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The Four Steps to Reducing Production Scrap and Rework
Manufacturers know that production scrap can come from just about anywhere: from the ordered parts that don’t fit into a finished assembly, or from a physical

rework  Reducing Production Scrap and Rework Manufacturers know that production scrap can come from just about anywhere: from the ordered parts that don’t fit into a finished assembly, or from a physical prototype you’ve used and discarded. Whatever the case, the scrap—and any rework needed to fix the problem—costs you time or money, or both. Learn how you can overcome the most serious causes of production scrap with a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution. Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » rework

Siemens’ JT Data Format Gets a Nod from ISO
The year 2012 ended with a major win for (and perhaps a sigh of relief from) Siemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Siemens Industry Automation Division

rework  undergo some level of rework? The JT file format that was approved as an international standard is the same file format that was already published and widely used in industry for several years. Those companies and software vendors that are already using JT can continue using it with no rework. For manufacturers, the conversion process is the same as it was between earlier JT releases, and there is good translator support available. Vendors that are currently not supporting the standard but would now want Read More...
Case Study: Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems
Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems was having problems with its product development processes. The company’s home-grown system of Windows folders, Excel

rework  that led to costly rework. Learn how Astronics chose a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution that eliminated data inconsistencies, streamlined communication, and helped save the company time and money. Read More...
Autodesk Inc
Autodesk’s mission is to build software tools to enable people to experience their ideas before they are real. Autodesk delivers the broadest product

rework  business challenges, avoiding costly rework, accelerating project cycles and time to market, and ultimately gaining competitive advantage. Read More...
RFID Case Study: Gillette and Provia Part One: Background
The goal of the pilot project was not to see whether RFID tags on pallets and cases could be read automatically (although one should not assume that it is easy

rework  benefit of RFID, extensive rework has had to be done within Gillette's internal operational processes and systems. While the company still considers this one of its biggest challenges, it is also potentially one of the most rewarding, which should also serve as an object case to other companies planning RFID implementations—implementing without a companywide information strategy and reevaluation of business processes and workflows will merely create islands of information and processes that fail to Read More...
Case Study: Cadbury plc
To reduce time to market and realize the full value of its intellectual property, Cadbury plc needed to ensure compliance with government regulations. The

rework  amount of data object rework due to inaccuracies. We were astounded by the rate at which we improved toward achieving our goals, and Infor's solution played a major role. In addition to Infor PLM Optiva's management of a wealth of diverse data, our employees were willing to use the system, which made much more data and knowledge transparent and useful. Cadbury also was able to take advantage of cost and revenue synergies after implementation of the application. Morreale adds, Using Infor PLM Optiva, we Read More...
Case Study: Western Electronics
As a contract manufacturer, Western Electronics makes assemblies for its customers. This translates into a huge volume of data being exchanged@and an

rework   creating less scrap and rework and a working within realistic deadlines,” said Manfull. RETURN ON INVESTMENT Some of the other high returns Western Electronics realized from using Arena include: Being More Nimble and Responsive Than Larger Competitors Western Electronics’ management team used Arena to build an infrastructure that rivals any of the major players in the industry. With Arena capabilities, the company can perform like a larger, more established organization, but be more competitive Read More...
How to Boost Your WAN to Top Speed
While globalization can bridge distances and enhance communication, the story is a little different when it comes to wide area networks (WANs) and their effects

rework  fields. No need to rework QoS or traffic tagging, change network security policies or redirect end user applications - making the system easy to maintain and support. The Trouble with Tunnels Experienced administrators know it's better to administer the network without having to build or maintain tunnels. Tunnels have significant limitations. They typically require additional set up and configuration, often requiring non-standard ports to be opened in firewalls to allow optimized traffic to pass, for Read More...
IQMS Prospers by Helping Enterprises Work Smarter
IQMS has certainly succeeded in helping hundreds of midsized plastic processors and other repetitive manufacturers increase their

rework  supplier; and return and rework/warranty tracking. Other additions to EnterpriseIQ include More than thirty new reports throughout the entire system, such as payroll, accounts payable, and quality control A new customizable front-end of the CRM module that allows extended review into sales notes, calls, tasks, quotes, and support issues Improvements to the vendor analysis reports A new EDI report specifically for vendors of Ford Motor Co . An expansion of the reports and capabilities for companies with Read More...
Optimizing the Lead-to-order Process
A superior lead-to-order (LTO) process is essential in today@s environment of mass customization. Companies striving to build and maintain market share require

rework  rules Reduced cost of rework, scrap, and warranty expense Reduced reliance on internal resources, such as product knowledgeable personnel causing bottlenecks Eliminated out-of-date product information throughout the company and the sales channels AMR Research, the Gartner Group, and other research firms have validated the results of improved LTO processes. The consensus of these industry analysts indicates significant results are achievable; for instance: Increased total sales from 1% to 2% Decreased Read More...

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