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How to Evaluate Web-based BI Solutions
Web-based business intelligence (BI) is no longer an anomaly: organizations are ready for BI solutions that go beyond Web portals. However, when selecting Web

pre built chart and graph objects can be customized  reports in real time Preset report templates Reporting templates that are built into the software to provide users with pre-canned reports Report wizards to guide users through analytical and reporting tasks Wizards allow users to develop reports through a step-by-step function Wizard functionality to create simple or compound metrics Metric creation allows users to tie their analyses to performance indicators based on operational data and organizational goals Ability to drill down on or to hide detailed Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » pre built chart and graph objects can be customized

Creating Competitive Advantage in Growing and Mid-sized Businesses with Business Intelligence
Business intelligence (BI) is not only an imperative for big companies. Growing and midsized organizations also require visibility into all aspects of the

pre built chart and graph objects can be customized  about Excel? Is a spreadsheet business intelligence? And are all numbers “analytics”? First, all numbers are not analytics nor do they necessarily lead to any kind of “intelligence.” There are some clear definitional criteria that we can use to ensure we are really talking about BI. Business intelligence is synthesized information that allows you to make an executive decision. It is not a list or just a single report of figures. Raw data is not necessarily business intelligence. Data has to be com Read More
Concur Aims To Be Single Point Of (Purchasing) Access
Concur began as a vendor of shrink-wrapped travel and expense tracking software, but is now making a play to be a major provider of self-service Internet

pre built chart and graph objects can be customized  a simultaneous release of preliminary fourth-quarter financial results significantly below analyst expectations - the difference was approximately $3 million out of an expected $12 million. Chairman/CEO S. Steven Singh, a co-founder with Michael Hilton, attributed the shortfall to unexpected delays in closing business, due in part to a lengthening of the sales cycle brought on by their introduction of three new products during that quarter. Concur has had some concerns about its sales force as the Read More
How Global Midsize Businesses Can Use Cloud ERP to Drive Growth
This paper from independent analyst SMB Group considers the financial and operational challenges that global medium-sized businesses face, examines the value of

pre built chart and graph objects can be customized  financial consolidation,global management,global business,global business management,subsidiary,subsidiary management,multinational management,multinational business,multicompany management,multicompany business,cloud ERP,ERP,ERP Software,erp software companies,erp software vendors Read More
80 Million Ways to be Agile
On July 26, 2000, Agilera, an application service provider (ASP), announced the signing of a definitive agreement for $80 million in its second equity financing

pre built chart and graph objects can be customized  others, their portfolio is impressive. Success, however, will be determined by their ability to market and deliver their services. With the influx of capital, and a pending acquisition of Verio by Japan's NTT corporation, we anticipate a 75% degree of success. User Recommendations Users considering outsourced solutions may benefit from Agilera's recent developments. With ample operating capital users may expect to see new Agilera data centers. With a market burgeoning with ASP offerings users have Read More
Advertising Continues to be Growth Business
The quarterly report on advertising trends from AdKnowledge eAnalytics shows that there are more places than ever to advertise, and that the cost of advertising

pre built chart and graph objects can be customized  CPM (cost per thousand impressions) rate, noticed in its annual report issued in February (see TEC article Advertising Makes It Up in Volume ), continues. The average CPM dropped sixteen cents from $33.75 to $33.59; on a percentage basis that was about half the decrease of the previous quarter. Simultaneously, the number of sites seeking advertising rose from 3792 to 4070; this translates into adding one new site that accepts ads every eight hours. An unexpected result came from examining the history of s Read More
Oracle Proud To Be Number Two
Being number two in the advanced planning and scheduling (APS) software market is becoming a coveted prize for old guard ERP vendors.

pre built chart and graph objects can be customized  months ago, at a press/analyst event in Waltham, Massachusetts, SAP announced that its Advanced Planner & Optimizer (APO) had captured the number two spot from Manugistics Group based on APO's fourth quarter 1999 license revenue of $25 million (see TEC news analysis, SAP Declares Victory Over Manugistics, Takes Aim at i2 ). Recently, it was Oracle's turn to proclaim the title of second best with over fifty small to mid-sized and large companies signing up for its new advanced planning and scheduling Read More
5 Ways Your Business Can Thrive in an Economic Storm
You'll find them in the white paper how your business can thrive during an economic storm.

