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TradeBeam Keeps on Rounding Out Its GTM Set
TradeBeam strategic expansion, which covers the entire life cycle of global trade across order, logistics and financial settlement activities, seeks to improve

overseas parcels  of domestic jobs moving overseas. Global trade compliance is rarely discussed, even though it poses a risk that might affect almost every manufacturer that either imports or exports. Namely, getting these goods and parts shipped from one country to another is a daunting task and needs the support of a GTM software and service provider with a combination of global trade domain knowledge, proven processes, and international trade best practices. Each of the nearly 200 countries in the world has individual Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » overseas parcels

Right-shoring: Claiming Competitive Advantage by Managing Complexity across the Changing Global Supply Chain
The dynamics of today’s global supply chain are changing rapidly because of volatile fuel costs, overseas wage increases, security concerns, and global economic

overseas parcels  of volatile fuel costs, overseas wage increases, security concerns, and global economic issues. In this environment, some US manufacturers are exploring ways to claim a competitive advantage by bringing operations back to the US. Explore the benefits, trends, and considerations of “right-shoring” and what it can mean for domestic businesses. Read More...
Audit Considerations for Enterprise Software Implementations Part 1: Project Planning and Management
Thanks, in part, to the fallout from the financial scandals of Enron, WorldCom, Tyco and others, the corporate spotlight is being refocused on the audit

overseas parcels  you working in an overseas company and not subject to the Act may heave a sigh of relief. Good control practices, however, are not restricted by national boundaries or languages. These practices just make good sense and do not need legislation or the attachment of criminal penalties to be implemented. Steal the concepts from the SOX and start your own program to improve internal control practices. As a project manager, you should encourage the involvement of the audit function from the outset. While Read More...
Transition for Manhattan Associates Necessary for Long Term Growth
Based in Atlanta, Georgia, $78 million Manhattan Associates, Inc. develops, markets, and supports supply chain execution systems for distribution center

overseas parcels  help expand business to overseas markets, a segment that accounts for less than 5% of Manhattan's revenues. The recent alliance with Intentia represents a positive step in this direction (See TEC News Analysis article: Manhattan Associates Partners with Intentia ). User Recommendations For companies operating in retail, apparel, or consumer goods manufacturing who need solid warehousing or transportation management capabilities only, Manhattan is a logical short list candidate. Companies who are Read More...
Zooming into the Clothing Retailer Conundrum
If retailers in the vertical market of fashion apparel do not constantly refresh their presentation and assortment for consumers, they run the risk of being

overseas parcels  No One Said Sourcing Overseas Would Be Easy . The market is buzzing about the examples of European retailers Zara and H&M , which are known for their ability to design, produce, and deliver new styles to stores in only a few weeks. These retailers achieve such a feat by running different supply chains for different market segments. This means that these retailers use a combination of inexpensive volume production in nearby Southern and Eastern Europe countries and, in some cases, they leverage expensive Read More...
Merging Global Trade Management with Global Finance
With the acquisition of Vastera, JPMorgan Chase may be the first global financial institution to offer a complete integrated cash, trade and logistics solution

overseas parcels  of domestic jobs moving overseas. The global trade compliance aspect is rarely discussed, even though it poses a risk that affects almost every manufacturer that either imports or exports. Namely, getting these goods and parts shipped from one country to another is a daunting task and needs the support of a GTM software and service provider. This must be combined with global trade domain knowledge, proven processes, and international trade best practices in order to be successful. Each of the nearly 200 c Read More...
The Challenge of Fulfillment
Integrated multichannel retailing will inevitably become the norm. For retailers, the key to multichannel success lies in understanding the factors that drive

overseas parcels  importing the goods from overseas). Each store has only available items on display: the item in the store is exactly the same as the item that is sold, and it is delivered in an impressive time bracket (of only a few days at most), not to mention at a reasonable price (if one is willing to forgive the retailer for its annoying and incessant local TV and radio commercials). On the other hand, the offers of most other competitive furniture retailers may not be limited to the capacity of their own Read More...
Infor Fashion PLM Offers Product Lifecycle Management for the Fashion Industry with a Fresh Approach
Infor recently announced the availability of Infor Fashion PLM, a brand new application, built from the ground up, that aims to link tricky and vital areas of

