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Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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The Four Ps of Food Safety
Food safety is in the news, and recalls are not uncommon. For the food processor, a well-publicized incident can mean major damage to its brand and its revenue

ps 1ge sfp  Four Ps of Food Safety Food safety is in the news, on the Web, and a frequent point of conversation. Scares and recalls are not uncommon. For the food processor, a well-publicized incident can mean major damage to its brand and its revenue—and maybe the end of the company. The greater a food company’s risk, the greater the need for a proactive food safety strategy. Food safety strategy can be summarized with “the four Ps.” What’s the Risk? When it comes to food safety, not all products are Read More...
Two Force.com Apps Joining Forces at Dreamforce 2010
One of the major takeaway messages from salesforce.com’s recent Dreamforce 2010 conference was the company’s diversification within the platform-as-a

ps 1ge sfp  an agreement to purchase PS Enterprise , the cloud-based  professional services automation (PSA)  solution from Appirio . The acquisition will extend FinancialForce.com''s strategy of providing complementary solutions built on the Force.com platform. Together, the two solution sets create the first comprehensive solution for services for project-based companies on the same cloud platform. Some may remember that FinancialForce.com (formerly Coda 2go ), a hit solution at Dreamforce 2008 , was launched Read More...
Deltek and Maconomy: Gearing Up for the Global Service Economy?
Both the “old” Deltek (pre-2005) and “new” Deltek (from 2005 on) have not been strangers to acquisitions, but these were largely well thought-out and

ps 1ge sfp  competitive to Deltek Vision? PS : It is very complementary. Maconomy has some A/E customers in Europe, but not many. Conversely, we have some marketing agency customers in the US, but not many. We can use Maconomy’s European market knowledge to accelerate Vision adoption on the continent. By the same token, Maconomy can leverage our US market knowledge and marketing machine to sell Maconomy X1 in the US to their core verticals – advertising/PR agencies, audit & tax firms, law firms, and various Read More...
Product, Project, Process, and People: The Four Ps of PLM Analytics
Product, project, process, and people represent the four areas of PLM analytics that may help PLM user organizations develop better products, improve the

ps 1ge sfp  and People: The Four Ps of PLM Analytics After a product lifecycle management (PLM) system has been implemented and used for a while, the accumulated data within the system becomes valuable. This data not only supports daily operations but it also has the potential to help companies to better understand historical performance and predict the future, if it can be interpreted properly. In fact, reporting and analytics has been a part of some PLM offerings for a while. For instance, Siemens PLM Software has Read More...
The How-to Guide to Optimizing Your Professional Services Organization
Consultants spend considerable time thinking about their clients’ businesses, discussing key elements of their strategy and business model. But the professional

ps 1ge sfp  operational activities of the PS organization. This document represents key aspects of a PS management routine that will help streamline your focus and heighten your ability to execute. Read More...
HP: Why Not Just Call It “e-Vectra.com”?
HP succumbing to the trend for simple, sealed case PC’s, will release the e-Vectra in April. E-look before you e-leap.

ps 1ge sfp  to sell. And it keeps HP competitive with similar offerings from Compaq and IBM. We''ve seen similar initiatives before - souped-up 3270 emulators and Larry Ellison''s network computers, to name two. Perhaps the third time''s the charm. Nonetheless, we dispute the a priori premise that so called legacy-free systems require less technical support than PCs that use 1.44MB floppy drives, ISA, PCI, and/or PS/2 ports. This change makes existing inventories of serial and PS/2 devices, (e.g., keyboards, modems, Read More...
Business Solutions of the Future
The future is tomorrow’s present. Many have tried to predict it using silly or scientific methods, from chiromancy (palm reading), aleuromancy (fortune cookies)

ps 1ge sfp  , to the three Ps (possible, probable, and preferable futures) and a W (or wildcard—low-probability events with a high impact on the future) used in futurology . Without trying to create a “CRMorology” or “ERPmancy”, I aim to write a series of articles about the future of business software. Since this concerns everyone—and because I’m not Nostradamus or Hari Seldon (Asimov’s famous psychohistorian)—I would like to involve you, our readers, as well as business professionals and decision Read More...
PLM (Vendors) and Lean Product Development-Part 3: Siemens PLM Software
After talking about Dassault Systèmes in Part 2 of this blog series, I’d like to move to another prominent player in the product lifecycle management (PLM

