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Lasership.com Looks To Descartes For Same-Day Delivery Help
LaserShip.com, a nationwide online network of independent same-day delivery companies in the U.S., has licensed Descartes’ DeliveryNet solution for

overnight courier  lower cost than the overnight delivery option at many centralized Internet retailers. The downside is that inventory many not be available for certain items in a customer's local region, requiring multi-day delivery times through a distributed network that may not be properly equipped for long-distance shipments. Descartes' solutions are designed to address the complicated logistics requirements of companies like Lasership, which are made more difficult by security issues and demand that can be Read More
Learning Management Suite (LMS)
These are tools for managing, creating, scheduling training or learning in your organization. The terminology varies from vendor to vendor. Learning management systems (LMS) typically help to ma...
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Documents related to » overnight courier

CRM Success for Fast Growing Companies: What Every Small and Midsized Business Needs to Know
When creating a seamless value chain, it is essential to focus on the customer. However, information, data, and processes are key when planning the complex

overnight courier  long distances and often overnight. While the journey will require the package to travel on several different modes and transfer between modes, the customer doesn't have to worry about the interfaces, and better still, new technology allows the customer to track the package and stay informed of its progress. This session will explore what we as transportation professionals might do to make a multi-modal journey for a passenger as seamless. The session will examine lessons learned in the freight industry Read More
Creating Business Value with Communication-enabled CRM Processes: Enhancing Marketing, Sales, and Service
Customer relationship management (CRM) issues can often be traced to ineffective processes involving human communication. But you can overcome the limitations

overnight courier  replace all communication systems overnight - companies want to pace and align investments with the ongoing realization of business value. Selecting the Highest Yield Opportunities To maximize business value, companies should focus on CEBP opportunities with the likelihood for the highest returns. CEBP yields the most value in contactintensive situations where service requests are complex. In particular, when business requirements call for a high volume of interpersonal interactions, when customers Read More
Deltek Remains the Master of Its Selected Few Domains Part Two: Product Announcements 2002
Several notable milestones achieved in 2002 set the stage for Deltek’s achievements in 2003.

overnight courier  achievements have not happened overnight. They follow on several notable milestones reached in 2002, which would include 1) Transition from a publicly traded company to a privately held company on May 31, 2002. According to deLaski, the time and energy management spent on being a public company has since been directed toward taking customer service and product developments to new plateaus. As a private company Deltek is no longer required to make audited financial data available to the public in the Read More
ERP Systems and the ETO Manufacturing Market Part One: Event Summary
Users increasingly look for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system designed for a specific business, since software that combines industry-specific

overnight courier  feat will not happen overnight, since achieving it takes more than moving equipment around into product family production lines, creating flexible workstation teams, establishing quick changeovers, and introducing kanban signals. It also requires specific flow manufacturing training and continually maintained disciplines and process improvement mindsets (e.g., zero defects, zero setup, the use of standardized components, zero inventory, etc.). IFS and SSA Global Baan would be other tier 2 ERP products Read More
Simplexis in the Schools???
In an attempt to save U.S. schools $10 billion by 2005, Simplexis.com has launched an online B2B marketplace for school purchasing.

overnight courier  offerings to appear almost overnight . User Recommendations For schools wishing to streamline and improve purchasing, there is little, or nothing, to lose by exploring Simplexis.com's offer. Should it prove effective, these educational institutions may find hidden benefits. We suggest schools use their participation as a teaching model for students. Concepts of digital transactions, the economics of mass purchase power, digital exchanges, and Internet commerce are only a few of the valuable topics the sol Read More
Epicor Software Corp.: Completing Painstaking
Fiscal 2001 will prove to be very challenging for Epicor Software and we believe the next 18 months will be the company's make-or-break period. This part

overnight courier  Epicor is not an overnight, 'me too', ERP turned CRM vendor. Its CRM offering, eFrontOffice powered by Clientele, enables companies to gather, organize, oversee and share customer-related information. By providing over 60 detailed sales & marketing process reports out of the box, the product helps clients pinpoint the issues like sales performance or any system sluggishness. The product is also componentized and can be used as a whole solution or piecemeal, which may be attractive to technology shy Read More
The Case for Pricing Management
Savvy and dynamically optimized pricing can mean the difference between survival and failure. In many environments it might be smarter, quicker, and more useful

