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Sausage Producer Packs Out the Profit with Technology
Odom’s Tennessee Pride Sausage, Inc. wanted to improve operations and customer service. Their ERP and SCM technology solution resulted in a fifteen-month

pay rolls  We saw savings that pay for the applications within the first three years. Chuck reports that Odom's operational objectives have been met. The top operational benefits cited by Odom's include: Reduced inventory levels across the entire supply chain Reduced production costs by decreasing changeovers Increased utilization in the kill, cut, and packaging operations Decreased scrap rates by not producing out-of-spec material Optimized distribution by better planning their distribution centers and Read More

Transportation Management Systems
Transportation management systems should provide the basic components of a shared information system to support collaboration, rates, routes, roles, transaction sets, documents, and information exc...
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Global Asset Sustainability: Breakthrough Lean Best Practice Counters Rising Energy Costs
Leading companies are reducing energy consumption and costs as a top-priority initiative@with benefits ranging from more efficient operations to increased

pay rolls  company could afford to pay up to $4,727 more for the motor (typically about a $10,000 item) with 2% higher efficiency rating, and still realize savings on electricity use. Note: These are sample assumptions for motors that run at full load (93% or 95%) 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Typical lifespan for such a motor is 40,000 hours, or roughly 5 years of continuous operation. While all of this may seem intuitively obvious, the GAS index provides a new and essential perspective in support of a Read More
Voice over IP Manageability
The average personal computer (PC) costs an enterprise $10,000 (USD) per year to own and maintain—five times the purchase price of the hardware and software! Is

pay rolls  implement and manage can pay for itself very quickly - sometimes in a matter of months. However, manageability depends to a great extent on the underlying architecture of the voice system. Some platforms are extensions of legacy voice switches, others are built on top of legacy data technologies, and still others were designed from the ground up for converged voice and data. In this paper, we examine the impact these very different starting points have on management, consider what should be possible when Read More
Software-as-a-service: Beyond the Architecture Discussion
As software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployments have moved from relatively small implementations to more complex enterprise environments, it has become clear that

pay rolls  with SaaS, customers typically pay a subscription fee for access to the solution. Because the software for the solution is owned and managed by the solution provider, the upfront costs and overall TCO for the customer are lower. Native-SaaS solutions are built on a modern shared platform, sometimes referred to as multi-tenant, which allows the software provider to securely share one version of its software with many customers. The provider is responsible for maintaining the platform, delivering the Read More
The Third Paradigm
Supply chain systems to date have represented the back-end of that process of servicing markets and have taken us a long way in replacing assets with

pay rolls  for example, we might pay increased costs or try to lock down supply partners with inflexible terms. But if we have a game plan, we may not have these penalties. FIGURE 2 A simple example will clarify the concept. Firms are reluctant to overbuy stocks. We might wind up with too much inventory, and that capital investment can have a huge opportunity cost—preventing us from making other critical investments. With products where we have a fair knowledge (low risk) of their behavior in the market, we can Read More
Advertising Continues to be Growth Business
The quarterly report on advertising trends from AdKnowledge eAnalytics shows that there are more places than ever to advertise, and that the cost of advertising

pay rolls  of advertisers willing to pay on a per clickthrough basis. This is not the dominant way that advertisers pay for exposures but is frequently touted as a more effective way to represent the value that advertisers get. This study suggests otherwise. Advertisers would ultimately like to pay only for conversions, but these results suggest that it would be difficult to implement such a scheme. A related effect of this study (if, indeed, anyone reads studies) should be a slowdown in the move to develop rich Read More
Leading Document Imaging and Processing Provider Enables Pay-for-Performance
BÖWE BELL + HOWELL utilized SumTotal’s integrated talent management platform to implement a holistic talent management strategy, enable real-time human

pay rolls  and Processing Provider Enables Pay-for-Performance BÖWE BELL + HOWELL utilized SumTotal’s integrated talent management platform to implement a holistic talent management strategy, enable real-time human resources (HR) data processing, and analysis, and eliminate inefficient, time-consuming manual processes. The company chose four SumTotal suites to support its enterprise strategy, including compensation, performance, succession, and analytics. Read about the benefits. Read More
Growing Food and Beverage Businesses: Innovation to Maximize Market Opportunities
Global demand for food and beverages continues to rise, and the market will pay a premium for partially prepared healthier choices. Food and beverage

