications market through its Great Plains division, it was merely a matter of time before Microsoft would succumb

The Many Faces of PLMPart Two: The Future of the PLM Suite
The future of the PLM Suite will include more applications that cover product-related functionality and further expand the benefits available. As the PLM Suite matures, companies will benefit from increased functionality and increased integration between business processes. The ultimate expression of this more mature solution will result in a broad suite of focused, integrated applications that leverage a core of unified, structured product data - the PLM Platform.

OVERLAPS: lifecycle. Another area that overlaps considerably with PLM is product configuration. While Configuration Management has clearly been included in the PLM footprint, product configurators are just beginning to be looked at as PLM. As more product-related information is included in the PLM application, configuration information in PLM will likely expand from the current design-centric solutions such as PTC s Dynamic Design Link and RuleStream , to include more sales-related information like what is found

KronosWorks 2011: Beyond Time Clocks for Modern Workforce Management
Kronos, the company that introduced the first micro-processor time clock in the 1970s, knows how tricky workforce management (WFM) can be. In this article, TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic looks at WFM challenges facing organizations, particularly those with large, complex workforces, and how Kronos’ innovative solutions help companies control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.

OVERLAPS: are a lot of overlaps in regulations. In sensitive areas like this, HR departments usually get involved, so it isn’t simply a systems issue. However, the system can support decisions with facts, rule enforcement, and tracking. Streamlined archiving and purging to databases (history) are other nifty enhancements in the release. Also new in Workforce Central 6.3 are the Offline (no connection) capabilities, which requires the Workforce Central Employee module license, and the Quick Time Stamp (no password
12/2/2011 3:23:00 PM

chinadotcom In The Process of Acquiring Ross Systems
Mid-market process ERP vendor Ross Systems is being acquired by its Chinese distributor, chinadotcom. Unlike some recent acquisitions that are based on the consumption of weaker players to pilfer a customer base, this acquisition appears to provide both parties with solid strategic benefits. This may be an acquisition made of the right reasons - to capitalize on a market growth opportunity.

OVERLAPS: very little software that overlaps with the iRenaissance products, which should result in a smoother transition because there are no competing architectures. With operations in ten markets and over 1,000 employees, the companies under the chinadotcom group have extensive experience in several industry groups including finance, travel, and manufacturing, and in key business areas, including e-business strategy, packaged software implementation and development, precision marketing and supply chain

Fourth Shift s evolution Within SoftBrands DemandStreamPart 2: Challenges and User Recommendations
In addition to putting the problems of blending two former independent organizations together behind, the company is still entangled in figuring out how best to bring different technologies and industrial experiences to bear. Further, the new company is left with multiple products whose brand recognition is quite low given recent re-branding effort that may be even more impeded by SoftBrands/Fourth Shift/evolution brand confusion (not to mention the plethora of hospitality products).

OVERLAPS: in terms of market overlaps, as well as traditional association with a certain product line regardless whether it is the best fit for a certain opportunity. Not to mention the effort of cross-training in case of direct sales/VARs willing to forsake their attachments to certain product lines. The company will have to revise its sales strategy of how to optimize the sales of two product lines with somewhat overlapping functionality and avoid a likely internal competition, while resolving the need of

Small Merger Challenges and Recommendations to Users
The recent merger of enterprise resource planning vendors CMS Software (now known as Solarsoft Business Systems) and XKO Software presents some challenges. Although little overlap exists between the companies’ product lines, customers should verify that pre-merger support and service contracts are honored.

OVERLAPS: in terms of market overlaps or traditional “devotee” association with a certain product line, regardless of whether that product line is the best fit for a certain sales opportunity. Some Typical Pitfalls Are Unavoidable The two product lines focus on different industrial and geographical markets, and with different tools and platforms. Given this, it is currently difficult to see many potential “low-hanging fruit” (easy-to-reach opportunities), cross-sell synergies, or research and development

Microsoft Lays Enforced-Concrete Foundation For Its Business SolutionsPart 4: User Recommendations
Despite the plausible product roadmap, any organization evaluating MBS products should keep itself informed, and consider existing functionality only. MBS, at this stage, will likely not appeal to companies that need more complex CRM capabilities or must manage customer relationships through diverse lines of business (LOBs).

OVERLAPS: differences (and likely functional overlaps) between Microsoft CRM and other small business CRM products the company offers. The fact remains that the product will likely not appeal to companies that need more complex CRM capabilities or must manage customer relationships through diverse lines of business (LOBs) at this stage. These customers would most likely require extensive customization, for example building workflow managed processes to align sales teams by territory, product line or campaign.

Navision Enhances Its e-Vision And Looks To Expand Vertically - Part 3: Challenges & User Recommendations
As the current market trend is towards vendors that can provide well-rounded but vertically focused solutions for medium-sized companies, Navision seems to have positioned itself to take a lead other vendors may find hard to emulate. The merger outline was sound, the common groundwork has been identified, and the time for delivery and execution is on.

OVERLAPS: in terms of market overlaps, as well as of traditional association with a certain product line regardless whether it is the best fit for a certain opportunity. Encouraging Vertical Specialization  Consequently, Navision has realized that encouraging the NSCs vertical specialization is of key importance for global expansion and penetration of some well-defended markets. The practice of allowing the local representative (NSC) to develop locally endemic functionality, has been proving to be one of

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