Software Functionality Revealed in Detail
We’ve opened the hood on every major category of enterprise software. Learn about thousands of features and functions, and how enterprise software really works.
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Innovation, Innovation, Innovation: Notes from DSCC 2010 (Day 1)
The Dassault Systèmes Customer Conference (DSCC) 2010 kicked off on November 9th, 2010 in Orlando, Florida. It is the second time that Dassault Systèmes has

prerequisite  processes are becoming a prerequisite of innovation, which relies more and more on social collaboration.

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Software Functionality Revealed in Detail

We’ve opened the hood on every major category of enterprise software. Learn about thousands of features and functions, and how enterprise software really works.

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The IT industry is constructed of three-letter acronyms (TLAs). However, the total number of possible three-letter abbreviations using the 26 letters of the alphabet is only 17,576. This explains the stars-wearing-the-same-dress types of incidents in the IT world. When Sherry Fox discussed ECM and EIM, the acronyms represented enterprise compensation management and enterprise incentive management

prerequisite  within organizations” is a prerequisite for understanding EIM. In today’s enterprise environment, information is hidden behind both structured and unstructured data. Let’s take a look at a simplified example. In order to make a decision on an advertising budget for the next season, a marketing manager will probably need the following information: a sales analysis based on sales history data (structured data) a production plan based on manufacturing planning data (structured data) demographic Read More

How to Survive a Software Selection Project When Your Boss Is a Sociopath

Is your boss the main reason you call in sick on Monday mornings? Do you need to “manage” your boss in order to get any work done? Do you find yourself in the position of having to defend your boss when talking to colleagues? Hello, your boss might be a sociopath. This may or may not be news to you. Time for a quick quiz. I am going to refer to your boss as “he,” but sociopathic

prerequisite  company. BPM is a prerequisite for any internal process improvement, and can help businesses develop a list of requirements in order to select the software solution that is right for them. Tip #3: Surviving the Mixed Signals If you’re managing a software selection project, you can minimize your boss’s disruptive mixed signals by sticking closely to six important principles: Designate a project champion or subject-matter expert (SME) to collect process data and fill out your BPM template (see sample Read More

Moving Beyond Lean Manufacturing to a Lean Supply Chain

Most lean manufacturing deployments target production operations, but can also be extended to other supply chain processes. To realize the multiplicative benefits of real time information and reduced inventory, companies must assess their production environment and supply chain activities.

prerequisite  and collaboration are a prerequisite to complete production efficiencies Understanding the impact and integration requirements of lean with networked partners is a key variable to achieving real results Focusing on improving lean methodologies and practices through technology can result in enhanced supply chain network communication and collaboration among its participants. Lean enablers in the form of software applications, in conjunction with best practices, are evolving but adoption has been slow. Read More

Can a Virtual Vuvuzela Help Make Your Voice Heard in the Social Media Universe?

It’s a really noisy world we’re living in, and the social media universe is no exception. Even with the tightest security settings and minimal online presence/popularity, you are still subject to advertising, invites, recommendations, requests, etc., most of which are not very useful to you. And things will only get worse: Twitter will start selling followers, Facebook launched Facebook

prerequisite  is not only a prerequisite of any social media strategy but also a must for business success. Read More

Question: When is Six Sigma not Six Sigma? Answer: When it's the Six Sigma Metric!!©

Six Sigma Quality is a popular approach to process improvement, particularly among technology driven companies such as Allied Signal, General Electric, Kodak and Texas Instruments. Its objective is to reduce output variability through process improvement, and/or to increase customer specification limits through design for producibility. I don't like the Six Sigma metric. As you'll see, it fails to pass many of the empirical tests for "good" metrics. In particular, it's neither simple to understand nor, in most applications, an effective proxy for customer satisfaction. And, its definition is ambiguous and therefore easily gamed because th

prerequisite  goal may be a prerequisite for justifiable process redesign. Furthermore, increasing technical and organizational complexity slow the rate of process improvement. Combine this with the observation that complex processes tend to have long cycle times compared to the time it takes for unpredictable changes to occur in their environment and you re quickly led to the conclusion that many important processes can never achieve 6s performance unless they are dysfunctionally over-simplified. This is how chaos the Read More

Will Your HACCP Foundation Crumble?

