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Bus-Tech Speeds up Mainframe DB2 Access
Bus-Tech has announced the EnterpriseExpress Adapter for DB2 Access. The product is a PCI-compliant ESCON adapter using IBM's Multipath Channel+ (MPC+) protocol

port db2  Tech Speeds up Mainframe DB2 Access Event Summary Burlington, MA, December 10, 1999 - Bus-Tech, a leading supplier of data center connectivity solutions, announces the EnterpriseExpress Adapter for DB2 Access. The product is a PCI-compliant ESCON adapter using IBM's Multipath Channel+ (MPC+) protocol to provide the highest possible throughput between Windows NT applications and DB2 Universal Database for OS/390 using IBM's DB2 Connect. Glossary: SNA: Systems Network Architecture. IBM's mainframe Read More...
Software Test Tools
Tools exist to support software testing at all stages of a project. Some vendors offer an integrated suite that will support testing and development throughout a project's life, from gatheri...
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Documents related to » port db2

9 Critical Characteristics to Demand from Your Timesheet Vendor
If you’ve outgrown your paper-based timesheet system, or if you have multiple time collection systems, it gets hard to understand project costs, figure out what

port db2  technology is easy to port to new operating systems. Journyx Timesheet runs on DB2, Oracle, Postgresql, and Microsoft SQL Server. Ports to new database servers are not difficult for us. With Journyx you don’t have to feel trapped by database or OS vendors. #8 – Ensuring The System Is Flexible Enough To Be Used By All Your Employees Most timesheet programs offer a single environment for time tracking that includes a few minor options for customizing an employee’s timesheet layout and process. Read More...
SAP HANA: A Fast Developing “Toddler” - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series analyzed a snapshot of the SAP HANA offerings’ achievements at the time of the product’s first anniversary in June 2012. SAP is now a

port db2  reseller (VAR) ecosystem to port their apps onto HANA (it costs to have experts in Oracle, HANA, etc.)? SAP : There is so much demand we have not worried yet about motivation -- the speed and flexibility afford smaller solutions and niche developers to reduce infrastructure (not increase) to support their customers. The ease of modeling within HANA is allowing hardware partners to expand their SI practices related to HANA. HANA is a bridge for many tertiary SI/ISV companies to engage their customers at Read More...
Infor ION-izes its Open SOA Strategy - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series started by analyzing a certain change of the guard and a related product strategy shift at Infor. Two late June 2010 news

port db2  the feature gaps or port to Silverlight? On the other hand, Infor Demand Planning (former Mercia ) only runs on Oracle and is about 80 percent based on  stored procedures  (i.e., locked in Oracle’s  data dictionary ). If one tried to create a matrix of possible old to new technologies migrations, this could be a scary list. I frankly saw Infor’s statement about being “uniquely aligned with Microsoft across target markets, customers, technologies, applications, and channels” as a stretch. Read More...
Retail Today: Understand. Anticipate. Inspire.
Today more than ever, retailers are faced with the challenges of selling locally while competing globally. To be successful, they must provide a shopping

port db2  the factory to the port of lading, to the vessel, to the port of unlading, to the consolidator, to the warehouse, to the store, and, ultimately, to the customer. Each point along the retail supply chain must work perfectly in order for the product to be on the shelf when the customer is ready to buy. Each point and each process must be visible in real time. As every retailer knows, that is not a simple task since many smaller processes and decisions take place within the larger event. During the Read More...
IBM and SynQuest Sign AS/400 Pact
New Orleans, APICS, 1999- SynQuest and IBM today announced an advanced planning and scheduling e-business software solution for IBM AS/400e servers. The

port db2  IBM is co-funding the port and has deployed development resources from Rochester, New York to the project. Market Impact SynQuest is the most recent addition to IBM's growing cadre of niche supply chain management partners. A similar deal was signed between IBM and i2 in June 1998 that involved porting of i2's natively Unix Rhythm applications to selected IBM platforms. The collaboration is part of a growing trend among hardware vendors to expand their indirect sales channel by establishing competencies Read More...
AccountMate Software An International Product No One Knew About Part Two: Applications, Competitive Analysis, and User Recommendations
AccountMate Software has been a player in the middle market for over twenty years. In the past several years it has been acquired by several global companies

port db2  Prism Visual Software , Port Washington, NY, http://www.prismvs.com/ , (516) 944-5920. Mobile/Field Sales: AKA Computer Consulting , Staten Island, NY, http://www.akaconsulting.com/ (718) 351-5200. Mobile/Field Sales: Beltek , Canada, http://www.beltek.com/ , (506) 857-4196 Point of Sale: Prism Visual Software, Port Washington, NY, http://www.prismvs.com/ , (516) 944-5920. Point of Sale: Analysis & Information Services, Inc., Timonium, MD, http://www.ais-web.com/ , (866) 247-4621. Project Management, Read More...
Sagent Technology Reports Strong Growth
Business Wire - October 21, 1999 - Sagent Technology, Inc., (NASDAQ: SGNT) announced its financial results for the third quarter ended September 30, 1999

