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Documents related to » planning and controlling the supply chain

Delivering Supply Chain Excellence
Delivering Supply Chain Excellence. Papers and Other Software Package to Use In Your Complex System and for Delivering Supply Chain Excellence. Gaps between enterprise resource planning (ERP) functionality and best-of-breed applications are diminishing rapidly. Deciding between the two may thus come down to overall IT strategy. If it is already segmented, it makes sense to add best-of-breed applications for specific operational areas. However, if a more rationalized common operating platform is the strategy, there are compelling arguments for supply chain ERP.

PLANNING AND CONTROLLING THE SUPPLY CHAIN: one that needs careful planning and the right software. Companies need to decide on the right approach to adopt, focusing on the business drivers it wants to achieve in each country and on a global basis. They must create a master environment which can be rolled out across different territories that is flexible enough to meet the specific requirements and standards of each country. They must understand the different operational needs of individual businesses and be able to manipulate he system to meet
12/1/2006 1:04:00 PM

Rethinking the Supply Chain: Meeting the Complexity Challenge
Rethinking the Supply Chain: Meeting the Complexity Challenge.Solutions and Other Documents to Characterize Your Buy, In Relation To Rethinking the Supply Chain. The requirements of operating in a global, just-in-time (JIT) market have made supply chains much more complex than they were 10 years ago. Much of the software meant to assist in managing this complexity has itself become too complex to use—and too expensive to cost-justify. Discover the benefits of using a less complex supply chain solution that better supports a collaborative effort along your supply chain.

PLANNING AND CONTROLLING THE SUPPLY CHAIN: demand planning, improved inventory planning and, ultimately, increased efficiency and profits. Source : Demand Solutions Resources Related to Rethinking the Supply Chain: Meeting the Complexity Challenge : Supply Chain (Wikipedia) Rethinking the Supply Chain: Meeting the Complexity Challenge Supply Chains is also known as : Supply Chain Analysis , Supply Chain Automation , Supply Chain Benchmarking , Supply Chain Best Practices , Supply Chain Certification , Supply Chain Collaboration , Supply Chain Com
8/14/2009 10:22:00 AM

Supply Chain in 2013 » The TEC Blog
, sales and operations planning , supply chain management , supply chain strategy , Supply Chain visibility , supply shain analytics Comments Leveraging Supply Chain Analytics: Can Your Solution Keep Up with Data Growth? - MSDynamicsWorld.com GP News - Microsoft Dynamics GP - Microsoft Dynamics Community on 7 March, 2013 at 8:58 pm # […] his Supply Chain in 2013 blog post, Bob Eastman, a senior analyst in supply chain for Technology Evaluation Centers made […] * Name: * E-mail (private) : Web site: XH

PLANNING AND CONTROLLING THE SUPPLY CHAIN: global supply chain complexity, global trade management, s&op, sales and operations planning, supply chain management, supply chain strategy, Supply Chain visibility, supply shain analytics, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Optimize Internal Supply Chain
Optimize Internal Supply Chain. Reports and Other Software Program to Use In Your System to Optimize your Internal Supply Chain. The new reality for manufacturing CIOs is that budgets are far less than what they used to be and the ability to provide business intelligence to front line users in a simple and workable format is a new measure of information technology (IT) performance.

PLANNING AND CONTROLLING THE SUPPLY CHAIN: recognized the importance of planning and controlling production and distribution activities. Yet many of these companies are still relying on technologies and processes developed over thirty years ago. These outdated systems have number of flaws, often leading to the development of unrealistic plans that have no connection with the costs and constraints of the organization’s internal supply chain. Poor planning capabilities also leave the companies inflexible and unable to make quick supply chain
4/29/2005 9:33:00 AM

SCT Fygir To Lubricate Valvoline’s Supply Chain
On the heels of its win at Equilon, SCT Corporation recently secured another high-profile contract in the petroleum products sector with Valvoline, the $1.1 billion lube oil division of Ashland Inc.

