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PeopleSoft Gathers Manufacturing and SCM Wherewithal Part Four: Challenges and User Recommendations
PeopleSoft manufacturing customers and J.D. Edwards customers in service industries should assess the vendor's product plans given these customers might benefit

overnight couriers  feat will not happen overnight, since achieving flow manufacturing takes more than moving equipment into product family production lines, creating flexible workstation teams, establishing quick changeovers, and introducing kanban signals. It also requires specific flow manufacturing training, continually maintained disciplines, and a process improvement mindset (for example, zero defects, zero setup, the use of standardized components, zero inventory, etc.). Until very recently, there has not been much Read More...
Learning Management Suite (LMS)
These are tools for managing, creating, scheduling training or learning in your organization. The terminology varies from vendor to vendor. Learning management systems (LMS) typically help to ma...
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Documents related to » overnight couriers

Will Sage Group Cement Its SME Leadership with ACCPAC and Softline Acquisitions? Part Four: Market Impact
Given Sage's revenue level is quite higher than those of Geac, MBS, SSA Global, and Lawson Software, making it an ultimate juggernaut within the SME market per

overnight couriers  service will not happen overnight, given the unsustainable financial model of many early ASPs and due to many hosting snafus of the recent past (see Hosting Horrors! ), in a few year's time, gigantic IT providers such as IBM , EDS , Microsoft, Oracle , Accenture , and the likes will likely be competing in the ASPs market, giving thereby hosting another breath of fresh air. Thus, ACCPAC's plan is to expand on the foundation it built during the past few years and help partners move into this more Read More...
The Theory of Constraints Enters the Lean Manufacturing Arena
Lean principles are difficult to employ in complex environments, but materials requirement planning has well-known limitations. The theory of constraints, which

overnight couriers  changes will not happen overnight, and the process should begin with the conversion of a few appropriate products with relatively simple production processes, and then progress to other product lines. The implementation of such changes explains why many manufacturers happen to be in a hybrid production mode, with part of the plant running according to flow principles and the rest using traditional material requirements planning (MRP) methods. For some companies, however, there is simply not enough Read More...
The Necessity of Data Warehousing
An explanation of the origins of data warehousing and why it is a crucial technology that allows businesses to gain competitive advantage. Issues regarding

overnight couriers  could only be run overnight in batch mode (without interaction from the user). Relational database technology was still in its infancy, and server engines were not powerful enough to support the data loads required. The type of programming that had to be done with third generation languages (3GL's) was tedious and expensive. Fourth generation languages were needed to abstract some of the required coding, but 4GL's were still in their infancy. Most operational data is stored in what is referred to as an OL Read More...
GXS Acquires HAHT Commerce for More Synchronized Retail B2B Data Part Three: Market Impact
There is renewed interest to provide GXS' trading services from other surviving Internet exchange providers to leverage GXS' huge expertise and investment in a

overnight couriers  come and go almost overnight, EDI should have long become an artifact, let alone a technology with a mid-life crisis, given the extinction of a number of younger technologies such as DOS or FORTRAN. For a discussion of EDI versus XML see EDI vs XML —Working In Tandem Rather Than Competing . While at the surface there would be few economic or strategic reasons for organizations to persist with EDI, many seem reluctant to adopt the alternative at this stage. In fact, there has been almost negligible Read More...
Enterprise Applications Vendors Going Viral and Social: Another Take
It would not be far off the mark to say that social media, user-generated content (UGC), and online collaboration all hit the mainstream in 2009, at least

overnight couriers  YouTube videos  created an overnight star and celebrity from a once obscure musician while bringing a large stodgy airline to its knees with public humiliation. The lesson that we all can learn from this experience is that social networks obviate the notion of  “statistical (in)significance”  (and arrogance) when it comes to customer service today. In this era of  instant messaging (IM) ,  podcasting , tweeting, and whatnot, every customer (or at least their opinions and experiences) matters. Read More...
Get on the Grid: Utility Computing
The latest business model in licensing is the utility (on demand) computing and associated pricing. Sometimes called

overnight couriers  software-as-a-service will not happen overnight. Nonetheless, because of this growing demand, hosting will get another breath of fresh air in a few years' time, as gigantic IT providers such as IBM, EDS , Microsoft , Oracle, and Accenture will likely compete in the hosting/ASPs market. Also carrying the on-demand moniker, and with more standardized service delivery systems, IBM's recent purchase of Corio , is possibly the best indication of a revised ASP value proposition. In January, IBM announced it Read More...
How Global Trade Management Can Assuage Your International Trade Worries
Globalization has lost its novelty. For most goods-driven enterprises it has become a matter of fact, just to stay in the game. However, the level of complexity

