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What Can PLM Offer for SMBs?
Recently I attended a product lifecycle management (PLM) seminar hosted by PTC and its North American Windchill Partner of the Year award-winner BRT Solutions

pay roll  you may need to pay for training, implementation, integration, support, and other services, the software is free for download and use. To SMBs, it might be beneficial if you can download and install a system to get a taste of PLM before jumping onto the PLM bandwagon. Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Advertising Makes It Up In Volume
A small decline in Internet advertising rates turns out to be no problem for the advertising business as inventory explodes.

pay roll  advertisers are willing to pay more for this on a CPM basis, and since a given advertiser thus uses fewer overall impressions, available inventory will rise. And, as noted above, a rise in inventory will lead to a decrease in CPM rates. If there is a prediction to be made here it is that within a few years some of the basic parameters of these processes will be determined experimentally, and students of differential equations will be working homework problems based on Internet advertising. User Read More...
Three Things You Need to Know before Investing in Mobile HCM
Mobile technology has reshaped the functioning of human resources and talent management departments due to its ability to reach people in real time and at any

pay roll  in as well as pay information remotely. Benefits can also be administered and viewed via mobile devices. For example, having a clear picture of who is eligible for benefits and being able to easily enroll an employee in a company’s benefits program from anywhere can come in handy, especially for HR professionals who work across multiple locations. Similarly, HR staff in charge of payroll may require creating, modifying, and submitting payroll information on the go. Another useful functionality is the Read More...
Sausage Producer Packs Out the Profit with Technology
Odom’s Tennessee Pride Sausage, Inc. wanted to improve operations and customer service. Their ERP and SCM technology solution resulted in a fifteen-month

pay roll  We saw savings that pay for the applications within the first three years. Chuck reports that Odom's operational objectives have been met. The top operational benefits cited by Odom's include: Reduced inventory levels across the entire supply chain Reduced production costs by decreasing changeovers Increased utilization in the kill, cut, and packaging operations Decreased scrap rates by not producing out-of-spec material Optimized distribution by better planning their distribution centers and Read More...
Human Resources: No Laughing Matter
A little over 10 years ago, when I was working as an assistant manager in my former company’s payroll department—where many of the traditional human resources

pay roll  establishing employment policies, handling pay and retirement plans, and administering benefits. HR personnel spent the better part of their days updating employee files, calculating employee statistics, processing applications, training employees, and terminating the ne’er-do-wells. Today, HR is so much more. The very people my colleagues and I used to poke fun at are now helping their organizations transform HR from the low-priority function it once was into a strategic and vital part of the Read More...
SmartStream Human Resources & Payroll
SmartStream HCM is an HCM solution that offers the following functionality: Payroll and taxation administration capabilities, which can help ensure

pay roll  annual tax reporting; retroactive pay calculations; and overrides. A variety of standard payroll cyclical reports are included. Read More...
Thou Shalt Motivate and Reward Workforce Better
The potential of enterprise incentive management systems should not be ignored, since this software category promises a fairly rapid and tangible return on

pay roll  more justly distribute merit-based pay increases. Before deploying such a system, managers would customarily review employees annually around their date of hiring, often with the result that well-deserving employees would not get the increase they deserved simply because the pool of available money had already been spent by the time they received their reviews. Surprisingly or not, compensation represents more than 60 percent of total corporate expenditures, yet most Global 2000 firms are still not Read More...
The ROI of Your Labor Force
Improving workforce performance can drive corporate performance. Even seemingly small changes in workforce productivity can have a huge impact on the bottom

pay roll  absenteeism and resulting call-in pay Major airline reduces incidence overstaffing due to planned absenteeism by 5% Better compliance with company, union, and Dept. of Labor scheduling policies and laws Retail chain decreases exposure to minor law violations; eliminates risk of $10,000 per infraction fines Reduced gross payroll Large theater chain reduces work hours with scheduling efficiencies The benefits of workforce scheduling technologies are driving better bottom line results across many Read More...
Ramco’s Good Times in Puerto Rico
Ramco Systems seems to be on a roll of late. Having just recently launched Ramco HCM On Cloud, the Indian enterprise software vendor, focused on delivering its

