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Software Functionality Revealed in Detail

We’ve opened the hood on every major category of enterprise software. Learn about thousands of features and functions, and how enterprise software really works.

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10 Key Steps to Effective HR Succession Planning

Two forces are driving organizations to consider succession planning as a component of overall strategy: the aging workforce and a shortfall in labor skills. Both factors will only become more pressing as time goes on. That’s why succession planning requires a long-term strategic commitment rather than a short-term (and sometimes panic-driven) effort to fill vacancies as they occur.

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Smartree Talent Management Suite

Smartree Talent Management Suite manage complex and resource-consuming processes like personnel administration, time registration, organisational charting, performance evaluation, training administration, recruitment and others, transforming them into effective and enjoyable activities, for which the administrative and bureaucratic aspects are fully carried out by computers, in a timely and accurate manner.

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Dassault’s Consumer Experience Management, Virtually Yours

Product lifecycle management (PLM) for retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) is usually seen as a lighter version of more complex systems used by manufacturing companies to design sophisticated industrial products. Dassault Systèmes is one of the few vendors to offer PLM solutions that specifically address customer experience in retail. In this article, TEC analyst Gabriel Gheorghiu shows you how retailers can use the Dassault Systèmes solution for customer experience.

placement ressources humaines  product and packaging configurations, placement, and positioning, and to generate instructions and best practices for in-store deployment. The 3DVIA Store product portfolio consists of three solutions: 3DVIA Store Studio lets users convert 2D pictures into 3D products, configure some of the attributes of the products (shape, dimension, color, etc.) and their packaging (height, depth, width), and place them on the shelves for a more realistic simulation. At the end of the process, users can generate Read More

“Skunkworks” for Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

Search engine marketing (SEM)? We’re talking about tactics for Web site promotion—increasing both a site’s visibility to Google (and other search engines) and the site’s prominence in search engine results. We’re talking about pulling visitors through search engine optimization (SEO) and improved organic listing and using paid placement to push visitors to a site. Learn more about how to develop an effective SEM process.

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Rapid Prototyping Or Simply Over-hyping

Having to install an entire suite of software before the strike of Y2K may have made rapid prototyping impractical. However, because we now have the luxury of taking on projects with narrower scopes and a return to popularity of the 'best of breed' solutions, rapid prototyping should be considered as a viable approach for implementation. Accordingly, it is important to understand what can make rapid prototype projects successful, thereby possibly enabling your organization to achieve expected results more quickly.

placement ressources humaines  rugs, lighting fixtures, or placement of the electrical outlets. Nailing down the specifics of the placement of fields on an order entry screen can be appropriately done in prototyping. Knowing which fields are required should be determined beforehand. Finally, users must be confident that their vision of the application will be realized even if they accept an interim process. For example, they can go live on an order entry system with single tier pricing, knowing that promotional pricing will be Read More

WebSalesForce System Pays Big Dividends for US Manufacturer

MIFAB, an Illinois (US)-based manufacturer, is an innovator in the design and production of custom plumbing solutions. However, it was finding its existing order placement system inefficient and frustrating, and sought an automated solution to streamline the process. Find out how MIFAB implemented a Web-based ordering system that allowed its sales reps to manage their own customer accounts—and focus on generating sales.

placement ressources humaines  finding its existing order placement system inefficient and frustrating, and sought an automated solution to streamline the process. Find out how MIFAB implemented a Web-based ordering system that allowed its sales reps to manage their own customer accounts—and focus on generating sales. Read More

Inventory Management Technology Strategies for Distribution

Inventory has been—and continues to be—the lifeblood of the distribution marketplace. While many companies are slow to adopt new strategies and technologies, a growing number of distributors are leveraging inventory practices to improve key metrics like customer retention, gross margins, and inventory turns. Read these research survey findings to find out how you can make better inventory management technology decisions.

placement ressources humaines  network design: Rethinking inventory placement (67% of distribution companies) Evaluating the impact of network changes on customer service levels (60% of distribution companies) Undertaking warehouse consolidation projects (60% of distribution companies)   Inventory Policy Revision/Review Frequencies Another drain on financial performance is that companies’ inventory strategies rarely keep up to date with real-life conditions. Nearly 81% of companies say they update their inventory strategies on a Read More

Ten Key Legal Concerns in E-Commerce Ventures and Contracts

IT managers must understand the legal issues – at least well enough to know when there is an issue. E-commerce is so new that lawyers (and the law) are having a tough time keeping up with it, but that doesn’t get the manager off the hook if something that should have been thought about slips through the cracks. Here are a few simple points to keep in mind as you work on any e-commerce project.

placement ressources humaines  your site to enhance placement in search engines, tax treatment of bartering and other types of auction transactions, and a variety of other issues. Jurisdiction over e-commerce sites continues to remain unclear and issues are likely to arise over where and how disputes will be resolved. E-commerce pushes the envelope when it comes to the application of existing law. Eventually, the law will begin to catch up, but until then the rule of the contract will likely be the primary authority in most e-commerce Read More

