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Taking Stock of Infor’s HCM “Inventory Items” - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series started by expressing the “New Infor” sentiments (backed up with concrete examples and rationale) following my recent attendance of

prospective reimbursement  Kronos , and the prospective customer would still need Enwisen’s service delivery in some instances. Now, in addition to Lawson HRMS, there are still several legacy HR and/or payroll products, some of which are even on mainframe, such as: Infinium HR—now Infor10 HCM Infinium , might still be occasionally sold to new customers that like IBM System i Masterpiece/HR —stemming all the way back from Computer Associates (CA) Smartstream (from the Geac Computer acquisition)—now Infor HCM Smartstream Read More
Incentive and Compensation Management
Enterprise incentive management (EIM) and employee compensation management sit between HR, CRM, Accounting, and sales force automation. These applications help sales executives gain perspective on ...
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Documents related to » prospective reimbursement

Infor Continues Significant Investments to Support Healthcare Industry Vertical
Infor is one of the leading solution providers making significant investments in its offerings for the healthcare industry vertical. Infor’s solutions have

prospective reimbursement  manage risk in a prospective payment or ACO environment, identify patient care variation in both acute and sub-acute care settings, and support the evolving environment of value-based reimbursement and patient-centered care. It also provides the analysis of care delivery across departments and facilities by combining disparate data sources including human capital management and supply chain systems, business intelligence platforms, electronic health records, and other clinical systems. Additionally, Read More
The Executive Guide to Contract and Chargeback Management
Life sciences companies are struggling to manage large group purchase organization (GPO) contracts, process chargeback submissions, and ensure that pricing

prospective reimbursement  past, going after new prospective customers or pursuing additional business with existing customers would have entailed hiring more internal resources to handle what was then a very labor intensive chargeback and contract management process, concluded the COO. The software platform has enabled us to position ourselves for growth. Decision Criteria: What to Look for in a Contract and Chargeback Management Solution Provider Life Sciences companies exploring a Contract and Chargeback Management solution Read More
The Players of Software-as-a-Service Business Models and Finding the Best Value Propositions
Although the promise of reduced implementation risk and time, lower upfront costs, etc. justify the hosting/ASP model, this brings an entire new set of issues

prospective reimbursement  consultancy required to help prospective customers get the best out of their engineering data, one may begin to understand why this pay as you go service has grown by a few hundred percent annually to date. For that reason, another PLM software developer, PTC, will be tapping into an IBM computing on-demand service center in Boulder, Colorado (US). The center uses IBM Universal Management Infrastructure ( UMI ) technology to distribute software-asa-service, so that manufacturing small and medium Read More
Industri-Matematik Joins The Portal Market
Portals foster collaboration by making it easy for participants to access the system. As with any relatively new technology, prospects should kick the tires

prospective reimbursement  less-than-perfect portal design. Some prospective customers who have seen the new Internet UI in demonstrations use words like complicated , flimsy , and even ugly to describe it. For starters, the browser-based client lacks the cohesiveness and predictability of the application-based version. Users have become accustomed to application GUIs that respond to mouse clicks in timely fashion and the browser often fails to load quickly or accurately. Perhaps more disappointing is that the PeopleSoft 8 Web Read More
December 2012 Boston Analyst Roadshow Snapshot
I am glad I was among the analysts invited to the traditional December analyst roadshow, which takes place in the beautiful city of Boston, by the event

prospective reimbursement  years. Nevertheless, existing and prospective clients of UNIT4 will probably appreciate the new capabilities in research management, delivering and managing pre-award and post-award grants and research projects, and in constituent relationship management, allowing embedded collaboration and managing existing, prospective, and graduate students. UNIT4 provided several case studies of high education and research institutions that lend support to the vendor’s messages. For example, Södertörn University Read More
A Small Enterprise Resource Planning Vendor: The Vision and the Challenges
Although Jeeves has developed a very fruitful relationship with its partners, it will still have to overcome challenges that are mainly about lack of respect or

prospective reimbursement  into the mind of prospective users, not only regarding Jeeves's size, but also regarding its overly liberal approach to system modifications. Namely, they might contend that, in situations where modifications to Jeeves Enterprise are necessary, the solution might result in a significantly higher total cost of ownership (TCO) over time. This logic is based on the idea that it is generally costly to make initial modifications to the package, and expensive to maintain them during the entire life of the Read More
PeopleSoft Annuncio-es Continuation Of Its Shopping Spree
While PeopleSoft has added yet another bit of weight to its applications portfolio with the acquisition of Annuncio, potentially earning thereby the ability to

