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Meet the New (Revolutionized) Progress Software
According to TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic, some solid, growing, and profitable software companies never get the respect they deserve. Progress

richard cramer  chief executive officer [CEO] Richard Reidy pointed out that 10 percent of the world’s currency is traded via Apama). Apama also gives firms the tools for creating, testing, and deploying unique strategies for low-latency, high-throughput applications, including algorithmic trading, market aggregation, smart order routing, market surveillance and monitoring, and real-time risk management. CEP helps businesses achieve operational responsiveness by uncovering events or event patterns in data streams that Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » richard cramer

Are you BI Lingual or Just BI Curious?
Lost in TranslationIf your organization was a celebutante, who would it be? Well, comely or not, let’s hope that when it comes to BI, you’re not a bemused

richard cramer  Abate, Bruce Moore, and Richard Skriletz, principals at RCGIT ( http://www.rcgit.com ), about the opportunities and challenges of BI, especially for the mid-market. Each raised the issue of “blue printing”. This involves creating a framework for communication - an enterprise architecture - to support change, making sure that IT and business are aligned around common objectives, based on an agreed-to set of criteria and terminology, so that technology supports business goals. Chances for success are Read More...
A Mid-Winter's Nightmare: Economic Notes for the Winter Holiday Season
The US is the largest debtor nation in the world, with the largest per capita consumption of energy, and its currency is in decline. Does that mean a decline

richard cramer  Midsummer Night's Dream. [3] Richard Nixon's reference to Pat Nixon's coat. Policy changes we have to confront now Policy changes we have to confront now: Pay as you go government. Insist congress re-establish Warren-Rudman and address the exploding debt! Energy policies to reduce our dependency on oil—especially foreign energy sources that take us to hostile locations, increasing pollution, and the cost of energy. Things get a bit out of control in Shakespeare's play, A Midsummer Night's Dream . But th Read More...
Freeware Vendor's Web Tracking Draws Curses
The free cartoon character cursor provided by Comet Systems Inc. tracks and stores the web visits of millions of people. This potential privacy issue was

richard cramer  a private security consultant, Richard Smith, a founder of Phar Lap Software, who was also responsible for revealing security problems in Windows and for independently tracking down the Melissa virus. Comet uses a unique serial number for each user to that they can accurately report to their websites the number of cursor-using visitors. Comet is paid for bringing users to some of these sites, and it must be able to recognize that a single user is viewing more than one page on the site. This is quite Read More...
Lawson Software-IPO and Several Acquisitions After Part Three: Market Impact
In several aspects, Lawson Software could be regarded as an enterprise applications market anomaly. For one, at its peak in fiscal 2002, the company boasted

richard cramer  1975 by Bill and Richard Lawson and John Cerullo, and with headquarters in Minneapolis, MN, Lawson Software has experienced over two decades of being sort of a privately held family-run business. No fewer than twenty members of the kinfolk have been employed throughout the organization at some stage, with brothers Bill and Richard at the forefront, who still own the bulk of the company's stock, and who formerly held the titles of CEO and chairman respectively. Ownership, however, has significantly Read More...
Web 2.0 --
Another buzzword (albeit not another three letter acronym [TLA]) that has slowly (or not) but surely crept into our collective mind is certainly Web 2.0

richard cramer  ZDNet bloggers, such as Richard MacManus or David Berlind ), it is most likely that 10 different folks will provide 10 different interpretations (albeit most of these will revolve around mentioning wikis, blogs, AJAX, mashups, JavaScript, podcasts, social networking and so on). Generally, I would venture to say any website that uses a little more interactive and dynamic technology (i.e. not just publishing flat HyperText Markup Language [HTML] pages) and supports some kind of online commerce, Read More...
NeoModal Launches Corporate Ship On Promising Journey
NeoModal is completing work on an innovative combination of global logistics applications for shippers, transportation intermediaries, and carriers.

richard cramer  management team led by Richard Dick Murphy, a 32-year veteran of the ocean carrier industry. Murphy brings a hands-on understanding of the global logistics business from his tenure as an executive with Sea-Land Service, Inc., which pioneered ocean cargo containerization in the mid 1950s. Sea-Land was acquired by A. P. Moller, holding company for Denmark-based shipper Maersk Line, in December 1999. Another factor that will improve NeoModal's prospects for success is its ASP delivery model. Unlike Read More...
Transition for Manhattan Associates Necessary for Long Term Growth
Based in Atlanta, Georgia, $78 million Manhattan Associates, Inc. develops, markets, and supports supply chain execution systems for distribution center