pre built chart and graph objects can be customized  ways business thrive economic storm,ways,business,thrive,economic,storm,business thrive economic storm,ways thrive economic storm,ways business economic storm,ways business thrive storm,ways business thrive economic. Read More
Can 'Intuitive' And 'ERP' Words Be Associated?
While Intuitive Manufacturing Systems, still largely a stealth small ERP provider, may have the ‘Intuitive ERP’ trump to attract SMEs internationally, a bevy of

pre built chart and graph objects can be customized  customers. iTrack extends the previously available WebRemote functionality by allowing customers to log into Intuitive ERP via the Internet and track the status of their shipments and orders, view a current accounts receivable aging, and make other valuable inquiries specific to their organization. iTrack was a part of the of the Intuitive ERP Release 5.2 , released mid 2001. Version 5.2 added functionality to many areas of the product, including: e-commerce, key process indicator (KPI) tracking and Read More
Can ERP Answer Your Business Needs?
Deploying an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is an extremely important event in the development of a company. A well-managed ERP solution can help a

pre built chart and graph objects can be customized  erp solution,enterprise resource planning solution,global supply chain advantage,erp implementation issues,what is an erp solution,erp solution provider,erp software solution,erp solution software,erp solution providers,erp definition and solution,what is erp solution,best erp solution,solution erp,microsoft erp solution,web based erp solution Read More
Will 2001 Be The Year Of Baan’s Miraculous Comeback? Definitely Maybe.
December 2000 was the month of increased press release activity at Baan. In 2001, will the market witness a remarkable comeback of this once almost written off

pre built chart and graph objects can be customized  der Tang, Baan Company president. We've seen particularly strong market acceptance of our expanding portfolio of E-Business software, demonstrating our capability to successfully integrate solutions across the value chain - from the supplier, through the manufacturing process, to the customer. Our strength in linking complex supply chains to real-time, build-to-order shop floor environments has quickly become a key Baan success factor. In addition, our Baan OpenWorld approach of decoupled components is Read More
Intentia’s Intents To Be More Fashionable
Intentia remains solid, with both a new product portfolio and an increase in license revenue. The company, which is unimpeded by the current economic slump

pre built chart and graph objects can be customized  SEK 978 (~$93 million) represents a 25% increase compared to Q2 2000 (See Figure 1). Figure 1. As a result of significantly improved capacity utilization, Intentia's consulting margin increased to 16%, which contributed significantly to an operating profit of SEK 7 million (~$0.7 million). Net loss of $0.9 million, attributable mainly to acquisitions of operations in Australia, the US and Norway, was nevertheless significantly lower compared to a $14.8 million net loss from a year ago (See Figure 1). All Read More
Be Bold with Benefits but Subtle with Pains
While prospects often justify their purchases because you show them how your software solves their pain, they do not appreciate being told how bad they really

pre built chart and graph objects can be customized  this. said Sharon my pre-sales consultant. I heard that it can be real effective to dramatize their pain. We could start out the demo with a short skit. Bob, you could be the CFO sitting behind a desk looking tired and frustrated because it's 8:00PM on the 13th, you still don't have the books closed and you have six sets of reports on your desk that don't match. Bill, my technical consultant on the deal added, Yeah, and I walk in with a cash crisis because all of your money is tied up in accounts Read More
Internet Makes SCP All That It Can Be
The Internet is reshaping the supply chain planning marketplace. Several clear trends have emerged in recent years that capitalize on the possibilities for

pre built chart and graph objects can be customized  market by making possible unprecedented visibility and information sharing between enterprises. Nowhere is this transformation more evident than in the supply chain planning (SCP) software market. The fact is, prior to the Internet, much of what SCP promised was never realized beyond a conceptual level. Supply chains that seamlessly joined customers and suppliers were easy to draw on paper, but building the link without Internet technology was practically impossible. Several clear trends have emerged in r Read More
How SharePoint Can Help Connect People, Processes, and Information
Microsoft SharePoint products and technologies are server applications that can provide organizations with an integrated solution for collaboration, content

pre built chart and graph objects can be customized   Read More

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