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SAP as a Retail Market Force: More Fact Than Fiction
Can SAP, a market and technology leader in business management software, translate its success in the manufacturing industry to retail? TEC principal analyst P

robert mitchell  G00210646. May 10, 2011. Robert McFarland. Retail without Boundaries: Forging a New Business Model . Retail Info Systems News . December 20, 2010. SAP. Not at Just Any Price . SAP Spectrum. March 2010. TEC. “Act Vertical” vs. “Go Extinct” Retailers – Part 1 . March 30, 2009. TEC on SAP BusinessObjects Explorer. The Undying Users’ Quest for Exploring and Discovering Info – Part 3 . October 7, 2009. TEC. SAP Seeking Cloud Success via SuccessFactors Buy . December 5, 2011. TEC. RedPrairie: Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » robert mitchell

Buyer's Guide to Enterprise Storage Resources
Organizations of all sizes face similar challenges when managing storage@not enough capacity or protection. Help has arrived with Internet small computer system

robert mitchell  the long term, says Robert Amatruda, IDC's research director, tape and removable storage. For the rest of the IT world, hardware-based tape encryption will appear in the next generation of LTO devices, LTO-4, probably beginning sometime in 2007. The LTO-4 products will probably involve little or no price premium over today's nonencrypting LTO drives, notes Robert Abraham, president and senior analyst, Freeman Reports, Ojai, CA. For big data centers, IBM and Sun Microsystems Inc./StorageTek introduced Read More...
The Work Game that Motivates: The Holy Grail of Change Management
Can change really be

robert mitchell  phone at (800) 438-6074. Robert Osborne has worked in the business process and IT industries for over thirty years. He has held vice-president positions in sales and professional services for enterprise software vendors and integrators; provided consultative services for dozens of US and international clients; and trained thousands of professionals in project management, systems development, and business process methodologies and techniques. Osborne is the author of the Business Value System Framework , Read More...
Lost Your Laptop? The CyberAngel® Brings It Back
A company known as Computer Sentry Software, Inc. has designed an innovative option for laptop recovery. With laptop theft on the rise, investing in an

robert mitchell  in 1996 by actor Robert Urich and Dyrk Halstead after Robert Urich's son's laptop was stolen. Today, the company is providing it's services and software all across the nation, having distributed over 50,000 licenses of its CyberAngel Security Software. CyberAngel    The CyberAngel works through installation of client software on your laptop and registration with a security monitoring server. Using a password entry system, The CyberAngel communicates to the security monitoring server whenever the Read More...
Infinium Software, Inc.: Having All the Right Cards?
Following the market trends, Infinium has recently made an energetic push into a number of prospective areas such as: Web-enablement and self-service product

robert mitchell  total revenue. In 1981, Robert Pemberton, the current Infinium's CEO & President, founded Software 2000 (the name was chosen for its futuristic connotation at the time) to develop software for IBM System/38 minicomputers. The company shifted its focus to the AS/400 platform after it was launched in 1998. Due to the international popularity of AS/400 platform, Software 2000 opened offices in Singapore and London, UK during the mid 1990s. In 1996, EVP Frederick Lizza was named president and CEO. In 1997, Read More...
Active Voice’s Unity ~ In Pursuit of the Perfect Unified Messaging Solution
Throughout the past seventeen years Active Voice has enjoyed considerable growth and success developing Unified Messaging solutions for major collaborative

robert mitchell  13, 2000 Product Background Robert Richmond, Robert Greco, and Christopher Schmandt founded Active Voice in 1983 with a common goal in mind — to develop software that enables centralized electronic communication. Throughout the past seventeen years, Active Voice has enjoyed considerable growth and success developing Unified Messaging solutions for major collaborative messaging servers such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes. Active Voice has recently gained much attention in the messaging arena Read More...
United Messaging Extends Global Reach ~ Opens Offices in London and Amsterdam
Having opened offices in both London and Amsterdam United Messaging is well on its way to securing a strong foothold in the messaging Application Service

robert mitchell  and Chief Operating Officer, Robert F. Jones as president of United Messaging Limited to manage the EMEA operations. In addition to Mr. Jones' appointment to President of EMEA operations, United Messaging has hired Stephen Wilson, formerly a Lotus consulting unit director, to head up EMEA consulting services; another Lotus executive, John Bird, formerly a services director has been appointed Vice President of Sales. Simply put, United Messaging has put together a top notch messaging management team. User Read More...
SSA Seeks Support from Synquest