port db2  for Sun Solaris, another port of their Extract/Transform/Load tool. Market Impact Sagent refers to themselves as a leading solution provider of e-business analytic applications . In addition to their ETL (Extract/Transform/Load) tool, they are making in-roads with e-commerce. As stated by their president, Customers are choosing Sagent because we are the only company in the market today offering a complete, tightly integrated, scalable E-Business Intelligence Solution from a single vendor . Judging from Read More...
Business Intelligence and Database Management Services
Lister's BI team helps organizations to structure their data and extract actionable information from it. The team is comprised of experts who perform end-to

port db2  by several years of reporting experience, the team has built up expertise in industry tools like Business Objects, Oracle Business Intelligence, Crystal Reports, and SQL Server Reporting Services. It has also worked with open-source BI solutions like JasperReports, and aims to fulfill the exacting requirements of any organization that approaches it with a BI project. Lister offers end-to-end BI solutions that can bring a good return on investment (ROI). Among the BI services Lister offers are remote Read More...
Case Study: NumeriX
Since 1996, NumeriX had been using in-house-developed licensing tools to manage and protect its applications. In 2006, it outsourced licensing to a third-party

port db2  which allows ISVs to port the Orion C/C++ client library to any platform that is not currently supported by Agilis. With Agilis's technical assistance, NumeriX readily ported the Orion C/C++ client library to a number of non-standard platforms and IDE's, such as IBM's AIX and VisualAge. In order to provide node locking capabilities that were both flexible and strong, NumeriX utilized the Orion client library's Fuzzy Fingerprinting capabilities in lenient mode. Their application is locked to a number of Read More...
GMAC Web-Enables Legacy Data With NEON Systems Shadow Direct
GMAC is pushing for enterprise-wide web enablement of existing IT assets to support customer self-service platforms. NEON Systems’ Shadow Direct product gives

port db2  less dependency on customer support representatives, are tremendous on both sides of the counter, said Nelson, who anticipates increased sales and reduced costs. Nelson explained the process that led to his company's selection of Shadow Direct. We came to the table with an interesting set of challenges, he recalled. We had been using ADABAS for many years, and wanted to access our legacy data and leverage it for new Web applications which we were writing in Java. We also wanted to access DB2 data, Read More...
SAS/Warehouse 2.0 Goes Live
SAS Institute has announced the production availability of SAS/Warehouse Administrator software, Version 2.0. This new version provides IT the ability to

port db2  data warehousing and decision support, has announced the production availability of SAS/Warehouse Administrator software, Version 2.0. Demonstrated at the Data Warehousing Institute conference in Anaheim, Calif., this new version provides IT the ability to proactively publish data warehouse information and track its usage, plus aggressively manage the process of change in the data warehouse. Data warehouses and data marts have become a vital component of all successful data mining, knowledge Read More...
Enterprise Applications Battlefield Mid-Year Scoreboard Part 3: IBM
IBM still needs to convince users that it is nimble enough to handle the smaller projects prevalent in today’s cost-conscious market, which may be a concern

port db2  - to create further opportunities in services and software Cross-platform software (with continued investments in Lotus Notes collaborative groupware and Tivoli enterprise management systems, and while maintaining heavy emphasis on middleware (WebSphere) and database (DB2) platforms) Technologies, to become the major component supplier (in an OEM fashion) to the IT industry The PwC Consulting acquisition, while it will hardly help IBM with regard to profitability improvement in the short term, will Read More...
Server Platform Situational Analysis: IBM AS/400
Customers value IBM's AS/400's reliability, stability, and security. However, despite its impressive performance and use of independent software vendors to

port db2  graphical user interface (GUI), portability, Internet-enablement, and poor integrated with other software products (especially non-iSeries based products), its use has significantly declined lately, and users have shifted towards more user-friendly Microsoft Windows and Intel microprocessor (so called Wintel ) based systems. While most of these issues have been addressed, the reasons for the AS/400's having these shortcomings in the first place unfortunately stem from its ancient (in computer years) Read More...
Wintel Tries to “Embrace and Extend” the English Language
Intel and Microsoft are getting into the server appliance game, only this appliance is really a small server. But if they want to misuse the term, who are we

port db2  and do not offer support for a broadband connection, which could be important for a small office of as many as 25 people sharing Internet access. Microsoft touts its WEN operating system as supporting a broadband Internet connection, but Intel representatives say WEN doesn't support the extra NIC card that would allow that kind of connection. Within the next few months, both companies will offer hardware and software upgrades to enable broadband on the appliances, according to an Intel spokesperson. The Read More...

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