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Even If We Knew Who You Are, We Probably Wouldn’t Tell
Companies specializing in personalization of consumer relationships have formed a consortium and conducted their first research study. The conclusion is that

personalization consortium  survey on privacy and personalization the consortium surveyed 4,500 Web users. Some of the characteristics of the sampled population are: 97% spend at last two hours a week surfing; 63% spend at least eight hours 85% have made recent purchases online; 49% have spent at least $100 94% are registered with at least one website 97% have provided personal information to at least one website 77% know what a cookie is; of these 62% generally accept cookies, 53% purge their cookie files periodically and only 43% Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » personalization consortium

Remedy Corporation: Poised for a Comeback?
Once the toast of Wall Street, Remedy has redefined its business. With products in CRM, service management and e-procurement (and others), and propelled by

personalization consortium  conventions. Membership in the Personalization Consortium would be a good step. Also, while Remedy does have its share of dot-com customers, they are not primarily technology drivers. The current customers will help Remedy stay abreast of emerging business requirements, but the company should also court some companies using bleeding edge technologies. These companies are going to remain the drivers of technologies in many of Remedy's areas, because they have the clearest vision of what can be done on the Read More
Understanding SOA, Web Services, BPM, and BPEL Part Two: BPEL and User Recommendations
In a somewhat simplified language, while Web services allow applications to easily exchange and reuse information, it is only when they are orchestrated

personalization consortium  the entire stack (portal, personalization, directory, etc.). The niche specialist Web services and BPM vendors should be considered, although within a tactical mindset and with a reasonably quick and justifiable feedback. In general, the market should stay very close to the commonly accepted standards, and beware of any vendor that is inclined to create much dependence on its proprietary technology, as it leads to unjustifiable price increases, and a declining openness in the future. Read More
Liberty Alliance vs. WS-I; J2EE vs. .NET; Overwhelmed .YET? Part 2: Comparison, Challenges, & Recommendations
The battle for the dominance in Web services has so far largely been a war of words without the clear winner yet (and not any time soon). While interoperability

personalization consortium  the entire stack (portal, personalization, directory, etc.). As for Microsoft followers, they should be pleased with Microsoft's partial execution of its Web Services strategy by delivering a production-ready .NET. Microsoft remains a good choice for Windows environments with an abundance of PC desktop-oriented activities, and that are involved in next-generation platform (e.g., .NET and Web Services) development/deployment. Microsoft might not be such good a choice for complex organizations that need Read More
ProcessPro ERP Is Now TEC Certified
ProcessPro, an ERP software vendor from Minnesota, United States, recently presented a live demo session of its software ProcessPro ERP to TEC analysts. Here’s

personalization consortium  linking, and flexible desktop personalization. In the upcoming weeks, I'll prepare the full TEC Certification Report on ProcessPro ERP, with detailed information on the product's background, highlights, features and functions, and competitive strengths and weaknesses. Look for the report at: http://www.technologyevaluation.com/research/certification-reports/archives/2012.html Read More
PhoneFish.com to Offer E-mail for Wireless Access Phones
PhoneFish is a two-way wireless Internet solution for small to medium sized businesses, which require consistent wireless access to POP-based email.

personalization consortium  acquired NetMind, who provides personalization service software. The combination of management, synchronization, point-to-point e-mail, and data access will be the key to any wireless players success. User Recommendations PhoneFish is suitable for smaller organizations and lacks many features, which are available through services such as AT&T's pocket net service. PhoneFish.com's price point will be less than larger, established providers, which will appeal to the bottom line of start up companies and Read More
How Has MAPICS Been Extending?
MAPICS, one of the leading mid-market ERP vendors, has significantly expanded its product offering during 2000. On June 15, MAPICS announced the release of XA 6

personalization consortium  value chains. Point.Man's extensive personalization capabilities also allow manufacturers to provide easy-to-use, browser-based access to information views and transactions customized to fit the needs of individual partners, customers or employees. The Point.Man Extended Enterprise Edition goes beyond simple Web-enablement; it addresses the collaboration, transaction, data integrity and real-time information needs of current e-business and e-service models. MAPICS' Point.Man product improves on typical Read More
Microsoft Sets Date for Windows 8.1 Availability
Microsoft has formally announced that Windows 8.1 will be available on June 26. The announcement coincides with a number of other updates given by Microsoft

personalization consortium  the Start screen; and personalization features like setting the desktop wallpaper, which was somehow completely missed in Windows 8. The All Apps screen can now be quickly accessed with a swipe and sorted by name, date installed, most used, or category. Of course, a number of additional improvements were also previewed in the first public demo of Windows 8.1 at Computex. To see a preview of all the Windows 8.1 updates, take a look at this  Windows blog post . I admit that these changes might not seem Read More
Getting Strangers to Take Your Candy
Angara uses millions of anonymous user profiles to help websites convert first time visitors to first-time customers.

