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What if Companies Could Use Science to Align Prices to Market and Maximize Margins?
Zilliant, a data-driven, price management software provider, aims to enable business-to-business companies to optimize revenue and margins through decision

prices and discounts  Use Science to Align Prices to Market and Maximize Margins? Almost all companies need to manage pricing and margins with the same precision and control that they use to manage manufacturing and procurement costs. While there are numerous pricing-related, statistical techniques and process models in the public domain and in academia, getting such systems to work in the real world is no small feat. Areas where this is especially true are the airline, hotel, retail, and business-to-business (B2B) markets. Read More...
CC&B for Telecommunications Industries
Customer care and billing (CC&B) solutions for telecommunications providers typically provide mediation; provisioning; retail rating and billing; reporting; financial systems; packages, discoun...
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Documents related to » prices and discounts

Know Thy Market Segment's Price Response
Since no variable can influence margins as much as pricing, almost all companies need to approach the management of selling prices, discretionary discounts, and

prices and discounts  the erosion of list prices and compare them to the actual pocketed price. Price waterfalls do so by taking into account several factors. Such factors include negotiated (if not irresponsibly generous) discounting (a component of a price that represents a deduction from a baseline or list ); rebates and promotions; consignment costs; cooperative advertising; chargebacks; payment terms and cash discounts; online order discounts; performance penalties; receivables carrying costs; slotting allowances; Read More...
Pricing and Revenue Optimization: A Manufacturing Perspective
Pricing and revenue optimization is the process of improving business margins by either increasing unit prices or increasing gross revenues. This type of

prices and discounts  short-term and very specific prices and pricing programs organized by product, customer, market, and time. This process is generally performed every one to four weeks. The inputs for this process come from tactical-level pricing. Regular and promotional pricing to meet the margin and revenue goals is done at this level, as is promotion management, which is essential to achieve sales goals and objectives. Multiple scenarios are tested and evaluated to identify the optimal cases that meet or exceed targets Read More...
Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 for Distribution Environments
This is a reprint of the summary chapter from the book Managing Your Supply Chain Using Microsoft Dynamics AX by Dr. Scott Hamilton. In this first part, design

prices and discounts  parallel approaches for handling prices and discounts, miscellaneous charges, external item numbers, order quantity modifiers, order-related text, order status, and other issues. Symmetry is also apparent in the definition of customer and vendor information, handling of special orders and drop shipments, and segmentation of information on windows and tabs. Warehouse Variations Stocking locations are uniquely identified by a warehouse and bin location. The system supports batch- and serial-tracking of an Read More...
Advancing the Art of Pricing with Science
Companies in search of a better, more precise method to determine the best prices for their products and to meet their margins, should harness statistical

prices and discounts  the cause-and-effect relationship between prices and purchase decisions. The idea here is to be able to discern customers' willingness to pay, and set take-it-or-leave it prices where companies will make the maximum revenue. Using mathematical formulas and massive databases of sales records, companies can forecast their sales plans, and test pricing and demand elasticity under various discount or package scenarios before trying them in the market. Layering in data from other customer interactions can Read More...
Why Is In-transit Visibility (ITV) in the Supply Chain Important?
ITV capabilities allows an organization to meet the challenges of rapidly increasing fuel prices, changes in regulatory requirements, and provides customers

prices and discounts  of rapidly increasing fuel prices and changes in regulatory requirements, and provide customers with premium services without increasing the total cost of operations. To further explore ITV, it's beneficial to understand the origin of the concepts. The ITV concept originated from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) in the early 1990s. It was mainly used by the DoD to achieve better visibility to track goods within the supply chain in war zones. Now, the ITV concept is being adopted by many Read More...
BigMachines Launches BigMachines Express
BigMachines announces that BigMachines Express is now available on the Salesforce.com AppExchange. This solution targets small and medium-sized businesses that

prices and discounts  product profiles, assign desired prices, and further generate proposals in Salesforce CRM. The solution is built on the Force.com platform, which allows for easy installation and configuration for Salesforce CRM users. The solution will be showcased at Dreamforce, September 18-21. Read More...
Competing in a Big-box World: How Retailers Can Leverage Technology to Thrive in Today’s Retail Environment
Industry analysts and retail executives agree that, although competitive prices are a must, “low price” as a leading strategy will no longer lead to long-term

prices and discounts  agree that, although competitive prices are a must, “low price” as a leading strategy will no longer lead to long-term business success. To successfully compete, midsized retailers must carve out a niche based on creative strategies, including better and more localized product assortments, flawless price management and execution, and optimized inventory down to the store level. Read More...
IBM Aims Renamed UNIX Server at Sun
In the latest phase of its campaign to unseat Sun as the dominant Internet server brand, IBM has released a slew of performance benchmarks for its 'eServer

prices and discounts  Aims Renamed UNIX Server at Sun IBM Aims Renamed UNIX Server at Sun R. Krause - November 2, 2000 Event Summary [Source: IBM] 10/16/2000 IBM has introduced the eServer pSeries 680 - and announced it will ship the UNIX-based system to customers beginning Nov. 17. Code-named Turbo, the pSeries 680 has captured eight major performance benchmark records using up to 24 copper microprocessors with IBM's Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) technology. (See IBM Continues RS/6000 Performance Focus .) Additional Read More...
The (Underappreciated) Value of B2B Pricing Software
Conventional wisdom would suggest that pricing, as a key component of a business’s financial performance, is a critically important discipline within any

prices and discounts  . After all, retail prices and promotional campaigns are visible on shelves and endcaps, and there is a wealth of historical pricing data for consumer goods that is available for an inexpensive fee from various syndication services. In addition, one should expect the uniformity of nominal prices per item at all Kroger’s , Market Basket , or Stop and Shop stores across a given region. Airlines and hotels conduct some sort of consumer segmentation and deal negotiation, as in the case of group deals. Read More...
Concur Scores A Bingo
Concur took a quantum leap in providing E-procurement services to small and mid-sized businesses by partnering with Nortel Networks and SAFECO. The resulting

prices and discounts  the network, the current prices and pricing structures, and the ease of implementing membership, including any backend integration that might be called for. For those smaller businesses that may not need backend integration, the ability to achieve large volume discounts has to be attractive. Such businesses in particular should get Concur's assistance in doing an analysis of their potential savings from using this network. If the suppliers are as good as the ones you now use and the savings are Read More...
Unlock Hidden Profits Using Effective Pricing Strategies: Active Price Management and Price Optimization
This paper explores the following best practices for leverage price management and optimization: Fine-tune prices for all products and services. Analyze

prices and discounts  management and optimization: Fine-tune prices for all products and services. Analyze historical and live transaction-level data. Develop and implement effective cost-to-serve strategies. Establish well-defined customer segments. Empower your sales force with rich customer information and enforce negotiation policies. Read More...
LeveragePoint Adds Value to B2B Pricing - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series introduced LeveragePoint as a cloud-based newcomer to the business-to-business (B2B) pricing market with a novel pricing approach

prices and discounts  launch products at higher prices and actually win those prices in negotiations. Value driver and data libraries that are developed as companies use LeveragePoint provide an important source of customer and competitor information that are valuable to product management. The product increases in value over time. Its ability to share resources and collaborate multiplies that value. Value-based pricing is a standard part of many of the stage-gate processes used in new product development and introduction Read More...
Merchandising Systems
Merchandising systems are the enterprise back and front-office software solutions upon which the majority of retailers rely to manage and support their daily

prices and discounts  data, and managing retail prices.

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