overnight couriers  e.g., demurrage, missed pickup, overnight storage with insurance at the dock, etc.) that must afterwards be contested or absorbed. Either your staff takes the time to sort out the discrepancies, or you leave it alone and pay higher prices. In both cases, you will have undercut your profit margins. And that’s before factoring in any claims from your customers in the event that you can’t deliver on time. Trade regulations : The level of complexity in managing trade regulations depends primarily on the Read More...
Navigating Between Service Management Scylla & Charybdis - Part 3
Part 1 of this series analyzed the phenomenon of the service economy or the increasing importance of the service sector in industrialized economies. Especially

overnight couriers  has been done (almost overnight) to the brand name that has long been a poster child for how lean manufacturing (and entire lean business) should be done? In the context of the service chain, optimization is all about getting the most productivity from service resources at the lowest cost, while sticking to the goals of the service business. The key to successful service chain optimization lies in the efficient use of time and how the service business responds to changes during the day. Service companies Read More...
Creating Business Value with Communication-enabled CRM Processes: Enhancing Marketing, Sales, and Service
Customer relationship management (CRM) issues can often be traced to ineffective processes involving human communication. But you can overcome the limitations

overnight couriers  replace all communication systems overnight - companies want to pace and align investments with the ongoing realization of business value. Selecting the Highest Yield Opportunities To maximize business value, companies should focus on CEBP opportunities with the likelihood for the highest returns. CEBP yields the most value in contactintensive situations where service requests are complex. In particular, when business requirements call for a high volume of interpersonal interactions, when customers Read More...
Audit Considerations for Enterprise Software Implementations Part 1: Project Planning and Management
Thanks, in part, to the fallout from the financial scandals of Enron, WorldCom, Tyco and others, the corporate spotlight is being refocused on the audit

overnight couriers  it will not happen overnight. Consequently, an education and training process must be completed so that everyone is in agreement and on the same sheet of music. This mission should be undertaken as you would for any project but with special emphasis placed on securing a high profile executive to serve as the sponsor. Given the fact that they are most affected by SOX, a CEO or CFO are natural choices and should be easy to convince to participate. The key elements of project planning and management that Read More...
Case Study: Envision Credit Union
In 2006, Envision Credit Union’s new chief financial officer (CFO) was looking to improve the visibility, efficiency, and accuracy of the company’s accounting

overnight couriers  the average amount of overnight cash investments, and improve operational visibility, without adding staff. Read More...
The Why of Data Collection
Data collection systems work; however, they require a investment in technology. Before the investment can be justified, we need to understand why a data

overnight couriers  system that was run overnight. The added expense of a real time inventory and associated data collection did not create value for the company. Costs Collecting data cost money. A production warehouse person who must manually record data is being less productive in his or her primary role, making product or working with inventory. The step of later keying in this data (and then correcting errors) also costs time and money. These variable costs happen each minute of each day. A data collection system avoids Read More...
Outsourcing Supply Chain Planning Processes
Supply chain planning tools deliver potentially tremendous savings when well implemented, and wreak havoc when they fail. A company considering an outsourcing

overnight couriers  scenario occurs when the overnight planning run fails, and the original resource from the outside provider—the resource that developed the solution model and initially supported it—is no longer available. The current support person doesn't know the model well enough to single-handedly diagnose the problem. The planner or scheduler who shows up in the morning has to manually issue schedules while assisting the outside provider in diagnosing the problem over the phone. Recommendations Evaluate each Read More...
Finding Your Way Around E-commerce
Breaking into E-commerce can have you going in circles. This document provides an E-Commerce Roadmap to both prepare you for your trip and keep you from bumping

overnight couriers  approaches, there is no overnight window for periodic backup, and delays of hours in reloading a database won't be tolerated. ( Dammit, Scottie, I need warp drive now! Aye, Captain, I'll do me best. ) Meeting business needs here requires a combination of software, hardware and network approaches. The Magic Ring What really puts the squeeze on is the tools and applications in this layer. A few years ago they were thought of as goals in themselves, but they re quickly becoming de rigeur foundational Read More...

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