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ATM Machines Hacked in Moscow
Recently Moscow's ATMs have fallen victim to cyberfraud. How does ATM hacking take place? Has it happened in the United States? What can you do to safeguard

own an atm  card, and use your own pin to loot their account. Encrypted account numbers can be unencrypted by savvy cryptographers. There are multiple ways that ATM systems can be compromised. In a paper entitled Why Cryptosystems Fail, by Nikos Drakos of the Computer Based Learning Unit at the University of Leeds, Drakos describes multiple ways that ATM systems can be hacked. Drakos states that one method for hacking ATM financial networks relies on the fact that many banks do not encrypt or authenticate the Read More

ERP for Municipalities
In this model, we assume the municipality controls water, sewers and roads. We assume also that it collects municipal or county taxes and manages many of its own assets such as vehicles and wate...
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Documents related to » own an atm

Development of an Internet Payment Processing System
This article describes the author's experience with the development of the first Yugoslav Internet payment processing system. The system's architecture is very

own an atm  attacks came from their own intranets and were most likely carried out by administrators themselves. In one case when an attack came from a university computer center, the offending computer was located, but not the person since students come and go to do their assignments. As a result of the filed complaint, the staff of computer center started to log student IDs and the times they spend working at each computer so any future attempt could be sanctioned. Finally, the author created a media event by Read More
Social Media and Customer Experience Feedback
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogs are just a few Internet services that make up the new growing digital world called social media. Many companies have seen

own an atm  as one of their own if they use the social media sites to advertise using old-fashioned methods. No one wants to follow a company that posts about how wonderful it is followed by links to canned marketing pitches. Social media is all about relationships and relevance. Companies need to participate by adding valuable, relevant information to forums and communities, such as: special coupons for SM users, relevant information concerning products and services, or media that is worth sharing with their Read More
Marketing Automation: Coming of Age Slowly
Marketing is possibly the only remaining major business function yet to revise its core processes to take advantage of IT that can cut time, costs, and improve

own an atm  evaluated products run our own models and proprietary algorithms? Can they integrate with our back-office data sources to drive effective marketing campaigns? Can they integrate and interface with other systems we might be using for data analytics, data-warehousing, content-management, and personalization? Do they offer an embedded e-mail server as part of the package, or are they compatible with commonly accepted e-mail servers like Microsoft Exchange or IBM Lotus Domino ? Does the vendor have Read More
Experiencing a Different Corporate Culture at QAD Explore 2008
No, my intent here is not necessarily to provide a typical analyst alert after attending a vendor's annual user conference, in this case the QAD Explore 2008 in

own an atm  electronics maker (with its own line of retail stores), but also a Swiss knife-like manufacturer and an automated teller machine (ATM) manufacturer as its customers. All of these products are well-known for their elegant usability and user-friendliness. Similarly, QAD .NET UI features ease of role-based personalization, adding/removing fields, menu maintenance, desktop applications integration, messaging, etc. for end users. Other notable capabilities are data access and integration, look-and-feel Read More
Sybase an SAP Company
Founded in 1984 and acquired by SAP in 2010, Sybase manages, analyzes, and develops database and other enterprise technology. Its specialties include data

own an atm  an SAP Company Founded in 1984 and acquired by SAP in 2010, Sybase manages, analyzes, and develops database and other enterprise technology. Its specialties include data management and warehousing, analytics, mobile messaging, and enterprise mobility. Read More
Malta, An Ideal Nearshore Location
Malta is developing as a nearshoring location. Malta's advantages include an educated workforce that is fluent in English, lower wages than Western Europe, and