robert mitchell  SSA Chairman and CEO Robert Carpenter's ability to improve execution of the company's product development organization. User Recommendations While current BPCS users should look favorably on the planned joint development, it will be at least six months before a stable integrated product emerges. At that time, only users in the discrete manufacturing, high tech, or perhaps automotive industries should consider purchasing SynQuest Manufacturing Manager. Mid-market companies that wish to move to an ERP Read More...
HP “Medals” In U.S. PC Olympics
In the U.S. desktop PC market, Hewlett Packard and Gateway have been closely embroiled for the #3 position in the market. This trend will not continue. TEC

robert mitchell  BOTTOM LINE Conclusions In Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken , the poem ends with the famous two roads diverged metaphor. In the poem, they never meet again. However, in the PC marketplace, Hewlett Packard and Gateway have taken radically different roads to arrive at the same place - the consumer market. Gateway has an asset no other major PC vendor has - its network of Gateway Country stores. Gateway needs to develop and extend its build-to-order, sales & service from this unique resource. HP is Read More...
What Small Businesses Need to Know in Today’s Regulatory Environment
Today, entrepreneurs running small-to-medium sized businesses face daunting tasks that just a few years ago were not existent. The complexities of the business

robert mitchell  in a survey by Robert Half Management of 1,400 CFO's of private businesses, 58% are implementing changes as a result of corporate governance regulations. Again, all important stuff, but how does a smaller organization, with limited resources, cope with all of this? Perhaps more importantly, how do they stay abreast of the additional changes that are sure to be on the way? The only sensible answer is through technology. Many tools have been developed that can greatly simplify the process. Before they can Read More...
Enterprise Phone Systems Buyer’s Guide
Implementing or upgrading an enterprise phone system is a strategic investment for any large enterprise. To reach an informed decision, you should understand

robert mitchell  evened out the features! Robert Manager (IT Dept.), Legal Services Company Purchased a Scalable Phone System Spend the time to get a formal written agreement on project implementation. Preparing a road map and schedule for deployment will save you a lot of headaches. Robert Supervisor, Manufacturing Company Replaced an existing phone system Concentrate on reliability and ease of programming. Also look out for the cost of additional upgrades and applications that were not originally supported. Joe Eng Read More...
Thinking Radically: Interview with Gary Cokins
One of the things I love about my job is the opportunity I have to speak with great people. In this installment of Thinking Radically, I speak with Gary Cokins,

robert mitchell  book I read was Robert Reich’s Aftershock , which describes the 2008 economic global meltdown and its current effects. Regarding my favorite place on earth, since I travel extensively for SAS, I will reply with my standard “which country do you like best?” answer. It is the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. Social inequalities are well managed in these countries, and the results are happy citizens with less stress. Read More...
Case Study: Kenneth David Apparel Clothing Company Increases Visibility
When the first Kenneth David Apparel store opened in 1992, the company could manage operations with an accounting solution alone. But as new stores opened, the

robert mitchell  it’s supposed to do.” Robert Chusid, Owner, Kenneth David Apparel The Company In 1992, Robert Chusid opened his irst retail store, named after his son Kenneth David. With 45 employees, and five stores, it continues to grow across Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Florida. Kenneth David Apparel manufactures and designs men’s clothing. Kenneth David Apparel runs its business on Everest®. The Challenge When Chusid opened his first store, he could manage with QuickBooks. But after opening additional Read More...
Increasing the Value of Your Enterprise Through Improved Supply Chain Decisions
Improving the decision process around inventory and supply chain flexibility will drive sustainable, measurable benefits in the near term that are

robert mitchell  Capabilities. 1 - Kaplan, Robert S. and Nortan, David P., The Balanced Scorecard, (Harvard Business School Press, 1996) 2 - EVA is a registered trademark for Stern, Stewart & Co. Benefits of Improving the Decision Process Consider the challenge faced after a merger or acquisition. The challenge of rationalizing warehouses, distribution centers and even production facilities is a decision in the supply chain flexibility space. The rationalization exercise is non-trivial, but can drastically impact cash Read More...
USWEB Weaves Great Quarter, turns up the heat in the Market Place
USWEB/CKS has announced it fourth quarter results. Its performance is on the money, and continues to drive forward as it goes through expansion by mergers and

robert mitchell  Weaves Great Quarter, turns up the heat in the Market Place USWEB Weaves Great Quarter, turns up the heat in the Market Place D. Geller - February 4th, 2000 Event Summary USWEB/CKS (NASDAQ USWB) announced its fourth quarter results for 1999 on January 25, 2000. The results show strong growth and closely predicted performance, including a clear net profit. As well, USWEB/CKS reports changes in the market place that place it in a position of strength as the market moves from the mid- toward high-end. Ma Read More...

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