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Documents related to » pronto xi scanpack barcode configuration

Configuration Wizard
Storage area networks (SANs) are complex structures that contain an infinite number of configuration possibilities—making the process of configuring the devices to be installed into the SAN a lengthy one. To simplify the process, QLogic’s configuration wizard provides users with some basic tools to guide them through common SAN tasks, enabling them to easily build stable and secure SAN fabrics for their storage solutions.

8/1/2007 2:26:00 PM

Configuring QMC4052 via DHCP Configuration Guide
Want even more connectivity options for your storage area network (SAN)? Need to boot your blade server up to iSCSI-based storage systems? Itching to offload iSCSI traffic from the host processor and allow your server to support boot from SAN configurations? This paper outlines how dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) can be adapted in several ways to automate and ease the configuration of your servers.

9/4/2007 4:38:00 PM

Configuration Management Simplified
The recently standardized NETCONF configuration management protocol, with the NETCONF-oriented data modeling language called YANG, can simplify network configuration management. Learn how the two technologies work, and how they can be used to support transactional capabilities and rollback management—so next-generation configuration management systems are simpler and more understandable than current systems.

6/19/2008 10:25:00 AM

Configuration Audit and Control for Virtualized Environments
In the computing world, a dramatic shift is taking place—enabling a new way for IT departments to manage services. The promise of a leaner, more efficient data center has many businesses clamoring to go virtual. In the rush to virtualize, however, they have forgotten the painful and expensive lessons learned from introducing risk into the physical environment. Find out how detective controls can mitigate those risks.

3/4/2008 11:29:00 AM

Quote-to-order: New Ingredients in the Recipe for Success
Quote-to-order (Q2O) systems can address the increasing demand for personalized and customized products. Complex product specification, quoting, and ordering processes—as well as the software applications catering to those processes—can benefit from the use of the Web, collaboration tools, and lean thinking.

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CRM For Complex Manufacturers Revolves Around Configuration Software
While pundits have been debating whether the configuration software deserves to be a CRM module on its own, it is certainly a part of the much broader CRM class of products, which typically includes front-office applications for sales force automation (SFA), marketing automation, and field service/call center management.


Adonix Expands X3 And Its French Connection Part 2: The Future
Adonix often comes ahead of larger global players in terms of functional fit, pricing, and understanding of the local requirements in the distribution area.

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Secure DNS/DHCP Management—An Integrated Solution
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) has been adopted as the dynamic protocol of choice for pain-free management of network resources. The integration of the Domain Name System (DNS) and DHCP into a single network helps overcome traditional barriers to effective resource allocation. Indeed, combining DNS and DHCP enhances information security, thus providing a solution your organization can grow with.

4/30/2007 12:17:00 PM

Pronto Signs Deal with Largest Family-owned Theme Park in the US » The TEC Blog
the team offered. The Pronto Xi ERP solution is very robust, and the company continues to win customers in the very competitive US market. Another reason for the choice is also because of the people at Pronto. As Mr. Wexler added, “The Pronto team took the time to really listen and learn about our business.” Take a detailed look at how Pronto Xi stacks up against the competition. Share This   Read More     --> Trackback Address     Tags: ERP , point of sale , pronto software pronto erp ,

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Case Study: Chief Moves Up a Gear With Cincom Quote-to-order Solution
Established in 1991, Chief is the leading French supplier of cold-storage units. With revenues of €40 million (EUR), it distributes products from three production sites. Given the complexity of Chief’s operations and the specific nature of its customers’ requirements—including hundreds of thousands of possible combinations for each unit—Chief decided to deploy an interactive selling and product configuration solution.

2/23/2007 1:17:00 PM

BusinessObjects Enterprise

PRONTO XI SCANPACK BARCODE CONFIGURATION: BusinessObjects Enterprise is a scalable, adaptive platform that delivers insight and corporate information to all your end-users.

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