pay roll  Good Times in Puerto Rico Ramco Systems seems to be on a roll of late. Having just recently  launched Ramco HCM On Cloud , the Indian enterprise software vendor, focused on delivering its enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite in the cloud and on tablets and smartphones, has announced the  opening of a new office , its fourth in the Americas, in Puerto Rico. Ramco has also signed the first Ramco ERP on Cloud customer in the region, Vassallo Industries , a renowned 45-year-old manufacturer of Read More...
TEC’s I&CM Evaluation Center (Slowly but Surely) Gaining Traction - Part I
A number of earlier TEC articles and blog entries have analyzed the nascent sales performance management (SPM) or enterprise incentives management (EIM

pay roll  grow in importance, incentive pay remains one of the largest variable expenses for organizations. To that end, SPM spans across many groups of individuals receiving variable compensation such as sales force, management, employees, distribution channel, etc. Yet today most SPM processes and technologies remain used in a standalone manner. Namely, corporate performance management (CPM)/business performance management (BPM) solutions that are focused on profitability are administered by the finance Read More...
Food Safety, Government Regulations, and Brand Protection
Many food companies are investing significant funds in building awareness for their brands in the market, which can pay off amply in competitive, commodity

pay roll  the market, which can pay off amply in competitive, commodity markets. One highly publicized recall (and the negative image generated in the media), however, can turn an established brand asset into a liability. Nervous consumers can cause distributors and brokers to quickly abandon such tainted products in the channel. Non-branded manufacturers, such as ingredient suppliers or private-label manufacturers, can become tainted in the eyes of customers. As for distributors, food service operators and Read More...
Performance and Compensation Management at the Core of Human Capital Management?
Strategic human capital management (HCM) solutions can help organizations transform their people into a competitive advantage by aligning managers and employees

pay roll  employees can get a pay raise until they get a review, HR departments implement systems to automate and force the review process as a means to address this. The aim of performance management systems is to both automate the employee review process and link reviews to organizational performance. The aim is to ascertain whether employees are taking definitive steps to achieve their determined performance goals; whether there are succession plans in place for top managers; what kinds of skills the Read More...
Desktop Management's Dirty Little Secret
ESD (electronic software distribution) promises to simplify software distribution and management, and eliminate ''sneakernet'' the costly, time-consuming manual

pay roll  company could end up paying $16,000 just for the programmer billing at $100 an hour in wages and benefits to script and test this one application. Some industry experts estimate that only about 70 percent of the targeted computers will have software installed correctly the first time. Imagine the cost of deploying and managing 100 applications for an enterprise with several distributed offices. Allotting an average of two weeks to develop and test scripts for these applications, it would take 3.8 man Read More...
New Phone System Cost Estimator: Serious Buyers Only!
When purchasing a business phone system, you only want to pay for the features your team is actually going to use, but also need to consider future needs as

pay roll  you only want to pay for the features your team is actually going to use, but also need to consider future needs as your business grows. The clearer you are about your specific needs, the more accurate vendors can be when providing you with quotes, and the easier it will be to compare prices. Know the key elements that affect phone system pricing and get prices ranges for your business. Read More...
EIM/ECM 101: Cutting through the Confusion
EIM/ECM 101: Cutting through the ConfusionIf you’re like many people who’ve been put in charge of looking for your company’s next compensation solution, you

pay roll  a predefined budget • define pay grades/scales and salary structures to identify the internal value of jobs and positions within the organization • administer long-term incentives Compensation, however, is driven by the needs of the business and not by those of HR. These types of applications are used by HR professionals to measure workforce performance, and improve their ability to assess and deploy talent. Compensation management software provides the modeling that allows for fair compensation of Read More...

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