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EAI Vendor Active Software Activates Transactions
Active Software, Inc., a provider of enterprise application integration software products, today announced the ActiveWorks™ Application Transaction Coordinator

programming softwares  high level of custom programming is obviously going to be required to design the logical units of work that make up the individual transactions between systems. TEC strongly encourages customers to factor the cost of consulting into the total purchase price before signing the contract. Active states product pricing starts at $15,000 and will vary with the size and complexity of customer projects. This statement leaves a lot of room for additional fees. In addition, reference sites should be sought to Read More
Outsourcing, Applications Software
This RFP is focused on the selection of companies who provide outsource services in the areas of application software. The typical types of activities that these outsource providers perform include...
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Documents related to » programming softwares

Lilly Software Visualizes Its eBusiness Offering, NOW. Part 2: Market Impact
Lilly believes that, with the opportunity to implement the application either through an integrated module within the VISUAL product suite or via Lilly's new

programming softwares  partners nor ready-made applications programming interfaces (APIs) to other prominent products, which may indicate insufficient product interconnectivity. The mitigating factor though is the company's decent approach towards not overselling its offering and declining to compete in instances where it does not seem its products fit. However, the company's need to re-deploy the product on a new technology and to deliver the needed functionality for its new desired markets, will demand the continued hefty Read More
What Do Users Want and Need?
At the basic level, users want a more intuitive way to

programming softwares  ASP.NET, takes an object-oriented programming (OOP) approach to web page execution, whereby every element in an ASP.NET page is treated as an object and runs on the server. To refresh our memory, OOP is a type of programming in which programmers define not only the data type of a data structure, but also the types of operations (functions) that can be applied to the data structure, in which way, the data structure becomes an object that includes both data and functions. In addition, programmers can Read More
SAP Opens The ‘Miss Congeniality’ Contest
While SAP’s determination to become enterprise applications Web Esperanto evangelist is of paramount importance to its customers and for the general market

programming softwares  solutions through business applications programming interfaces (BAPIs) running over a proprietary remote procedure call (RPC) protocol called RFC (Remote Function Call) to providing a strategic integration platform for its customers, which allows it to offer possibly a complete collaborative solution even when some of the component applications are not provided by SAP. Furthermore, EI (Enterprise Integration) supersedes SAP's proprietary enterprise applications integration (EAI) architecture called Read More
Merger Mania At Its Extremes Part 2: Challenges & User Recommendations
While the merger is justifiable it does not provide the new entity with much room for mistakes. SynQuest also needs to quickly figure out the best combination

programming softwares  problems without heavy custom programming. Challenges However, the existence of a prospect (i.e., an enhanced combined offering) does not necessarily grant it will happen either any time soon or ever, as both SynQuest and Viewlocity will have joined the matrimony with their baggage as well. Viewlocity has the integration technology legacy from its inception as one of the first (formerly known as FronTec AB ) enterprise application integration (EAI) vendors. The culmination of its transition from EAI Read More
Intentia and Dash Associates Team Up

programming softwares  GLOSSARY: LP - Linear Programming: Algorithms designed for problems involving real numbers, i.e., quantities that must be expressed using fractional values. Examples: cost, weight, product concentration. IP - Integer Programming: Algorithms designed to solve problems involving only integers, i.e., discrete units. Examples: widgets , orders, days. MILP - Mixed Integer Linear Programming: combination of IP and LP. Read More
Data Conversion in an ERP Environment
Converting data in any systems implementation is a high wire act. Converting data in an ERP environment should only be undertaken with a safety net, namely a

programming softwares  existing data structures, namely: Programming Effort Volume of Data and Frequency of Maintenance. Availability of Resources However, before getting into the discussion of these factors, a word of caution is appropriate. Despite my personal dislike for the overused phrase, Garbage in; garbage out, I cannot think of any better way of describing what could happen if your legacy data is corrupted or unreliable. Take the time to cleanse and prune your data before you convert it. This may avoid looking for Read More
You Need More Than Functions and Features to Implement an ERP Package Part One: The Administrator and Customizer
You have selected an ERP package. Now you have to worry about implementing the software. This article looks at four categories of tools that a vendor may supply

programming softwares  ability should not require programming and technical ability. This is the primary function of the administrator tool. Administrator allows you to create new menus by making copies and then modifying them. The copies can be modified by deselecting options, that will not appear, or adding options by drag and dropping options from other menus. Accordingly, within the copies you can eliminate little used or never used functions. Or, you can cluster frequently used options in a single menu. Why present a user Read More
Smart Software
Founded in 1984, Smart Software is a provider of enterprise-wide demand forecasting, planning, and inventory optimization solutions. Smart Software@s flagship

programming softwares   Read More
Microsoft .NET Enablement: Analysis and Cautions
Using technologies that are intrinsically compatible should result in faster and less costly development. Thus, any application suite rewritten in the Microsoft

programming softwares  to be encoded, and programming languages that target the run time emit the correct encoding. All a developer has to know is that any of the languages that target the run time produce managed code emitted as portable executable (PE) files that contain MCIL and metadata. As emphasized earlier on, there are many such languages to choose from, since there are more than thirty languages provided by third parties—everything from COBOL to Camel, in addition to Visual C#, J#, VB.NET, Jscript, and C++ from Read More
For more than six years, Interneer has been providing companies the Instant Application Platform which allows businesses to configure web-based applications

programming softwares  with integrated workflow, without programming. Initially Interneer was formed as an engineering consultancy by a small group of mechanical engineers. During this same period of time, the Internet had become the de-facto medium to share knowledge and information, although there were no tools or applications that helped companies organize and manage all this information. As a result, the company developed a web-based platform for companies to configure business applications that require human interaction. Read More
Kentico EMS
Kentico EMS is a Web content management system and Web marketing platform based on ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server. The product supports automating Web

programming softwares  custom document templates without programming; and Page Templates, that allow users to reuse page layout and create new pages based on the template. Read More
SouthWare Excellence Series: Making Excellence Easier Part Two: What Makes SouthWare Different?
The Excellence Series is in fact a product that provides users with a powerful business management framework that is in many aspects far ahead of other middle

programming softwares  Responsibility : If a programming issue is identified, it receives priority until it has been resolved. People do not have to wait for bug fixes. Task and Exception Management : SouthWare has recognized that systems have to move away from accounting (data input and report generation) and toward a more proactive business management orientation whereby the system itself will help people do their jobs better. Many systems generate alerts (exception management), but few actually provide people with the tools Read More
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