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Verint Acquires KANA Software to Redefine Customer Engagement
Verints Systems, a provider of Actionable Intelligence solutions serving the enterprise intelligence and security intelligence markets, acquires KANA Software

precise biometrics  dialogues that deliver fast, precise, personalized service—from next best action to next best offer—transforming the way organizations optimize customer engagements.   The cross-selling opportunity is certainly there, but the devil is always in the detail and execution. We look forward to sharing more about the combination once the acquisition is consummated and all of the currently moving parts are put in their place. Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » precise biometrics

Brave New World-Biometrics in HR
Human resources (HR) professionals often have to deal with errors in recording employees’ effectiveness while accomplishing their jobs. My colleague Ted Rohm

precise biometrics  New World-Biometrics in HR Human resources (HR) professionals often have to deal with errors in recording employees’ effectiveness while accomplishing their jobs. My colleague Ted Rohm gives an  overview  in this recent blog post of how biometrics can help with these HR challenges. He makes the case that biometrics technology is an option worth considering for certain aspects of business operations. As Ted mentions in his article, the most common use cases of biometrics in HR are time and Read More
The Hidden Role of Data Quality in E-Commerce Success
Successful e-commerce relies on intelligible, trustworthy content. To achieve this, companies need a complete solution at their back- and front-ends, so they

precise biometrics  finding data without a precise key (e.g., a product number) or under conditions in which data is inconsistent or missing. An inbound transaction or user search must be joined to an optimal set of matches from thousands, even millions, of choices in the database. Vendor software uses sophisticated database indexing and search optimization strategies to achieve speed and yield. Fuzzy matching and filtering - for measuring and ranking possible matches to get the best one(s) and avoid irrelevant matches. Read More
Make Sure Metrics Don’t Kill Your Business
Measuring programming progress by lines of code islike measuring aircraft building progress by weight.—Bill GatesBusiness metrics—the quantifiable

precise biometrics  organization’s desired outcomes.   Precise irrelevance—choosing metrics that are precisely wrong . Accuracy does not ensure usefulness. A metric that is accurate but not relevant can be misleading.   Metric tyranny—assuming your managers and employees have no options . Metrics that demand a great amount of effort from managers and employees will soon lead to extra payments and costs.   Tunnel view—thinking narrowly . Metrics not designed to anticipate the future or to promote innovation may Read More
Credics Technologies
Since its establishment in 1999 by veterans in financial software, Credics has been in the forefront of the industry, creating and implementing transaction

precise biometrics  all tailored to the precise needs of each business regardless of size or scope. Read More
How Inventory Optimization Can Increase Your Profitability
One of the largest expenses for distributors and wholesalers is stock. Many have difficulty finding the perfect balance between ensuring products are available

precise biometrics  on Inventory Optimization , Precise Inventory Levels , Inventory Optimization Technologies , Inventory Optimization Techniques , Get Best Solver for Inventory Optimization , Inventory Planning and Optimization , Dynamic Inventory Optimization , Inventory Optimization Setting , Inventory Optimization Tools , Forecast Accuracy , Inventory Optimization System , Inventory Optimization Model , Inventory Policy Optimization , Network Inventory Optimization , Inventory Optimization Whitepapers , Inventory Read More
Outlook for 2010
As 2009 comes to a close, we look forward to the New Year and everything trendy that it will bring. Today, TEC’s Research Analyst Round Table discusses the

precise biometrics  require quick answers and precise information in a click—they don’t have time to look around. M-commerce sites need to work together in order to provide the user with the best shopping experience. For example, the transaction needs to happen in a seamless manner as it happens in the online shopping world. The applications running on the mobile device needs to be robust and able to integrate with retailers’ applications to make m-commerce a reality for mobile shoppers. Read More
Informal Learning - What’s With the Hype?
Informal learning constitutes a hot topic these days. Informal learning can be seen as a process of knowledge acquisition that does not follow any one