own an atm  Location Nearshoring is also known as : BPO , Business Process Outsourcing , Co-sourcing , Engineering Process Outsourcing , Global Sourcing , Globality , Insourcing , Multisourcing , Offshore Outsourcing , Offshoring , Outsourcing Management , Restructuring , Sourcing Solutions , Strategic Alliances , Strategic Alliances Analysis , Vertical Integration . Many are surprised to hear that Malta is developing as a nearshore outsourcing location. Right after independence from Britain in 1964, Malta started Read More
Create an Intelligent Analytics Strategy for Your Organization
A good business analytics strategy can pay off. Learn how to grow and transform your organization with analytics and business intelligence (BI) in this

own an atm  an Intelligent Analytics Strategy for Your Organization A good business analytics strategy can pay off. Learn how to grow and transform your organization with analytics and business intelligence (BI) in this newsletter, featuring new research from Gartner. Read More
Selecting an ERP Solution: a Guide
Looking for the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) package for your small to medium business (SMB) can be a daunting task. A fair amount of information is

own an atm  need to do your own research. But much of your work is already done: You have a list of goals, the platform you want to run on, an approximate number of users defined, and you know your business model. Start searching the Internet with your favorite search engine for ERP products by using keywords such as “ERP” and “manufacturing software.” Also, start looking at software development companies’ websites. By design, these sites cast a wide net. Choose 10 to 20 that you believe have an ERP Read More
Building an Incident Response Team (IRT)
Every enterprise must be prepared to confront an incident that threatens the security, privacy, or general operations of the company or its customers. But how

own an atm  with a range of known—and unknown incidents. Find out how. Read More
How to Serve an Ad
Presents an overview of the basic technology used in all ad-serving solutions.

own an atm  served from the website's own servers, requires coordination between the business and technical sides of a company. Selling ads is a complex business that changes rapidly and is driven by cultural as well as business concerns. IT personnel may not be used to the mercurial nature of requirements in this arena. However, they need to be aware that the cost of deployment of advertising solutions can be proportionally much higher than with other products, especially when the costs of lost ad serving Read More
Selecting an Outsourcing Provider-Art or Science?
As there are many different categories of outsourcing services, there are also many outsourcing providers. With many different aspects to consider, how can a

own an atm  provider? Or setup your own captive facility? From an outsourcing perspective, what is your anticipated future state in 3 to 5 years? What is the mix of onshore to offshore in the future? What tasks are performed onshore versus offshore? Application software? Call center support? Back-office activities such as accounts payable or payroll? Will you select a single vendor (i.e., a suite provider)? Will you select multiple vendors (i.e., best of breed)? The essence or result of the answers to these Read More
An E-Commerce Company That Can Pay The Bills
Concur Technologies added a module that handles miscellaneous payment requests to its eWorkplace suite. It seems like a small thing, but handling all those

own an atm  sense to press your own vendor about a similar product, because a higher degree of integration is always better. But if you need this capability sooner rather than later and if the standalone version will do the job, then by all means go for it. Read More
Justification of ERP Investments Part Four: Replacing or Re-implementing an ERP System
An investment analysis focusing on enterprise resource planning (ERP) benefits frequently applies to those firms initially justifying an ERP implementation. It

own an atm  ERP software package or homegrown system. The replacement decision can stem from any number of situations. The current ERP software package is no longer supported; is too expensive to maintain; is heavily customized and cannot be upgraded; runs on old technology; is too complex and expensive to implement; and so forth. A homegrown ERP system provides partial solutions or non-integrated solutions; it's not on the right technology platform; nobody knows the system and can support it; nobody can upgrade the Read More
Sterling Commerce, an AT&T company
Sterling Commerce, a subsidiary of AT@T, Inc. (NYSE:T) is a provider of business-to-business (B2B) commerce solutions, with more than 29,000 companies using

own an atm  Commerce, an AT&T company Sterling Commerce, a subsidiary of AT&T, Inc. (NYSE:T) is a provider of business-to-business (B2B) commerce solutions, with more than 29,000 companies using Sterling Commerce Solutions worldwide. The company’s software and services aim at improving current processes or deploying new business processes through integration efforts between applications, external partner systems, and people. With almost thirty years of experience serving tens of thousands of customers in a Read More

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