PLANNING AND CONTROLLING THE SUPPLY CHAIN: for SCT s integrated enterprise planning and execution suite, iProcess.sct. iProcess.sct binds together SCT s Adage Supply Chain Execution software, advanced planning features from Fygir, and ecFoods Internet Trading Exchange. The combination neatly unites ERP, Supply Chain Management (SCM), and e-procurement. The Fygir suite itself consists of modules for advanced planning, advanced scheduling, and demand planning. The Fygir products enable users to improve their supply chain management performance and

E2open Buys icon-scm, Makes Waves in Supply Chain Space » The TEC Blog
to create a collaborative planning and execution software stalwart, enabling brand owners and their trading partners to work together to improve their supply chain performance by continuously solving real problems with better information. The transaction, valued at approximately $34 million in total (more than three times icon-scm’s revenues), represents an important component of E2open’s mission to redefine traditional supply chain management (SCM) with strategic, cloud-based solutions designed to

PLANNING AND CONTROLLING THE SUPPLY CHAIN: E2open, E2open Business Network, icon scm, industry watch, kinaxis, rapid response, SAP, SCM, supply chain, supply chain management, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Supply Chain Economy
The US Labor Department reported an increase in jobs in June and July ... but the manufacturing industry cut jobs for a third month in a row. We are moving from a manufacturing economy to a supply chain economy. This article gives the big picture.

PLANNING AND CONTROLLING THE SUPPLY CHAIN: Supply Chain Economy Supply Chain Economy Ann Grackin - September 6, 2005 Read Comments Introduction Energy prices ... the Fed raising interest rates ... loss of manufacturing jobs ... addition of service jobs ... China ... changing demographics, etc.—these all play into the supply chain economic model. We decided to have speakers at our annual event that could discuss these issues and put them in context. But last week the Bureau of Labor Statistics published their August numbers and we thought we

Great Plains Supply Chain Series To Be Powered By Logility
Great Plains Software will supplement its ERP suite by incorporating Logility Voyager applications in an OEM deal.

PLANNING AND CONTROLLING THE SUPPLY CHAIN: future, including Logility s collaborative planning products, Voyager XPS and Voyager XES. The deal brings together two companies with complementary strengths and only a small potential for conflict. Market Impact Great Plains has made a prudent decision in partnering with Logility. Logility offers a broad range of applications in all the important areas of supply chain management as well as state-of-the-art B2B collaborative planning solutions that allow multi-channel supplier/customer relationships to

ToolsGroup—Statistics-based Supply Chain Planning » The TEC Blog
focus on supply chain planning for companies and industries with, usually, one of the following challenges: A complex mix of fast and slow demand. Aftermarket parts, service parts. Consumer goods, where replenishment at a much more granular level means that demand variability is magnified. Consumer electronics firms, where relatively short product life cycles, and new product launch focus, and life cycle management influence the demand cycles. Slow, erratic, or intermittent demand. Large product mixes

PLANNING AND CONTROLLING THE SUPPLY CHAIN: demand forecasting, demand planning, forecasting, intermittent demand, Machine learning engine, supply chain planning, toolsgroup, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Supply Chain Shorts for the Week of February 25, 2013 » The TEC Blog
of Waterloo’s supply chain planning and scheduling TACTIC solution  at PolyPeptide’s main facility in Torrance, CA, to a total of four worldwide manufacturing sites. You will find this Plex partner as a sponsor at Plex’s upcoming PowerPlex event in June (as good a reason as any to visit Columbus, OH). We had an invitation to speak this week with inventory management vendor, Fishbowl Inventory . After hearing about this SMB vendor for some time, we thought it was time to find what this 10-year old

PLANNING AND CONTROLLING THE SUPPLY CHAIN: Apriso, Apriso FlexNet, Epic Data, Fishbowl Inventory, gt nexus, Inventory management, MES, Plex partner, quickbooks customer base, SAP, sap tm, SAP transportation management, SCM for SMB, supply chain planning and scheduling, supply chain shorts, TECSYS, TradeCard, Waterloo Software, WMS, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Supply Chain Portfolio 2004
Here we are in the New Year. So, what should the going forward picture be of the Supply Chain portfolio? Something old, something new, something from a service provider, something blue. OK, enough of that.

PLANNING AND CONTROLLING THE SUPPLY CHAIN: So as far as planning and optimization goes, these solutions will not become obsolete. But by their very nature they rely on the past to function. Historical data drives their models. However, these systems will be enhanced by significantly improved and more timely, accurate information, provided by systems that deliver the NOW. Big Trends for business going forward are about pure visualization of the customer, and finding ways to integrate the supply chain elements that fulfill that demand. If you think

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