RFID Implementation: Moving Forward through the Four Phases

Implementation of a radio frequency identification system is best approached in four phases to ensure its success. Discussed here are the second and third phases, which deal with testing and validation, and the importance of setting up a pilot implementation.

placement ressources humaines  should include the correct placement of the tag on the item, a reader response, collection of the data to the RFID system, and validation of that data. The organization should validate the exchanged data that is to be passed to other systems through integration, the receipt of the data to the auxiliary system, and exchange with the trading partners. Step 3. Workflows Complete workflows of entire business processes should be documented so that there is a road map to plan the installation. If these Read More

Supply Chain Management: Morphing the Functional Scope of Service Parts

The quintessential business challenge is to minimize downtime on assets while minimizing the cost of spare and replacement parts inventory. To meet these challenges, heavy investments have been made in extensive spare ad replacement parts networks.

placement ressources humaines  to maintain the optimal placement of resources, including parts, tools, and service technicians, across service regions to meet service level agreement (SLA) commitments at the lowest possible cost. These spare parts planning systems provide the means to define and implement a spare parts inventory strategy that meets enterprise objectives. In other words, they tend to help enterprises understand the relationship between a customer service target level and the value of the inventory required to support Read More

Forget about Government, Amazon Wants to Drone You!

Jeff Bezos’ passion lies in ever-improving customer experience via ever-faster deliveries. Witness Amazon’s experiment to fulfill small orders (five pounds or lighter) using a fleet of autonomous aircrafts.

placement ressources humaines  which algorithms determine the placement of products to optimize the use of the vast (and likely not cheap) physical space. This is only one of the competitive edges that the retailer has over its competition. The 2012 acquisition of Kiva Systems showed Amazon’s interest in using robotics to further improve fulfillment times and efficiency.   But in an example of what might be truth stranger than fiction, many CBS viewers sat awestruck as they learned about Amazon’s experiment to fulfill small Read More

The Essential Components of Quote-to-order Application Suites

Modern quote-to-order suites provide customers and suppliers access to design, planning, and material data. This enables users to proactively understand various aspects of a project, as well as reduce planning time, document activities, and promote communication throughout the engagement cycle.

placement ressources humaines  internal systems, central order placement with distributed fulfillment, shared commerce and partner storefronts, private marketplaces, and more. Some enterprise vendors have attempted to provide such functionality by layering a business process management (BPM) tool (please see The Future of Business Process Management: Where is BPM Heading? ) on top of existing applications. Yet some DOM specialists, like Yantra (please see Yantra—Leader in Distributed Order Management, but Wait, There''s More ) and Read More

How 3Com, Became 1Com

3Com is getting out of it’s no-growth modem and high-end networking businesses. It’s already spun off the high-growth Palm unit. What will be left?

placement ressources humaines  look for some preferred placement on collaborative direct sales PC sites, such as Dell. (At press time, Dell was featuring networking products from Intel, Proxim, D-Link, and Netgear. Where was 3Com?) Who wins? In a word, Cisco. 3Com is ceding the high-end networking business and shedding businesses (Palm, U.S. Robotics) that hold little appeal to Cisco Systems. We continue to project a 40% likelihood that 3Com and Cisco consummate some sort of joint venture or other collaboration. The upside is also Read More

The Next Phase of Supplier Performance Management in the Retail Industry

Supplier performance management in the mass merchandising market is undergoing a renaissance of sorts. Increasingly, retailers are deploying vendor scorecards as a means of better aligning their supplier network with their corporate direction. Suppliers need to consider the implications and begin preparing for this or face considerable risk.

placement ressources humaines  ASN, type of hanger, placement of labels, what box should be used and EDI formats). These policies have forced vendors to make investments to make them better, more efficient supply chain partners. Supplier guides and compliance policies are now widely used by soft goods and home goods retailers. Their success at large retailers lead to adoption across the industry, with discounters and small regional chains being the most recent adopters. For suppliers, the introduction of compliance policies proved to Read More

Robert Morris University Subscribes to UNIT4 Agresso Cloud ERP

Robert Morris University (RMU) recently selected the Agresso ERP system by UNIT4. The $1.5 million software–as-a-service (SaaS) agreement includes access to a cloud solution suite including financial management and budgeting, human resources (HR) and payroll, procurement, project costing and billing, process automation, and comprehensive reporting.

placement ressources humaines  a 93 percent undergraduate placement rate, RMU has seen record enrollment and fundraising growth, added new degree programs and facilities, and increased academic rigor; and it now draws students from across the US and around the globe.   As an institution that is constantly changing and building for the future, RMU recognized that its existing Oracle E-Business Suite (Oracle EBS) solution was broad but cumbersome and costly when changes needed to be made. The university’s new strategic plan requires Read More