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Getting Back to Selling
Faced with longer sales cycles, declining sales productivity, and increasingly discerning customers, companies are being forced to streamline and automate how

personal selling strategies  and reconciling their own personal commission records. This shadow accounting detracted from core selling initiatives, as sales staff worked to ensure that they were being appropriately compensated. The company decided to implement an incentive compensation management system to manage the process more quickly and efficiently. Senior Director of Finance J. Florian Kluge spearheaded the initiative and has seen a dramatic improvement in accuracy rates, reporting speed, and time savings. The sales force Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » personal selling strategies

Compaq Buys a Chunk of Inacom - But Will It Help?
As rumored since last fall, Compaq Computer Corp. has announced its acquisition of Inacom Corp.'s distribution business for approximately $370 million in cash

personal selling strategies  manager of Compaq's Commercial Personal Computing Group. Market Impact Compaq is still trying to find its way to the Holy Grail of being just like Dell , i.e. streamlining the product delivery process to reduce costs, improve profits and improve predictability. However, this move is aimed more at the custom-configuration business than at the off-the-shelf market. Inacom should be viewed more as a VAR (Value-Added Reseller) coming under Compaq's aegis than as a means to increase manufacturing capacity. Read More...
A New Customer Relationship Management Framework: Twenty-first Century Necessity, or Blowin' in the Wind?
The business ecosystem has shifted focus from corporation to customer, and the location of value has changed with it. Where value had historically been located

personal selling strategies  market built around a personal desire of one sort or another. It's why you see a proliferation of successful mini-Starbucksian types of businesses. Some of the more colorful examples: There are dessert-only restaurants in New York (US) and Barcelona (Spain), among other places, that have high-end desserts only on the menus. There is a concept of fractional super car ownership that allows you, for some yearly sum at different levels, to use Porsches , or Bentleys , or Ferraris for weeks at a time, Read More...
Predictive Analytics; the Future of Business Intelligence
Business intelligence (BI) is evolving as it grows in popularity. Within BI, there is a shift from traditional analytics to predictive analytics, and predictive

personal selling strategies  predictors: frequency of use, personal financial situations, and lower annual percentage rate (APR) offered by competitors. The combination of these predictors creates a predictive model, which works to find patterns and associations. This predictive model can be applied to customers who are start using their cards less frequently. Predictive analytics would classify these less frequent users differently than the regular users. It would then find the pattern of card usage for this group and predict a Read More...
The Web-Enabled Sales Process
Traditional enterprise-level sales strategies are no longer sufficient in bringing new customer accounts. Today's self-directed buyers delay sales contact and

personal selling strategies  make the salesperson obsolete. Personal selling will always play a vital role in managing the overall enterprise relationship whether it is conducted via the mail, on the phone, in person or across the Internet. What I am suggesting is that sales department personnel should think twice before they dial the phone or pack their bags to visit a client, and instead should consider clicking a mouse to deliver more effective support to prospects evaluating solutions on-line. The prominence of the Internet has Read More...
Issues and Competitive Strategies For the Chemical Industry
Chemical manufacturers are faced with change at unprecedented levels. Some manufacturers are experiencing tremendous growth, while others are simply trying to

personal selling strategies  
Practical Strategies to Accelerate Business Applications Across the WAN
Today, more business than ever is done in branch offices or at remote sites, but very few IT resources are actually hosted there. To reduce costs, businesses

personal selling strategies  
Selling Smarter with CRM
CRM is no longer a fancy, expensive tool for large enterprises looking to make their telemarketing efforts more effective. Rather, it’s an essential element of

personal selling strategies  CRM, CRM software, CRM system, CRM application, customer relationship management, sales cycle, social CRM Read More...
Strategies for Simplifying the Migration to Encrypting Tape Drives
Is it possible to easily migrate from legacy tape devices to encrypting tape drives and still keep costs to a minimum? The answer is yes. With a comprehensive

personal selling strategies  
Global CXO Outlook: Growth Strategies for 2012 and Beyond
Over the past decade, the art of doing business has changed. Companies are re-shaping strategies to innovate and compete globally. “Growth Strategies for 2012

personal selling strategies  strategic innovation,innovation,innovation management,business innovation,sustainability,green IT,emerging markets,business growth,business strategy,CEO Read More...
Process Manufacturing Excellence: Strategies for the Plant Floor and Beyond
A decade ago, process manufacturing excellence was defined by long runs, high capacity utilization, and low production costs. Today, excellence is determined by

personal selling strategies  metrics,longevity,study,Ross,process,manufacturing
10 Strategies for Choosing a Mid-Market ERP Solution
Find out in 10 strategies for choosing a mid-market ERP solution.

personal selling strategies  10 strategies choosing mid market erp solution,strategies,choosing,mid,market,erp,solution,strategies choosing mid market erp solution,10 choosing mid market erp solution,10 strategies mid market erp solution,10 strategies choosing market erp solution. Read More...
GRC Strategies: Finding the Right Balance of Business and IT
Increased regulatory requirements, the need for transparency, and the desire to better manage and mitigate risks together make governance, risk, and compliance

personal selling strategies  governance risk and compliance,grc,it security,segregation of duties,access control,internet access control,access control security systems,door access control,security access control systems,access control systems,network access control,access control system,access control software,door access control system,hid access control Read More...
Strategies for Profitable Growth with IT Services
Service excellence alone is not enough to ensure future growth and profitability in today’s challenging market. Streamlining IT processes is essential to your

personal selling strategies  
Do More with Less: 5 Strategies Used by Successful SMB Manufacturers
A common issue facing small to medium business (SMB) manufacturers today is finding out how to increase revenue and grow business without significantly adding

personal selling strategies  

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