personalization consortium  is basically alone among personalization vendors in its approach. Angara has a strategic partnership with McKinsey & Co. that will bring the company access to terabytes of segmentation models from McKinsey's clicks-and-mortar customers as well as serving as a powerful sales channel. Angara should be looking to partner in some creative way with Engage due to the similarity of approach, since Engage is the one company best positioned to become a competitor, although DoubleClick might like to grab onto this Read More
MicroStrategy 7 Hits the Street
MicroStrategy® Incorporated, has announced the general availability of MicroStrategy 7™, a completely re-architected version of the company’s core intelligence

personalization consortium  which allows permissioning and personalization over the web, wireless, and voice communications. It also supports publish and subscribe models for delivery of information (this model allows users to tell the product what information they wish to receive). MicroStrategy told TEC that the product has been in development for four years, even though MicroStrategy 6 has been in general availability for less than one year. This indicates that the vendor felt a complete rewrite was necessary in order to Read More
Training for the Many… Learning for the One: How Successful Organizations Recognize the Difference and Use Technology to Deliver Both
Winston Churchill once said, “Personally, I’m always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught.” Formal training and informal learning can be

personalization consortium  and for individuals. Include personalization in the mix and you have a recipe for almost certain success. It sounds straightforward, but is the implementation of such programs as simple as it seems? Read More
Hannon Hill Cascade Server for Content Management
Hannon Hill has grown its content management application over the years so that today’s solution targets midsized organizations with a depth of functionality at

personalization consortium  like. Functionality such as personalization management for visitors to a Web site is not a main focus for this product, as Hannon Hill integrates with other applications for that type of functionality. The soon-to-be released version of Cascade Server improves its focus on content portability. Organizations that need to make use of multiple instances of Cascade Server can easily provision out new sites based on the existing site. One of the other newer developments (as of roughly a half year) that Hannon Read More
Vignette of an EAI Vendor (So to Speak)
Vignette Corporation has announced a comprehensive, three-tiered Java™ technology strategy that encompasses tools, applications and a complete Java technology

personalization consortium  services like content management, personalization and multi-channel communication, demonstrates its commitment to extensible, standards-based computing . The Vignette V/5 e-business platform will support XML, Java, Java 2, and COM. Market Impact Vignette recently acquired EAI vendor OnDisplay, a vendor of XML-based business-to-business infrastructure products, which had previously acquired Oberon Software, a vendor in e-business enablement . The EAI vendor community is indeed shrinking fast. Vignette Read More
Evaluating SaaS Solutions: A Checklist for Small and Midsized Enterprises
This paper from Saugatuck Technology discusses relevant criteria for evaluating SaaS solutions targeting small and midsize firms, and raises key questions that

personalization consortium  solution permit customization and personalization that your business requires? Will you be able to integrate the SaaS solution with the other vendor software you use? Does the workflow match your internal business process, or can you modify and extend it so that it does? Will you have access to the data and suitable tools for analysis? Can you use your own tools? Does the SaaS provider respond well to support requests or to requests for enhancements? Is there an open and active community of users so that Read More
The Consumer-Retailer Power Shift: Capitalize on Change and Overcome 7 Challenges to Delight the New Consumer
The new consumer wants engagement. Shopping now involves concepts like transparency, co-creation, sharing, personalization, authenticity, voice, and the

personalization consortium  like transparency, co-creation, sharing, personalization, authenticity, voice, and the expectation of delight. The retail industry winners will not only recognize the shifts afoot, but also proactively work to capitalize on these changes. This white paper identifies seven key consumer touch point challenges facing retail today and discusses the steps necessary to manage and overcome them. Read More

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