ps 1ge sfp  and People: The Four Ps of PLM Analytics to find how PLM analytics can help PLM user organizations develop better products, improve the product development process, increase operational efficiency, and better measure employee performance). Siemens is one of the few PLM vendors in the market that clearly states the availability of PLM analytics in their offerings. The Reporting and Analytics module of Teamcenter provides data aggregation capabilities, life cycle reporting capabilities, open data framework Read More...
Inventory Planning & Optimization: Extending Your ERP System
SCM vendors are adding best of breed solutions to ERP product suites and are aggressively marketing this new functionality. The SCM market has been growing so

ps 1ge sfp  is accomplished in Kaizen, PS 9000, Lean Manufacturing, and Six Sigma as well as working to install ISO 9000 and develop strategic plans in both manufacturing and technology companies. Read More...
Using Keyboard, Video, and Mouse over IP to Connect Remote Networks
Today’s IT professionals are often challenged by unrelenting changes in the enterprise, increased data growth and compliance regulations, and geographic

ps 1ge sfp  environments where numerous cable drops and distance limitations can be a challenge when adding servers. Rather than adding another more costly switch that forces administrators into pre-defined multiples, administrators can add remote IP users one server port at a time by simply deploying another Spider. And network reliability increases as there is no single point of failure with Spider deployments. If a unit is disabled, only access to that server is lost until the Spider is replaced. SecureLinx Read More...
Assessing FinancialForce.com’s Early Years
FinancialForce.com, the offspring of an established best-of-breed provider of accounting and project-based applications and a cloud computing pioneer, aims to

ps 1ge sfp  was based on the PS Enterprise cloud solution, which FinancialForce.com acquired from Appirio, Inc in December 2010. This was the first acquisition of one Force.com-based application by another and demonstrated for the first time the true extensibility of the Force.com platform . That acquisition also created momentum behind making more application investments in the Force.com platform, and promoting “free market ERP.” FinancialForce.com has also begun delivering solutions for Apple and Android Read More...
Food and Drug Safety: Prevention Better Than Cure (For Sure) - Part 1
Food production and distribution is a serious and strategic business, and I am not aware of anyone in my surroundings that takes it lightly; food can not only

ps 1ge sfp  of those hitting home (perhaps even in a willful way by bio-terrorists ). Thus, some food processing market experts have lately been frustrated by companies’ focus on location and lot control , serial number tracking, and traceability  as the panaceas to solve product safety issues. While important, these critical capabilities still help mostly with minimizing the damage (i.e., during product recalls ), but the damage to customers and company’s brand has unfortunately already taken place, leaving Read More...
What CRM Should Have Taught IT (although not getting the message is not entirely IT''s fault)
IT hasn''t properly supported CRM because it hasn''t understood either its importance or its requirements. The advent of CRM exacerbated a serious, pre-existing

ps 1ge sfp  gets half a loaf. PS: Not to forget, business still has to learn how to gather its own requirements. But that''s easier than you think, thanks to new methodologies I''ll describe in a near future article. About the Author Author Dick Lee is practice leader for Minneapolis-based Caribou Lake Customer-1 , which helps clients align business and technology. Mr. Lee is the originator of the Visual Workflow methodology for parallel design of workflow and information flow. He has authored and co-authored Read More...
Delivery Architecture - What it Means...
Once we cross the border of the enterprise, traditional enterprise-centric systems fail to provide visibility or a way to understand and act, all in sync with

ps 1ge sfp  in managing your three Ps (supply chain policy, performance, processes) using outdating techniques and systems. Once we cross the border of the enterprise, traditional enterprise-centric systems fail to provide visibility, or a way to understand and act, all in sync with our partners. Delivery architecture has many nuances (see On Demand report summary), but there are a few key issues to highlight. First, a large part of our intelligence today that is used in every day business decisions does not come Read More...

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