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PLM Migration: Migrate Your Mind First
This article identifies the increasing requirements of system replacements in the product lifecycle management (PLM) area and recommends users rethink the

replacements  with first-time PLM implementation, replacements have more constraints in the users’ decision-making process—you can’t simply discard your existing PLM data, processes, and user habits that have been with you for years and start over from the scratch. On the supply side, PLM vendors are investing noticeably in PLM migration from both technology and marketing perspectives in order to echo the increasing requirements of PLM replacements. Encouraging existing customers to migrate to a newer major Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » replacements

When Provider's Value Is Not In Synch With Customer's Value
Embedded knowledge exists in the supply chain to understand and unlock customer value. Integrating the chain is crucial to aligning the goals of customers and

replacements  (no one has invented replacements for these). Key issues There are a few key issues that service providers need to understand if they intend to design and deliver products and services that create and maintain that value: Focusing on performance is the key metric—in the customer's eyes. Gone is the concept of response time and fill rates, but rather availability or uptimes. It's not about fixing broken things. But more important, it's about having a separate line item for inventory or part that a Read More
Embraer to Overhaul Its PLM Platform with PTC Windchill
In a well-established upper-range product lifecycle management (PLM) market total platform replacements are a rare occurrence. Brazil-based Embraer, one of the

replacements  (PLM) market total platform replacements are a rare occurrence. Brazil-based Embraer, one of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers, has recently selected PTC’s Windchill PLM technology solutions to “help bring new innovative aircraft to market faster, more efficiently, and with the highest levels of quality.” With the switch from its legacy PLM provider to PTC, Embraer says that it is preparing for an expected increase in demand for new aircraft in the next few years. Embraer’s objective Read More
Kronos Workforce Central Going Social
At KronosWorks 2013 Kronos unveiled the Kronos Workforce Central 7.0.2 suite, slated for release at the end of 2013. It will give employees and managers a forum

replacements  feedback to quickly identify replacements and gather employee preferences, ensuring adequate staffing while building an environment where employees feel valued.   Workforce Central can now provide every employee with a social profile to customize the information they want to share with their coworkers. This is intended to cultivate a collaborative culture where employees feel empowered to contribute ideas, share information, and crowdsource for strategic and routine problem solving. By polling direct Read More
The Real Star of Guthrie Theater
The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Minn., USA opened a new facility in 2006 and more than tripled in size, prompting the maintenance team to revamp operations

replacements  25-year projection on capital replacements earned the team a million-dollar matching grant award from the Kresge Foundation to establish a building reserves fund in 2010. Read More

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