overnight courier  example, offering a pricey overnight delivery on small orders to appease some customer will likely reduce, if not annul, the margin of the individual order). Thus, as discipline, understanding, and visibility are added to pricing processes, one might want to consider changing sales commission structures from gross (top-line) revenue targets to margin-based (bottom-line) sales incentives. Inadequacy of Traditional ERP Systems Financial and cost accounting applications report and analyze history, but Read More
Case Study: Envision Credit Union
In 2006, Envision Credit Union’s new chief financial officer (CFO) was looking to improve the visibility, efficiency, and accuracy of the company’s accounting

overnight courier  the average amount of overnight cash investments, and improve operational visibility, without adding staff. Read More
Two Stalwart Vendors Discuss Market Trends
In this unique question and answer series, vendors were given the opportunity to put forth their views on market trends, platform approaches, and mid-market

overnight courier  change-accommodating business tools almost overnight. To radically change, the underlying product architecture has to either be properly designed from the ground up, or it has to be totally rewritten in new, modern languages and technologies. Without true modernization of underlying applications, SOA becomes—and our apologies for the crude metaphor—no more than putting lipstick on a pig (dressing up inferior products to make them more appealing to the buyer). Needless to say, the impending task of Read More
Can ERP Meet Your eBusiness Needs?
Businesses cannot afford simply to respond to the next technological innovation; they must learn to respond to change as a constant state. As difficult as it

overnight courier  Federal Express first guaranteed overnight delivery across the country it was a premium service and used only for the most valuable or perishable shipments certainly not for anything as mundane as a letter. Then there was the fax machine and now the Internet. Could a sailing captain in 1830 delivering a letter to Hawaii have imagined overnight service? E-mail and Internet chat rooms? Today Overnight is the slow way of communicating. I know people who turn their e-mail Out of Office Assistant on when t Read More
The Future of Secure Remote Password (SRP) Part Two: Overcoming Obstacles to Success
This article explores the possibilities for the Secure Remote Password (SRP) in today’s multi-channel world, specifically how it improves upon the inherent

overnight courier  which will not happen overnight. However, it is paramount if SRP is to be an effective means of authentication for HTTP clients. As mentioned earlier, this requires at a minimum modifications to include a new auth-scheme type and to add the SRP session key to the HTTP header in each request/response pair. This is merely a suggestion much more detailed work is required to research what is required and whether or not it is achievable within the stateless HTTP protocol. Create XML Specification for the SRP Read More
Six Game Changers about SaaS
For many manufacturers, implementing on-premise enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems involves delays, unexpected costs, and unsatisfying results. But over

overnight courier  insight, making the outdated, overnight batch processing once common with legacy ERP solutions a thing of the past. Full visibility means tracking key events as they happen and then putting the right information into the hands of the right people at the right time— whether it's the machine operators tracking part numbers on a touch screen on the shop floor, or the accounting manager viewing global account receivables in a custom dashboard. Capturing and validating data at the point of origination makes Read More
Tracing Food Quality and Safety, or We Are What We Eat, After All (Part I)
Besides the ongoing (seemingly never-ending) presidential campaign and celebrity scandals/gossip, food safety is very much in the news. Indeed, incidents of

overnight courier  was shut down practically overnight for two years because of Japan’s refusal to accept imported beef products from the US due to health fears. Arguably, with no mechanism for proving to the Japanese authorities that its product was safe, and with no solution to do so, the trade route was shut-off. But other countries like New Zealand and South Africa benefited from the situation when the price of beef rocketed. Not only did they deliver the right information (assurances) to the market, they also took Read More
Smaller Vendors Can Still Provide Relevant Business Systems Part Two: Market Impact
ERP and other enterprise applications products will thus demonstrate deep industry functionality and tight integration with best-of-breed 'bolt-on' products in

overnight courier  have drastically changed almost overnight and cost-cutting remains one of the most important reasons why agencies are implementing ERP systems. The other reasons why ERP has recently become a far more attractive option for the federal market might be the fact that this market has benefited by vicariously learning from mistakes and failed ERP implementations in many commercial companies in the past. Additionally, many ERP systems are now componentized, which provides phased implementations in more Read More
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