richard cramer  operations, bringing in CEO Richard Hadrill to complement the vision of founding members with experience in managing a large organization. Manhattan Associates reported total revenues of $62 million for fiscal 1998, an increase of 93% over the previous year (see Figure 1). Manhattan has achieved an impressive 70% growth in annual revenues since 1995, but high sales overhead and restructuring expenses have kept earnings low. In addition, Manhattan's revenue mix has shifted drastically toward services over Read More...
Adonix + CIMPRO = A Feature-Rich Process ERP Product, But With Challenges
Adonix is fulfilling its promise to bring a full Process ERP offering to the mid-market. The new Adonix X3 Process automates and integrates the complex formula

richard cramer  (MSDS) and Container labeling Richard Surdez, Vice President, Process Industry for Adonix tells us, Adonix X3 Process is the ideal solution for companies producing food and beverage items (dairy products, preserved fruits and vegetables, grain mill products, bakery and confection products, beverages, fats, oils, dressings, flavors and sauces) and chemicals (paints and coatings, industrial chemicals, lubricants and adhesives, petrochemicals, cosmetics, plastics and synthetic materials or specialty chemica Read More...
Not Small Change: World-class Financial Automation Delivers Dramatic Benefits
Automating finance processes@such as closing the books, reporting, and other labor-intensive processes@reduces finance costs. By streamlining financial

richard cramer  with unexpected challenges, says Richard T. Roth, chief research officer at Atlanta-based strategic advisory firm The Hackett Group. To differentiate these best-in-class companies from the industry norm or peer group, The Hackett Group developed a range of efficiency and effectiveness metrics, including those for finance and information technology. Over 14 years, Hackett has tracked 2,100 organizations and considers that world-class companies are those in the top performing quartile based on its Read More...
Book review: Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and the Environment: Business Imperatives. ed. Ruth Hillary, Greenleaf Publications. February 2000
The role of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in society cannot be underestimated—indeed, many think SMEs are the most important sector of a nation’s

richard cramer  performance results.  For example, Richard Starkey, on his article “Environmental Management Tools”, presents a concise overview of available systems SMEs can use to monitor their greening activities (like ISO , LCA , and Environmental Auditing ). Moreover, the tools are presented in a way that can help managers choose which one suits their organization the best. The article concludes by stating that, since there are no two companies are the same, every organization needs to choose the tools that Read More...
The Changing Face of the Holiday Season
It seems that Santa will need to relocate to China! When traveling abroad (with the exception of low wage countries) it is becoming increasingly difficult to

richard cramer  manufactured in 1902 by Richard Steiff. Named in honor of one of America's favorite presidents, Teddy Roosevelt. Teddy has become part of the American family since an American toy buyer purchased 3,000 of these pieces in 1903. In fact, Steiff teddy bears, dressed up as hunters and fishermen adorned the tables at the wedding of President Roosevelt's daughter in 1906. As such, I have always thought of my Steiff bears as a link between the USA and Germany. On this trip I selected a couple of stuffed animals Read More...
So, You’re Considering a Paperless Office?
The concept of the paperless office has been around for many years, but only recently has this concept been turned into reality. This article analyzes the

richard cramer  of computers? According to Richard H. R. Harper's book, The Myth of the Paperless Office , there are four main reasons why paper is so desirable: Paper documents are easy to navigate through. Paper facilitates the cross-referencing of multiple documents. Writing down notes is exceptionally easy to do on paper. Switching between reading and writing is simple to do with paper. Think about the last time you casually browsed through a magazine while at the grocery store or library. We take for granted the Read More...
SaaS Buyer's Guide for Wholesale and Distribution
SaaS, despite its phenomenal popularity, is certainly not one-size-fits-all. You need to consider decision criteria such as fit, return on investment, and risk.

richard cramer  by two complementary executives: Richard Beeny, an industry veteran with a substantial track record in the supply chain management industry (most notably with one of the largest third party logistics providers, UPS Supply Chain Solutions), and Max Kamhi, a successful entrepreneur and real-estate developer. Through its cGMP-compliant facilities, LSL enables its clients—small to mid-size manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and med-surg fields—to outsource the warehousing and distribution of Read More...
A New Platform to Battle Software Bloat?
Lawson has unveiled a new standards-based business applications platform designed to increase overall application quality and improve the product lifecycle

richard cramer  special team spearheaded by Richard Lawson, founder of Lawson. It has reportedly taken more than three years to mitigate the source of application complexity—the massive amounts of computer code, called software bloat , which has brought business software innovation to a standstill. For more on this particular one and other problems plaguing current enterprise applications, see What's Wrong With Enterprise Applications, and What Are Vendors Doing About It? . Part Two of the Can Java Perk Legacy Read More...

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