precise biometrics  initiate, test and produce precise outcomes. Read More
Food and Beverage Products
The food and beverage products industry is a highly competitive business sector. Players in this industry face increasing regulatory compliance requirements

precise biometrics  In order to achieve precise operations in sales and marketing, product development, supply chain management (SCM), and cost control, food and beverage product manufacturers need to constantly adjust their strategies based on an accurate understanding of market trends, and make optimal use of available resources. Trends that affect food and beverage companies include the following: Read More
Precise Business Solutions
Precise is a leading provider of business software solutions and associated services to the Australian and international marketplace. A wholly owned WA company,

precise biometrics  Business Solutions Precise is a leading provider of business software solutions and associated services to the Australian and international marketplace. A wholly owned WA company, Precise is a Value Added Reseller of Epicor and NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning solutions. In business since 1989, Precise has implemented more than 160 clients and employs over 30 staff. Read More
How One Provider's Solution Covers the Bases of Price Optimization and Management
What are the solutions that enable Zilliant's customers to gain a better understanding of their markets' price response and translate this into more profitable

precise biometrics  applications with the more precise subset of market data relevant to operations, such as price indexing, peer grouping, key performance indicator (KPI) calculation, and price optimization. ZPPS Analytics then drives pricing intelligence and decisions by providing insight through a series of template-based, customized views, and ad hoc querying to enable users (executives and managers) to measure margin, revenue, profitability, sales channel effectiveness, and discounting. Users are also able to measure Read More
IT Sales Lead Generation: Understanding the Complex Sales Needs of the IT Industry
The sales lead generation process for technology companies is very different from lead generation in other industries. Technology sector needs are more precise,

precise biometrics  needs are much more precise: the target audience is much more difficult to reach; the products or services are generally complex, high-value, and high-end; and the evaluation and selection process can be quite long, taking months, if not years, to bring the target from initial contact to closing the sale. Leads in the technology sector (let's keep it as formal as possible ' are not discovered simply by a reference or a cold-call. Leads are nurtured from simple possible interest in services right until Read More
Identix Leads Biometric Authentication
Perhaps the most exciting product released at last Comdex, was the Identix DFR-300 Fingerprint Scanner. Implemented in Compaq, Dell, and Toshiba laptops, the

precise biometrics  Leads Biometric Authentication Identix Leads Biometric Authentication Featured Author -  Laura Taylor - January 27, 2002 Vendor Background Perhaps the most exciting product released at last Comdex, was the Identix DFR-300 Fingerprint Scanner. Implemented in Compaq, Dell, and Toshiba laptops, the hardware fingerprint scanners are packaged with BioLogon for Windows 2000 and features biometric identification and authentication, BIOS level security, single sign-on and multi-factor security. A pioneer Read More
Comprehensive ERP and Financial Management for a Manufacturing Competitive Advantage
Manufacturers face a challenging environment with scarce credit, pricing pressures, and increasing costs. Critical to success is an enterprise resource planning

precise biometrics  answer the questions with precise data instead of guesses, thereby protecting margins without sacrificing productivity. Cash Flow Considerations Automated financial systems also contribute to an improved cash flow situation. As an example, winning companies improve cash flow by paying only for raw materials or parts as they are consumed, instead of paying for them in advance of production, then assuming costs of storage. This is accomplished by automated supplier consignment tracking where invoices are Read More
Case Study: Kempe Group
Kempe, a provider of innovative engineering solutions and services for a variety of industries, was using separate systems to manage the financial and operation,Case Study: Kempe Group Success story. Read White Papers or Case Studies Associated with Business Solutions.

precise biometrics  Online Business Solutions | Precise Business Solutions | Real Business Solutions | Simple Business Solutions | Strategic Business Solutions | World Business Solutions | Business Solutions Center | Select Business Solutions | Application Solutions Business | Quality Business Solutions | New Business Solutions | Business Solutions Guide | Small Business Solutions | Integrated Business Solution | Business Improvement Solutions | Superior Business Solutions | Business Risks Solutions | Microsoft Business Read More

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