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IFS Wins in Field Service Management
While it may not be surprising that IFS has lately had a streak of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and enterprise asset management (EAM) wins in its

pure wellness healthvault  TOA Technologies , a pure cloud FSM platform that includes appointment scheduling and dispatch, call status, and some real-time optimization. The solution is seemingly great for high-volume, low task complexity field service applications, with its current focus on services for utilities. But, TOA is much narrower in its service lifecycle management (SLM) footprint, i.e., offering hardly anything in the areas of parts planning and inventory management. Along similar lines is ClickSoftware , although the Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » pure wellness healthvault

PeopleSoft Building Muscles To Overcome The Rough Patch Part 2: Market Impact
With a large investment in architecture made early, PeopleSoft has so far resisted the downturn in the market and has gained ground by making its core

pure wellness healthvault  half of the year. Pure Internet Architecture Software With a differentiation in mind, PeopleSoft has been since 2000 a pure Internet architecture software evangelist, which is an achievement that took over $500 million and 2,000 developers per year resources. The result is a wide-ranging collaborative enterprise system with no client software to maintain and very good visibility of real-time information and data for anyone anywhere, with the ability to maintain multiple data models and distributed Read More...
Lessons Learned on the Inca Trail
Peru, a country with a glorious past and an uncertain future, stands at the crossroads. The inability to attract significant trade or investment due to the

pure wellness healthvault  that time. Clad in pure gold, ceilings and walls reflected the power and grandeur of a culture that clearly understood both nature and science. In the harsh mountain terrain, aqueducts had been crafted to create an endless supply of water. Terraces filled with fertile soil transformed inhospitable and rocky ground into gardens that produced an array of corn, potatoes and other crops to feed the Inca nation. Granaries and warehouses carved into mountain sides stored enough food to feed the Incas and the ot Read More...
ERP Vendors Intrude on SCE/WMS Safe Haven
Within the warehouse management system (WMS) market, which is still the main breadwinning offering for most of the SCE vendors, most products are functionally

pure wellness healthvault  Another challenge for SCE pure players has been that dreaded word— commoditization and subsequent price erosion. Namely, at least within the WMS market, which is still the main breadwinning offering for most of the SCE vendors, if one considers the within the four walls functionality, most products are functionally on par, with mere nuances in ease of configuration or industry focus to differentiate the winner. The above ERP vendors have taken advantage of this unfavorable perception for WMS Read More...
Interact HRMS
Interact HRMS is a suite of applications designed as an integrated solution for HR, Payroll, Time, Talent, Benefits and Risk management solutions. All

pure wellness healthvault  up as a 100% pure web-based application which can be deployed in the Cloud, Hosted or On-Premise, depending on the clients preferences. Interact HRMS has Self-Service at the core of its design to enable all employees to get maximum use out of the application and reduce the administrative workload on HR and Payroll departments as much as possible. Read More...
5 Ways to Manage the Rising Costs of Benefits
You can use benefits to meet the needs of your workforce and successfully compete for top talent. As a business owner, it’s important to be aware of the ways

pure wellness healthvault  Ways to Manage the Rising Costs of Benefits You can use benefits to meet the needs of your workforce and successfully compete for top talent. As a business owner, it’s important to be aware of the ways you can manage costs and attract top hires. In this paper read about finding a benefits package that’s tailored to your industry; promoting health and wellness programs; taking the best advantage of technology; and more. Read More...
TARGIT was founded in 1986 with CEO Morten Sandlykke as one of the founding partners. Back then, we worked closely together with other large Danish software

pure wellness healthvault  TARGIT Inc. is a pure business intelligence company that markets only the Business Intelligence software solution; TARGIT BI Suite. The first version of the TARGIT Business Intelligence technology was launched during spring of 1996, and the core technology of TARGIT's Business Intelligence software is protected by several international patents. Today, TARGIT is driven by providing facts that beat fear and enables courageous leadership.. Read More...
Enterprise Applications--The Genesis and Future, Revisited Part Four: Another Step in ERP Evolution
Within recent years, enterprise resource planning (ERP) has been redefined as a platform for enabling collaborative e-business globally. Originally focused on