prospective reimbursement  PeopleSoft's offering in the prospective and growing, but highly contested marketing campaign management space. The moves position PeopleSoft to compete with Siebel and E.Piphany , the current leaders in the market segment, as well as with SAP and Oracle in the long run. Likewise in J.D. Edwards ' recent acquisition of YOUCentric (see J.D. Edwards Fires Siebel, Hires YOU ), the two companies in case should also fit well together. Annuncio should bolster PeopleSoft's functionality in managing online Read More
The Blessing and Curse of SharePoint's
Notwithstanding Microsoft's recent purchase of Skype, some pundits have started to question its relevance in the long term (in view of the ongoing consumer

prospective reimbursement  of its existing and prospective customers has shown that 45 percent of them already have SharePoint. As to the question of how they are using it now, 33 percent of those are using it for document management , 54 percent for team collaboration , and 45 percent for project management . As for what these companies would want to learn more about SharePoint, the highest interest was to learn how it is used, how it integrates to other systems, and how SharePoint’s  workflow engine  compares to BPM. Why Read More
Technology's Role in Strategic Human Resources
The human resources (HR) department can—and should—deliver contributions to the organization's bottom line. Through technologies and service providers, HR can

prospective reimbursement  technology tools that enable prospective employees to submit rsums online. But does your HR department use that information beyond the recruiting process? By integrating prospective employee data and skill sets against the company's development plan and training programs, qualified individuals can be pipelined into the organization over time, and existing staff can be educated. This ensures more strategic hiring decisions from the outside, and better use of existing personnel. Succession planning is ano Read More
ROI Systems Defies The Odds Through Delighted Customers Part Three: Strengths, Challenges and User Recommendations
ROI System is definitely a

prospective reimbursement  marketing muscle from their prospective vendors, such as the likes of Microsoft Business Solutions can exert. Moreover, some MANAGE 2000 modules do not offer distinguishing intrinsic functionality (although there have been a number of readily available interfaces to third-party specialist products such as Agile Software, Demand Solutions , or Frango ) even within the native discrete manufacturing areas (e.g., complex project management & accounting, multi-national financial consolidation, quality manage Read More
IFS Continues Its Reinvention through Pruning Part Three: Market Impact and User Recommendations
By selling CAD and payroll applications, IFS may not only control potential damage but also

prospective reimbursement  mention the confusion to prospective customers who could be intrigued by the CAD modules, but who could not exactly understand its functions and relations to other extended-ERP modules, only to hear from the IFS' staffers not to even consider it unless they are from the pulp and paper vertical in Scandinavia or so. This is Part Three of a three-part note. Part One presented the event summary. Part Two covered IFS background information and discussed challenges and response. Adjusting to a Mature Market Read More
The Technology Choices
In the battle between Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) and the UK-based the Sage Group for the small-to-medium enterprise (SME) market segment, technology

prospective reimbursement  millions of existing and prospective desktop customers. Leveraging that ubiquitous look-and-feel acquaintance in the MBS product lines (and in those of rapidly increasing independent software vendors [ISV]) is something that can add tremendous clout to MBS sales efforts—with the supposedly minimal training for the information technology (IT)-resource constrained SME market. In fact, the ongoing Outlook, Excel, or Word user interface (UI) metaphor moves may speak volumes about where the entire market is Read More
How One On Demand Vendor Addresses Its Unique Challenges and Competition
As the software-as-a-service market matures, and while it remains appealing to resource-constrained companies, organizations having up to 500 payees, and that

prospective reimbursement  So Tricky? ), and prospective users might opt for any one of these EIM providers over Centive. Some of these vendors have also recently espoused hosted offerings and certified (even profit-sharing) partnerships with SAP (see The Flagship Enterprise Incentive Management Offering and The Challenges of SAP Relationship and User Recommendations ). Although these hosted offerings are not pure SaaS solutions, they might be attractive enough to some companies, especially if prospective users are given the option Read More
FinancialForce PSA Winter '13 Helping “Road Warriors”
Recently released FinancialForce PSA Winter ’13 builds on FinancialForce.com’s commitment to making professional services teams more effective, mobile, and

prospective reimbursement   Read More

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