overseas parcels  was more suited for overseas apparel manufacturers.   After Infor acquired Lawson, Infor  decided on these products’ go-forward strategy and the decision was made to select the best concepts from both PLM products, rewrite it on Microsoft .NET Framework , make it interoperable, and plan to add new functionality such as assortment planning (which leading fashion PLM vendors typically don't have). The currently available release is mostly about product data management (PDM) and includes critical path ma Read More...
No One Said Sourcing Overseas Would Be Easy
The many challenges and risks that retailers face when sourcing globally could be mitigated with the right software tools. Yet the sad fact is that few

overseas parcels  One Said Sourcing Overseas Would Be Easy For all the reasons detailed in The Anatomy of Retail Sourcing Processes , the issue of how to achieve more transparent and cohesive sourcing processes has become a frontline concern for many retailers, driven by boardroom directives to boost margins through the direct sourcing of lower priced international products. For more information and background, please see The Blessing and Curse of Global Sourcing and Supplier Management , Distinctions and Benefits of Read More...
SSA GT to EXE-cute (Yet) Another Acquisition Part Two: EXE
Like the previous few SSA GT acquisitions, this merger too seems aimed at enlarging SSA GT's customer base, market share, and more importantly, its predictably

overseas parcels  moving their manufacturing operations overseas, so any SCE vendor must be able to do business starting in Asia and follow the supply chain all the way back to the US. No other WMS/SCE vendor enjoys a customer base so evenly distributed over the globe, and in fact, EXE's area of fastest revenue growth during 1990s was Asia with a compound annual growth rate of over 80 percent from 1997 to 2000. The European market has also provided a steady performance for the vendor even during recent years of economic Read More...
Thriving and Surviving in a Turbulent World
We can aspire to survive and even to thrive in a difficult environment if we are disciplined, bright enough and have the right tools such as a Demand and Supply

overseas parcels  The lead time from overseas suppliers may get longer and more erratic. Local suppliers may also become slower and less reliable with their deliveries due to their own supply chain. A company can no longer take availability of materials, components and products for granted. This challenge is forcing executives in large multinationals to consider moving away from their highly synchronized just-in-time relationships with suppliers. Automatic reflexes for many will be to overstock materials, components and Read More...
Descartes Extends Its Logistics Tentacles to Japan

overseas parcels  an agreement with an overseas service provider since it was founded in 1977. Descartes' experience in advance manifest filing services in Canada, the United States, and other countries has been of great assistance to NACCS Center as it prepares for the Advance Filing Rules. The vendor has the world’s largest logistics messaging network, handling about 70 percent of the top 25 air forwarders shipments and more than 50 percent of US–Canada cross-border security filings. Descartes bridges the Read More...
Nine Ways to Use ERP to Make the Manufacturing Supply Chain Lean
There are entire books and thorough training and certification processes devoted to lean supply chain practices. But within any manufacturing environment, there

overseas parcels  a customer or vendor overseas will result in duplicate data, quickly undoing your lean supply chain improvements. The bottom line, both with regard to internal naming conventions and external communications, you need to have a common, universal, language for customer numbers, item codes, etc., in order to integrate the business and share your plans and bring lean efficiencies to your supply chain. Conclusion Some people might think of lean supply chain technology as having to do entirely with purchasing, Read More...
ICICI-Infotech's North American Strategy for Success Part Three: Challenges and User Recommendations
ICICI-Infotech is starting to make its presence felt in North America and raise some ERP eyebrows. Read on as to why you may want to take a closer look at this

overseas parcels  can pay for the overseas conference calls, nothing beats home cooking and on-site visits! On first inspection you will notice that ORION does not have the more traditional graphical user interface (GUI) look and feel of other ERP solutions. User-ability has long been a bone of contention with ORION. While possessing certain GUI aspects, the software lacks ease of use. Transition from one menu to another can be tedious and, in some cases, inconsistent. While you can certainly navigate from one menu to Read More...
Should North Americans Send More Software Development Work to China?
This article discusses the risks and opportunities related to outsourcing software development to China. It concludes that China, as an outsourcing destination,

overseas parcels  adopters will automatically receive overseas orders, the certification does play an important role in both process improvement and marketing. Copyright Protection Since outsourcing vendors will have certain access to clients' intellectual property in order to develop software, copyright protection should be enforced on both the input side (clients' patents, development methodology, application programming interfaces [APIs], and so on) and the output side (the finished software). In China, copyright regula Read More...

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