pure wellness healthvault  started to move beyond pure execution to offer some planning and optimization capabilities, often with the adaptive moniker. Companies need real-time information from execution systems to develop and adjust optimal plans, while the execution side should benefit from more realistic plans for some readiness sake, rather than to merely react after the fact in a firefighting fashion. We believe that planning and execution will become much less inseparable in the long term (see SCP and SCE Need to Read More...
BuyDesign Configurator by TDCI Is a Choice for Infor ERP XA Users
The ability to configure manufacturing products on the fly according to certain customer needs is an essential element of any engineer-to-order, configure-to

pure wellness healthvault  product range goes beyond pure configuration and extends to sales strategy solutions; data visualization tools; configure, price, quote (CPQ) tools; and supporting documentation generation. TDCI's product configurator, BuyDesign, is being offered by ERP vendor Infor as a standard configuration instrument with Infor ERP XA. In today's news from TDCI , three more Infor ERP XA customers have decided to implement BuyDesign. These moves are expected and logical, based on at least two observations. First, Read More...
Benefits Management Benchmark: Technology Automation and Employee Self-service
To many executives, health insurance cost increases are as predictable as death and taxes. That’s why best-in-class organizations are embracing strategies which

pure wellness healthvault  Management Benchmark: Technology Automation and Employee Self-service To many executives, health insurance cost increases are as predictable as death and taxes. That’s why best-in-class organizations are embracing strategies which optimize benefit cost per employee. To succeed, these companies focus on wellness programs, clear communications about benefits choices, and benefits automation as part of an integrated system. And to compete effectively, other organizations will need to follow suit. Read More...
Baan Resurrects Multi-Dimensionally Part 4: Challenges & User Recommendations
Baan's viability is no longer an issue. Baan's rejuvenated management team has done a praiseworthy job of bringing the company back to health while concurrently

pure wellness healthvault  differentiate it from the pure CRM players, e.g., Siebel and Pivotal , it will not fly against the slew of ERP vendors that have long incorporated CRM within their offerings (e.g., Epicor , Intentia , J.D. Edwards , IFS , Made2Manage , Frontstep , Navision , etc.). Not to mention Oracle , SAP and PeopleSoft that have unquestionably been further down the CRM road than Baan, and that are occupying high positions in the CRM market measured by the pure CRM revenues. To be fair, Baan's strategy of going after Read More...
IP Phone Buyer’s Guide
Long-term cost savings and extensive feature sets make voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phone systems an attractive option for many businesses. But with

pure wellness healthvault  Hybrid IP PBX vs. Pure IP The key to selecting an appropriate IP phone hinges on developing a proper telephony migration strategy. There are two primary approaches for businesses: a complete overhaul or a converged deployment. For a company looking to abandon its legacy phone system altogether, a complete overhaul of its telephone system makes the most sense, both technically and financially. This start-from-scratch approach entails implementing a pure IP solution, along with dedicated IP phones, from a Read More...
Introducing the New Workforce Ready-Kronos’ Cloud Offering for SMBs
Kronos is one of the most important players in the human resources (HR) software market, with a global presence (serving 100+ countries), $820 million (USD) in

pure wellness healthvault  to discover SaaShr, a pure SaaS provider with only 60 employees but with a robust product and more than 4,800 unique customers. Though SaaShr was so successful, it was relatively unknown in the market because the company sold the solution exclusively through partners and most of these white labeled the product. Most of SaaShr‘s 150+ active partners target companies with up to 100 employees, while Kronos targets those with more than 100 employees with its Workforce Ready offering. What Does Workforce Read More...
Business Process Management: How to Orchestrate Your Business
Business process management (BPM), having evolved over the past fifteen years, has finally reached a level of maturity where vendors are now abolishing

pure wellness healthvault  rules for human-centric activities, pure-play vendors are probably the best solution. Where the focus is on the integration of legacy systems with application development, an application platform vendor can best determine the solution. Below you will find a breakdown of the different classes of vendors: Type of Vendor Potential Advantage Situation Application Integration Integration of business processes with a wide range of heterogeneous application systems. Application Platforms Integration of business Read More...
Integrated Learning and Performance: Essential to a Talent Management Strategy
Companies once responded to tighter labor markets with a greater emphasis on recruiting. Today, more firms are focusing on engagement, retention, and driving

pure wellness healthvault  Online Talent Management , Pure Talent Management , Sales Talent Management . EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In today’s “Age of Talent”, Enterprise Learning and Talent Management have become key factors in organizations’ strategic competitiveness. The tight labor market, coupled with an increased focus on driving performance through a more engaged and skilled workforce, will be a catalyst for further alignment between training, performance management and overall Talent Management. Until very recently, Read More...

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