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Methods of Linux Bare-metal Restore and Disaster Recovery
When it comes to disaster recovery (DR) software, companies should think of it as an insurance policy—not just software that recovers lost data. Being prepared for disaster makes good business sense, but oddly enough, few companies are. Because Linux distributions don’t include DR tools, companies must look to a file-based recovery solution that can recover the entire system and eliminate the need to rebuild.

RESTORE: Methods of Linux Bare-metal Restore and Disaster Recovery Methods of Linux Bare-metal Restore and Disaster Recovery Source: Storix Document Type: White Paper Description: When it comes to disaster recovery (DR) software, companies should think of it as an insurance policy—not just software that recovers lost data. Being prepared for disaster makes good business sense, but oddly enough, few companies are. Because Linux distributions don’t include DR tools, companies must look to a file-based recovery
8/6/2007 3:27:00 PM

Presarios Freezing - and Not Because it s Winter
At least 20 Compaq customers who purchased the Presario 5800 PCs recently have reported inexplicable freezing of their PCs while surfing the Web or playing games.

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Holistic and Efficient Protection for Oracle Databases
Successful business operations hinge on a company’s ability to maintain a high level of data availability. Database applications, such as Oracle, demand advanced data storage management to optimize application and data availability, as well as storage management capabilities. Discover a solution that can help deliver an enhanced backup, restore, and recovery regime that protects your vital data from soft and hard errors.

RESTORE: deliver an enhanced backup, restore, and recovery regime that protects your vital data from soft and hard errors. Holistic and Efficient Protection for Oracle Databases style= border-width:0px; />   comments powered by Disqus Related Topics:   Database Management System (DBMS),   IT Infrastructure and Development,   Archival and Disaster Recovery,   Backup (Software and Processes),   Data Replication and Mirroring,   Remote Administration,   Storage Management,   Tape Storage Source:
6/3/2008 3:51:00 PM

Microsoft Releases Preview of Exchange Server 2000
Microsoft Corp announced the availabilty of Exchange 2000 Server Beta 3, the messaging server previously code-named Platinum. The product will be distributed via Microsoft's web site at http://www.microsoft.com/exchange. The product is available in English, German, French and Japanese versions.

RESTORE: backup product which will restore to the mailbox level. The NTBACKUP utility which is shipped with Microsoft Windows NT Server is made Exchange Aware upon the installation of the exchange server, yet only allows for a all or nothing back up and restore of the two primary exchange databases, priv.edb and pub.edb. One may take note that neither Lotus Domino nor Novell GroupWise includes a packaged backup system specific to e-mail. Third party vendors, such as Computer Associate s ArcServe Backup for

Software Leasing Trend Slams Baan Earnings
On October 21, the Baan Company announced a larger-than-expected loss of $25M. Baan's stock price tumbled more than 10% after the loss more than tripled Wall Street's prediction of losses between $8.2M and $1.4M. Revenue for the quarter was $143M, compared to $195M in the same period last year. Sales of new software fell 59% to $36M for the recent quarter, from last year's $86.6M. Baan cited the market's move toward leasing rather than buying software as one reason for its sagging revenue.

RESTORE: future, in order to restore the confidence-depleted ERP market, particularly in the USA. Returning to profitability, primarily by increasing its license revenues, is of utmost importance for Baan. We predict that to occur in 3Q 2000 at the earliest (60% probability). User Recommendations Although Baan s cash position is better today compared to the corresponding period of fiscal 1998, we advise any organization evaluating Baan to consider existing functionality only, and be able to provide the majority of

Enterprise Applications Vendor Reverses Fortunes - But Will Perseverance and Agility Be Enough?
With seven consecutive profitable quarters, a feat unprecedented in the company's recent past, IFS enters a new phase of sustained profitable growth, along with its new chief executive officer. However, there are some challenges that just will not go away.

RESTORE: quell market rumors, and restore consumer confidence and long-term stability. To that end, the vendor had to swallow many bitter pills in an attempt to stem the tide and concurrently increase revenues and return to profitability, while also developing the internal infrastructure to measure and increase efficiency and reduce costs. Cost-cutting, layoffs, certain organizational restructurings, increased off-shore product development, and so on, have consequently been associated with the prominent upper

Red Hat’s Linux Domination Weakens
Red Hat still controls the Linux market, but now it’s getting some competition from SuSE, Caldera, and TurboLinux.

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SOX Segregation of Duties Matrix » The TEC Blog
was an attempt to restore investor confidence in publicly traded organizations in the aftermath of some well publicized incidents of fraudulent reporting activity. Section 404 stated that an internal control report must be included the financial reports for all publicly traded organizations. I concur, section 404 does leave much room for individual interpretation   by indicating in rather broad terms that company management is responsible for ensuring an “adequate internal control structure” and

RESTORE: Section 404, segregation of duties, sox, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

DMS RFP Template

RESTORE: Document Management System (DMS) RFP Template covers industry-standard functional criteria of DMS that can help you easily gather and prioritize your business needs in a simple and categorized excel document. More than a RFP template, it is a working document that serves as a knowledge base reference throughout the life-span of your DMS software project. Includes: Content Authoring, Content Acquisition, Content Aggregation, Document and Records Management, Security Management, Performance, Backup, and Recovery

ERP and SCM ImplementationsPart One: Doing Too Much Too Soon
In order to get ahead of the systems development power curve, companies are attempting what is equivalent to executing a quadruple jump in ice skating; running a sub 3:50 minute mile in track; and winning the Tour de France in cycling--all in the same year. How? By trying to implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM) software at the same time. Read on why this is an ill-advised course of action with an extremely low probability of success.

RESTORE: The recovery time to restore user confidence does not happen overnight. To limit your exposure, implementing one software package at a time may keep the fires to a manageable few. It may also give you the opportunity to establish your track record. As a personal choice, stacking the deck can t hurt. Starting an ERP implementation with the more basic, straightforward components, say accounts payable or general ledger, can quickly build confidence and demonstrate that the software functions according to

Oracle Database 11g High Availability
Oracle Database 11g High Availability. Find Out IT Solutions and Other Applications for Your Judgment Related to Oracle Database. A highly available IT infrastructure is a critical success factor for businesses in today’s fast moving and “always on” economy. But the traditional approach to building high availability infrastructure is expensive to implement and rarely meets user’s service level expectations. Learn how technologies available in the Oracle Database 11g can help you avoid costly downtime and recover quickly from unavoidable failures.

RESTORE: Data Guard configuration to restore disaster protection in the configuration easily and quickly, improving the robustness of the Data Guard configuration. Thanks to this feature, Data Guard not only helps maintain transparent business continuity, but also reduces the management costs for the DR configuration. The new enhancements to Fast-Start Failover mechanism in Oracle Database 11g further reduce the failover time and provide administrators more control over the failover scenarios and behavior. For
4/20/2009 3:12:00 PM

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