pay rolls  and the market will pay a premium for partially prepared healthier choices that are convenient and easy to eat anywhere or more cost effective for large-scale food preparation. Those with innovative solutions for these niche markets are in a position to gain brand dominance and market loyalty that result in higher revenues, profits, and market share. Seizing Opportunities for Growth Market leaders in this industry are no longer primarily selling whole products in bulk to grocers, food manufacturers, and Read More
Capital Equipment Manufacturer Successfully Rolls out VISIBILITY.net ETO ERP Software

pay rolls  Equipment Manufacturer Successfully Rolls out VISIBILITY.net ETO ERP Software Read More
Thou Shalt Motivate and Reward Workforce Better
The potential of enterprise incentive management systems should not be ignored, since this software category promises a fairly rapid and tangible return on

pay rolls  more justly distribute merit-based pay increases. Before deploying such a system, managers would customarily review employees annually around their date of hiring, often with the result that well-deserving employees would not get the increase they deserved simply because the pool of available money had already been spent by the time they received their reviews. Surprisingly or not, compensation represents more than 60 percent of total corporate expenditures, yet most Global 2000 firms are still not Read More
FinancialForce.com Rolls Out FinancialForce ERP
FinancialForce.com, provider of cloud-based solutions on the Salesforce1 platform, has introduced FinancialForce ERP. FinancialForce.com’s move into providing a

pay rolls  com Rolls Out FinancialForce ERP FinancialForce.com, provider of cloud-based solutions on the Salesforce1 platform, has introduced FinancialForce ERP. The announcement comes on the heels of the company’s recent acquisitions of Vana Workforce and Less Software. The two strategic acquisitions in 2013 extended FinancialForce.com’s footprint into human capital management (HCM) and supply chain management (SCM), enabling FinancialForce to provide a broad range of solutions for managing Read More
Talking to (and Learning from) a Retail Store Execution Software Leader - Part 1
My recent post (Software and Human) Help Wanted in Overwhelmed Retail Stores talked about how much attention (and IT investment) retailers pay to their

pay rolls  (and IT investment) retailers pay to their merchandize planning and supply chain optimization processes as compared to their store-level task execution, even though this is where “the rubber meets the road.” I concluded my post with the fact that there are dozens of retail  workforce management (WFM)  vendors and solutions, but not many have the required store-level  task management  capabilities. Enter Reflexis Systems One of the few viable task execution options would be Reflexis Systems , Read More
NetSuite Tackles Cloud Payroll
NetSuite announces NetSuite Premier Payroll Service, empowering multi-site enterprises in the U.S. to have improved efficiency, visibility, and flexibility in

pay rolls  support for check printing, pay cards, and direct deposit; the ability to handle large transaction volumes; and employee self-service with expense tracking integrated into enterprise resource planning (ERP).   These enhancements to the NetSuite Premier Payroll Service are expected to be available in early 2015. Companies can deploy this payroll service at large multi-location enterprises within the U.S. employing thousands of employees and contingent workers.   Many businesses confront the challenge of Read More
Blade Computing and the Public Sector
Across the public sector, cost savings will be decisive when considering an investment in blade computing. The decision can be made on a fairly straightforward

pay rolls  cost basis—does the investment pay back? But blade computing also offers advantages in terms of the ability to respond to business needs, which should make it a core part of public sector IT strategy. Read More
Shifts in Payment Models for CAD Deployments
Given the recent desktop virtualization move for PTC Creo, it will be interesting to watch whether PTC will start offering subscriptions for some Creo apps (and

pay rolls  in Payment Models for CAD Deployments Given the  recent desktop virtualization move for PTC Creo , it will be interesting to watch whether PTC will start offering subscriptions for some Creo apps (and Dassault Systèmes for SolidWorks ). This is especially interesting in light of the recent move of  Siemens Solid Edge to subscription licensing , and also since Autodesk is now offering its desktop and other design products on a pay-as-you-go basis . In terms of comparing 3D computer-aided design Read More

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