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Peregrine Polishes the Old In-Out-and-In-between
Peregrine entered into partnerships that improve its solutions for customers buying new goodies or disposing of old ones. In addition, the company will develop

peregrine adventure tours  Polishes the Old In-Out-and-In-between Peregrine Polishes the Old In-Out-and-In-between D. Geller - August 24, 2000 Event Summary Peregrine Systems, a growing force in providing B2B e-commerce and infrastructure management for mid- to large-sized companies, is buffing the details of a number of its offerings. Having made its initial foray into e-procurement by promising to aid in both the acquisition and tracking of capital assets (First Look: Peregrine Offers Cradle to Grave Procurement), the company Read More...
Time and Attendance for the Health Care Industry
Time and attendance software collects, tracks, and reports employee hours worked through automated time clocks or other means.
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Documents related to » peregrine adventure tours

First Look: Peregrine Offers Cradle to Grave Procurement
Peregrine's Get.Resources is an E-procurement system that contains features to manage the acquisition of capital assets and track their lifecycle costs. The

peregrine adventure tours  Look: Peregrine Offers Cradle to Grave Procurement Product Background Peregrine Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: PRGN) has been known for applications that automate the management of complex, enterprise-wide information and infrastructure assets. While staying in that general territory, it is building a new field with its Get.It application suite. The first team member is Get.Resources, an E-procurement application that is being pitched at companies that acquire capital assets. The company's existing products Read More...
Global Vendor Negotiation Strategies
TechnologyEvaluation.Com has defined 6 global negotiation categories and macro questions that should be reviewed in preparation for any major technology

peregrine adventure tours  its software maintenance fees (Peregrine Systems is a good example), a client can use that information as leverage for reduced product license or service and support fees. In another example, a client could use Oracle's legendary stubbornness in reducing its professional services pricing to gain major concessions on Oracle application pricing. Read More...
IBM’s Marketplace Solutions: Is Ariba Not Enough?
IBM trains its sights on helping businesses create online marketplaces. But, we ask our staff prognosticator, isn’t that what partner Ariba does?

peregrine adventure tours  like Ariba, Commerce One, Peregrine, VerticalNet and others are constantly in the news and seem to be signing customers right and left. Surely there's no doubt that electronic marketplaces are part of the business framework by now. Dr. Augur: Maybe so. But maybe you guys in the Research Department spend too much time reading press releases. I don't doubt that companies will be building marketplaces right and left in the next few years, but so far the only real success stories have been functional: Read More...
Remedy Corporation: Poised for a Comeback?
Once the toast of Wall Street, Remedy has redefined its business. With products in CRM, service management and e-procurement (and others), and propelled by

peregrine adventure tours  Barnhill Associates to competitor Peregrine, Inc. Barnhill switched not because of the quality of Remedy's products, which it found that customers liked, but because it heard its customers looking for enterprise level solutions, not only in help desks but also in other areas such as asset and facilities management. Remedy got the message and responded quickly with a pair of strategic acquisitions. In July 1999, the Company acquired Pipestream Technologies, Inc. (Pipestream), a privately held provider of Read More...
E-learning Course Design
This article provides hints for the design of e-learning courses with regard to target audience, navigation, objectives, motivation, media, interactivity

peregrine adventure tours  design,instructional design,e-learning,audience,navigation,objectives,motivation,media,interactivity,assessment,aesthetics,course authoring tools,evaluation
Rootstock Software Steps Out on Force.com
One of my recent blog posts talked about the emergence of a few natively cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that leverage salesforce.com’s

peregrine adventure tours  Software Steps Out on Force.com One of my recent blog posts talked about the emergence of a few natively cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that leverage salesforce.com ’s Force.com platform. But looks might be somewhat deceiving here—while the products might be brand new and hosted on the latest cloud architectures, their owners and founders have been around the ERP block a few times before. Take Rootstock Software ’s co-founders Patrick “Pat” Garrehy and Chuck Read More...
Inovis Delves into PIM by Snatching QRS Part One: Event Notes
The termination of QRS' merger with JDA Software opened a window of opportunity for business commerce automation provider Inovis to acquire QRS, indicating a

peregrine adventure tours  from a then cash-strapped Peregrine Systems to Golden Gate Capital , and it has initially contained global trading community management products from former Harbinger Corporation and Extricity . With more than twenty years of experience (beginning with the 1984 formation of former Harbinger) and over 17,000 customers, Inovis now provides a much broader line of global trading community B2B software and managed services for supplier and customer e-commerce connection and interaction. These solutions aim at Read More...
SCP and SCE Need to Collaborate for Better Fulfillment Part One: How SCP and SCE are Addressing WMS
Warehouse management and transportation management have emerged as two of a few rare remaining fertile areas where companies still have ample opportunity to

peregrine adventure tours  
Are You Ready for the Cloud?
In almost every organization’s internal meetings and corridors, there’s a lot of chattering about whether cloud computing is an option that can bring tangible

peregrine adventure tours  You Ready for the Cloud? In almost every organization’s internal meetings and corridors, there’s a lot of chattering about whether cloud computing is an option that can bring tangible benefits or not, and if it’s time for moving to the cloud. In this brief post, I will point out some issues why you should consider moving your business's IT resources to the cloud. Moving to the cloud can be a very challenging project. As well as the new technology implementations, there are some considerations you Read More...
Epicor Software Corp.: Completing Painstaking
Fiscal 2001 will prove to be very challenging for Epicor Software and we believe the next 18 months will be the company's make-or-break period. This part

peregrine adventure tours  potential alliance candidates are Peregrine , Elcom , Remedy , or Viador . Epicor's service & support revenue will contribute more than 70% of its total revenue within the next four fiscal years (60% probability), based on the Company's readiness to integrate its products with other 3rd party products and Internet exchanges. Within the same period of time, we believe the 'e from Epicor' product will contribute 70% of its license revenue (60% probability) assuming that it will approach marketing its Read More...
Intraware Acquires Janus for its Extranets
Janus Technologies gets out of the (IT glass) house, hangs out at the eStorefront, and finds a new soulmate. Best of all, the company has a good chance to have

peregrine adventure tours  of its traditional business. Peregrine Systems AssetCenter 3.5 is Janus' principal competitor. Peregrine already has a Commerce One alliance. Janus is still behind the curve here, and it's going to take at least six months before they digest this merger. User Recommendations Peregrine has traditionally been rated more highly than Janus/Argis. Janis is behind Peregrine, and it's going to be at least six months before the consolidation issues are resolved. If Intraware is able to integrate Argis smoothly wi Read More...
Evaluating the Total Cost of Network Ownership
The upfront expenses of a network comprise only 19% of the total cost. The remaining 81% can sneak up on bank management, often unaware of some subtle TCO

peregrine adventure tours  food cost software,remote it support,computer support,restaurant software,total cost of ownership analysis,food costing software,server tco,food cost analysis,total cost,tco tool,application hosting providers,infor software,glovia software,application hosting services,outsourced it Read More...
E-procurement: From Brilliant Innovation to Common Cliché
Electronic procurement has moved from a nice idea to a stampede in just a few years. Growing at Internet speed it spawns business models faster than the market

peregrine adventure tours  Trend Impact: Concur and Peregrine look like leaders in this space and will for six to nine months be the models that others will follow. But there is plenty of room for the general direction to be changed by an upstart. Lawson, for example, has tied a form of E-procurement to an E-commerce enabling suite. Suppose they were to beef up their E-procurement capabilities, and purchase a developing corporate portal company with some other functional offerings. The combination of corporate portal with Read More...

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