Complying with current good manufacturing processes (GMPs) is no easy task for food manufacturers. Companies that don t have a solid foundation to help with quality control procedures, audit trails, and product traceability and recall are at an even greater disadvantage. Find out how an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can help with food safety compliance—so it's your cookie that crumbles, not your foundation.

prerequisite   Haccp Plans | Haccp Prerequisite | Haccp Prerequisites | Haccp Presentation | Haccp Principle | Haccp Principles | Haccp Problems | Haccp Process | Haccp Program | Haccp Publication | Haccp Publications | Haccp Publications and Report | Haccp Publications and Reports | Haccp Quality | Haccp Questions | Haccp Receiving | Haccp Regulations | Haccp Report | Haccp Reports | Haccp Required | Haccp Requirement | Haccp Requirements | Haccp Review | Haccp Safety | Haccp Sanitation | Haccp School | Haccp Software Read More

ICICI-Infotech's North American Strategy for Success Part Two: Customer Focus and Innovative Pricing

ICICI-Infotech is starting to make its presence felt in North America and raise some ERP eyebrows. In this research note, you'll also learn about the company's strategy to target small and medium-size enterprises in order to enlarge its footprint in North America. It is targeting companies migrating from legacy systems or software that is simply out of gas.

prerequisite  staff is not a prerequisite. In fact, typically an ORION customer will have no IT staff or a staff of three personnel. This is particularly apropos since ICICI-Info does not provide the ORION source code but rather keeps the code in escrow to quell any ongoing business concerns. Finally, because of its ease of roll out and deployment, ICICI-Infotech focuses on customers with multiple manufacturing locations. ICICI-Infotech s customer strategy understands that the workflows and procedures for SMEs are as Read More

Oracle Applications - An Internet-Reinvented Feisty Challenger

It is startling how much has changed in Oracle’s applications business during the last two years. Oracle is indisputably the most reformed applications vendor, having achieved significant growth in total revenue, license revenue and net income. Oracle has a head start on most of its competition pertaining to Internet applications, and the Company still leads the ERP pack both on product technology vision and execution. However, the future will by no means be without serious challenges.

prerequisite  the Internet is a prerequisite for survival and any subsequent success. To that end, the company has radically changed its product architecture within a short time bracket. Only three years ago, it was struggling with its fat client architecture, and had a significant Y2K compliance issue. Today, through Web-based technologies and simplified screens its applications have also appealed to a great number of casual users. The system also provides an event-driven, graphical workflow tool that uses procedural Read More

HR Analytics: Gaining Insights for the Upturn

Most enterprises have accumulated a surfeit of workforce and employee data. Only leading-edge companies are making extensive use of data to drive human capital management (HCM) decisions the way most companies use financial and marketing data to make strategic business decisions. Learn more about why—and how—you should be making fact-based workforce planning decisions that will help you survive the current recession.

prerequisite  believe is a critical prerequisite to planning the reduction in workforce numbers, says Peter Howes, CEO and founder of The Infohrm Group Inc. Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, Infohrm is a leading provider of workforce planning, reporting and analytics services. The short-term increase in the available external labor pool runs the risk of hiding the long-term demographic trends in most Western countries. No company should be managing redundancy programs without having a longer term workforce plan Read More

Getting Strategic Planning and Financial Planning in the Same Bailiwick

To provide useful financial insight on projects, financial managers need to think about business strategy more like a series of options than a single projected cash flow. While the concepts of options are certainly familiar to most executives, the trick to valuing strategic choices lies in the complex and often overwhelming task of understanding the interaction between strategic options. This article provides a breakthrough planning approach for (1) rapidly realizing the business capabilities dictated by strategy (2) aligning process, technology and organization design and (3) through the financial lens of 'real options' shows how to quan

prerequisite  H H Probably Later Prerequisite projects and change management efforts must be accomplished before this project can be successfully implemented. Take a wait & see approach, but be ready to act. 5 Implement Oracle HR Staging M M Maybe Later Despite the momentum behind the Oracle implementation in other areas, this did not immediately support required critical capabilities. Revisit in 6 months Etc... *V1-Value *V2-Volatility Summary Convergent Business Architecture provides the science behind change and hig Read More