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How to Measure Customer Satisfaction
Organizations often rely on surveys and questionnaires to determine customer satisfaction ratings, but such methods merely offer a perceived customer rating

questionnaires  while filling out these questionnaires. Naomi Karten, an expert on the subject of customer satisfaction ( www.nkarten.com ), states in her seminar Tales of Whoa and the Psychology of Customer Satisfaction : People tend to rate service higher when delivered by people they like than by people they don't like. Karten also goes on to describe what one can do to be likable. More often than not, Karten contends, the CSS rating received from the customer represents perceived feedback rather than impartial Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » questionnaires

SYSPRO - Awaiting Positive IMPACT From Its Brand Unification
By further perfecting its mid-market value proposition and by also unifying its corporate and product brands (i.e., often conflicting IMPACT Encore product

questionnaires  results were compiled from questionnaires sent to users of the industry-leading manufacturing software systems. Survey questions were reportedly designed to find out the general level of satisfaction with the products, implementation, and whether user expectations were met with regard to various characteristics of the product. SYSPRO users reportedly returned approximately one-third of all questionnaires received by CTS and were by far the largest sample in the study. Of these, 85% had been using Read More...
Cream.HR's Solution to Today's Recruiting Challenges
I recently interviewed Caitlin MacGregor, chief executive officer (CEO) and co-founder of Cream.HR, a company that produces a software solution that supports

questionnaires  Principal measurement instruments include questionnaires, tests, and personality assessments. Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, a professor at University of Toronto, whose research in the field has been peer reviewed and published, developed the assessment used by Cream.HR in its initial screening process. In addition, Cream.HR offers a dashboard that hosts both test results and candidate profiles (including résumés, letters of intent, etc.). As a result, employers can view the best-scoring candidates and Read More...
Five Things to Understand About Your Nexus Footprint
The complexities and fluidities of sales tax nexus can be overwhelming and require the constant attention of a tax expert to navigate, but most small to medium

questionnaires  pursue and audit: Nexus questionnaires are among a state’s primary enforcement tools. States periodically send out mass mailings indicating that the receiving company may be subject to reporting and collecting sales tax in the state. These mailing typically include nexus questionnaires that must be filled in and returned promptly. Ignoring these questionnaires is not an option because doing so can eliminate potential settlement options down the road. Nexus questionnaires are designed to ferret out Read More...
E-learning Course Design
This article provides hints for the design of e-learning courses with regard to target audience, navigation, objectives, motivation, media, interactivity

questionnaires  to provide feedback via questionnaires, surveys, interviews, etc. In addition, it is important to be able to make changes in the program based on learners' feedback. In this regard, it may pay to keep the following points in mind. Have you incorporated performance measures that can be used to benchmark the success of the program or the need for revision? Have you designed follow-up surveys, interviews, etc. with employees, colleagues, and managers to assess the on-the-job performance? Have you planned Read More...
They do it like that in the Balkans-Select and deploy ERP, I mean (Part II)
The Part I of this blog topic concluded with SAP's supremacy in the upper-end of the regional market. What also helps SAP ERP [evaluate this product] is a

questionnaires  selection processes with specifications, questionnaires, methodologies, etc., so that one can hardly ever point to a proper selection case study. On the other hand, even if a firm would like to select a solution by the book, it would be in a quandary of how to, not because of the dearth of solutions, but rather because of the lack of educated and unbiased selection consultants. Therefore, willy-nilly, the software acquisition comes as an initiative of the managing director, chief financial officer (CFO) Read More...
How Your Business Can Thrive During an Economic Storm
Most businesses are impacted by the slow economy, but recessions and economic slowdowns don’t last forever. Smart companies will be able to manage the

questionnaires   Use customer surveys or questionnaires, which can easily (and inexpensively) be sent to your customer database via e-mail. Provide an incentive for responses, such as a nominal gift or a discount on future purchases. Maintain employee morale. Employees can surely see when sales are slow and their opportunity for wage increases and bonuses are slim. Find no- or low-cost ways to reward employees, such as giving time off or allowing for flexible schedules. If layoffs become necessary, pay special attention Read More...
Lawson Software-IPO and Several Acquisitions After Part Two: Retail and Professional Service Initiat
Lawson is sticking to its focus on selected vertical markets, but going forward the tenets of that focus will likely be more finely tuned. Namely, the vendor

questionnaires  configuration guides, current state questionnaires, process flows, and fit/gap requirements matrices. The BPI tools have been customized to address individual vendors' application suites, Lawson being one. At about the same time and along similar lines, Lawson and Deloitte & Touche LLP announced a joint initiative designed to help CIOs assess the business value of their IT investments and align resources with their organization's strategic business goals. The initiative will supposedly offer CIOs a Read More...
What You Need to Know about E-learning Technology Standards Before Selecting an LMS
If you’re planning to purchase a learning management system (LMS), or upgrade your existing one, you’d better know about SCORM and AICC. Learn why it’s critical

questionnaires  learning objects [e.g., videos, questionnaires, glossaries]) were written and compiled, as well as the way the course content is delivered. This article is for you if you are looking to purchase an LMS or learning content management system (LCMS) for the first time, or looking to update your legacy LMS. I'll help you understand the basics about e-learning standards and how they need to be applied in the context of your LMS purchase.   Why Are E-learning Standards So Important? To help you understand Read More...
2008 Software Re
A new year is upon us and with that, the word “resolution” comes to mind...res-o-l-u-tion – [rez-uh-loo-shun n] - noun 1. a resolve or determination: to

questionnaires  a copy. When these questionnaires are returned, you can use them to help you further weed out the unsuitable candidates. And now you’re ready to go back to the analysis steps discussed above, in order to take your short list of vendors down to the one single vendor that best fits your needs. (Just a reminder of the things you should revisit in order to determine your best match: create or use a decision matrix rate how well vendors’ solutions support your criteria analyze the solutions’ strengths Read More...

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