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Digital Business Service Providers Series: Market Overview
Today’s Digital Business Service Provider (DBSP) market is a complex of interrelated services and provider capabilities. This article traces the history of the

proxicom  teamed with service provider PROXICOM to create the first online mall -- marketplaceMCI - a failure by any standards, but a brave attempt. PROXICOM exemplified a new breed of service provider: one dedicated to web business. Such new niche web players quickly grew in reputation, and business was beginning to awaken to the possibilities of the Internet. Suddenly, there were people on the web, and where there were people there was a market. Tapping into it was another problem. PROXICOM was joined by the Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » proxicom

USWEB Weaves Great Quarter, turns up the heat in the Market Place
USWEB/CKS has announced it fourth quarter results. Its performance is on the money, and continues to drive forward as it goes through expansion by mergers and

proxicom  comparison, much smaller rival Proxicom returned $4M in after tax profits on $82M revenue including operational expenses - or +4.9% - for 1999 compared to a 1998 loss of $21M on $44M revenue). Q4 was 10% in sequential growth from Q3, matching Q3's sequential percentage increase despite the fact the fourth quarter was expected to be slower due to the holiday season. The revenue growth year-to-year amounts to 124%, far exceeding the anticipated market growth of about 60%. USWEB/CKS clearly has a formula Read More...
News Analysis: Dot.Coms Getting Bred By Scient: Will Scient Spawn Into a Giant or Will Andersen Have the Edge?
Scient's announcement of its intent to baby Dot.com's into existence makes it the Mondragon of High Tech America. The connection? Mondragon genetically bred

proxicom  follow, maybe more cautiously. Proxicom, for example, provides a discount on its services to dot-coms in return for what amounts to sweat equity, but no incubation facilities per se. As yet, there seems no sign that the stock market markup bubble will burst (I rate the current probability of it bursting badly at 1-2% over the next eighteen months, though there will be some major ups and downs). The potential of the Internet for business is deemed so vast (in the trillions of dollars) that the current Read More...
The Empires Strike Back - Part II: The Likes Of IBM, EDS, And CSC In E-Business
In the past year the traditional consulting houses have executed major initiatives to counter the challenges of the pure play and fringe market invaders. Being

proxicom  WorldCom and service provider PROXICOM to create online shopping malls (a much heralded claim and also commercial failure in 1994), trade marts and auction sites. As the web-based business market exploded, the consulting houses were caught with one foot off the ground. However, it was not so much the competition of the pure plays, but more the market opportunity and the need to leverage and keep talent. In less than twelve months initiatives have been launched to take the large consultants from the dregs Read More...
WorldCom SPRINTs, Nokia/Visa Pays Bill, & Service Providers Gear for Wireless Tsunami
Ready for another Internet Tsunami? Broadband and Wireless ubiquitous infrastructures are coming into place at a rapid rate. Digital Business Service Providers

proxicom  parts of Europe, and Proxicom has linked up with the likes of Ericsson in Italy. Lante is busy opening an office in Singapore where Agency.com is already present with a wireless practice, while USWEB is taking the global picture and wants to spread everywhere - it is even advertising for overseas partners on its website. Then, of course, there are the international consulting houses and systems integrators scrambling for pieces of the action, among them EDS, Cap Gemini, Deloitte Consulting, CSC, and Read More...
e-Business Service Provider Evaluation & Selection
This is a transcript of an audio conference on E-Business Service Provider Evaluation and Selection presented by TechnologyEvaluation.Com. The presentation used

proxicom  the 1980's. Lante and Proxicom are examples of this genre. Systems Integrators from the mid 1970's to mid 1990's evolved to meet the needs of tying together systems and products as generic products appeared in the marketplace, chiefly financial, MRP and technical systems. EDS, begun in 1963, moved rapidly to become a major systems integrator of the day. Osprey, a latecomer to this market, started in 1993. Product Centric service branches were established in the 80's and early 90's out of product Read More...

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