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Los Alamos Loses Top-Secret Information, Again!
Another security compromise occurred at Los Alamos National Laboratories last month when two hard drives containing top-secret nuclear information disappeared

science directorate  has been to apply science and technology to problems of national security. According to Los Alamos Director John C. Browne, reducing global nuclear danger is one of the laboratory's focus areas. The Department of Energy Secretary, Bill Richardson, was roasted by Senate Republications when he failed to appear at a joint hearing of the Senate Intelligence and Energy committees. Los Alamos National Laboratory was founded in the midst of WWII as a response to the fear that Adolf Hitler would make nefarious Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » science directorate

The Sunshine Act: Compliance in Expense Reporting
The Sunshine Act has prompted life science companies to look at alternatives to their expense reporting processes. The output to HHS is required to be

science directorate  Act has prompted life science companies to look at alternatives to their expense reporting processes. The output to HHS is required to be electronic, searchable, and easily downloaded. A solution that supports these requirements from the initial input step of the process provides proactive control and management of the data—and of the direct marketing process as a whole. Read More...
What Are Biometrics?
The field of biometrics has recently become a hotbed of controversy and discussion between privacy groups, law enforcement agencies, and the general public at

science directorate  enabled the stuff of science-fiction movies from Hollywood to become a reality. Learn more about the pros and cons of using biometric technology. Read More...
Telligent Community 7.5 and Telligent Enterprise 4.5 with Telligent Analytics 4.0: New Updates
Telligent has announced the release of new capabilities for two of its enterprise social community software solutions: Telligent Community and Telligent

science directorate  Expert Identification through Behavioral Science : includes identification of experts within individual profiles; Built for Big Data : Telligent Analytics can now integrate with other business intelligence systems; Configurable Reports with Telligent's widget framework : allows users to customize reports; and Measurements for Crowdsourced Contributions : gives a broad picture of the individuals who are contributing towards maintaining a healthy and engaged community. As social technology has evolved to Read More...
Pricing Management Vendor Must Show Proven Payback from Clients
Vendavo’s recent growth is due to its reseller partnership with SAP, and the segmentation and optimization functionalities of its pricing solutions. But the

science directorate  suite now combines pricing science (see Advancing the Art of Pricing with Science ), pricing best practices, and enterprise-class software to drive incremental improvements in average prices at every stage of the pricing process, from segmentation to deal close. At the starting block for identifying pricing opportunities is Vendavo Dynamic Segmentation , a module that enables fine-grained pricing. Initial customer segmentation is done via new, sophisticated data mining capabilities; then, users can Read More...
How One Vendor Parlays Price Variation into Profit Improvement Opportunities
Rather than sticking to such outdated and speculative pricing practices as

science directorate  if Companies Could Use Science to Align Prices to Market and Maximize Margins? The Pricing Challenges that B2B Participants Face In narrowing down the key elements of its solution, Zilliant points out three main challenges that manufacturing and distributing customers face on the road to pricing excellence. These challenges can be parlayed into data-driven pricing management opportunities for such B2B environments: The typical business environment of B2B companies creates massive customer-product-price Read More...
PROS’ Acquisition Streak Signals Pricing Market Consolidation
After the recent acquisition of Cameleon Software, PROS Inc., a sales big data software company, recently announced its acquisition of SignalDemand, Inc., a

science directorate  experience in using data science to unlock buying patterns and preferences within transaction data, which can reveal knowledge such as which opportunities are most likely to close, which offers are most likely to sell, and which prices are most likely to win. PROS offers big data solutions to optimize sales, pricing, quoting, rebates, and revenue management. SignalDemand gives PROS new untapped markets, including agri-business, food, and mill products, and a presence in the Bay Area.   With this merger, Read More...
Rewrite or Wrap-Around Old Software? Part Two: Extending to the Web and Challenges
Product functionality still quite matters, and while it is important for enterprise applications providers to implement the latest computer science

science directorate  implement the latest computer science quantum leap , there is no guaranteed correlation between first-to-market and the ultimate success in the market (In fact, based on many experiences, one could even argue that the correlation might be inverse). A good example is SAP . While it has not been known for speed, its holistic and meticulous approach to new product delivery may give customers some breathing space between adopting new software standards and solutions, while, at the same time, upgrading and Read More...
Pricing Management in a Down Economy -- Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series expanded on some of TEC's earlier articles about companies' need for better pricing management and optimization practices. It also

science directorate  its advanced retail pricing science for different applications/purposes.  Revionics believes its approach to development and the SaaS model is helping it to leapfrog many of its competitors and win some great new customers. Todd P. Michaud, Revionics' President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO), with whom I've also dealt while he was an executive at Retalix , recently shared with me his views on the economy. To his mind, the economic environment is having an impact on a number of things: Many retailers Read More...
Murphy's BI Laws
It's always good to remember that science and technology follow general laws, and that those laws are inviolable. This is especially true when it comes to

science directorate  good to remember that science and technology follow general laws, and that those laws are inviolable. This is especially true when it comes to Murphy’s Law : Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. In order to achieve success in a BI deployment project, you’ll have to consider a very important subset of Murphy’s Laws in order to avoid failures and delays. I hope this tongue-in-cheek set of laws will help you reach your goals in the challenging field of implementing business intelligence (BI) Read More...
The Internet of Things (IoT)—Manufacturers Making the Connections
The Internet of Things (IoT) is much more than a hot topic—it is creating new business opportunities for manufacturers. Find out how in Ted Rohm's post.

science directorate  of a topic for science fiction novels or forward-thinking product and technology gurus relegated to corporate and university research labs. In just a few short years since its introduction in 2009 by Kevin Ashton in the RFID Journal , the IoT has become more than a hot, mainstream topic, making it to the top of the news. In fact, it is projected to have one of the largest global economic impacts in the coming decades. Up until recently, the Internet had been primarily the domain of people. People have Read More...
The Art, Science, and Software behind (Optimal) Retail Pricing: Part 1
The “Four Ps” of marketing strategy, also known as the

science directorate  Art, Science, and Software behind (Optimal) Retail Pricing: Part 1 The “Four Ps” of marketing strategy, also known as the marketing mix , are basically applicable to all businesses. TEC ’s  two-part blog post series in 2008 talked about the importance of pricing management in a down economy . Price and promotion in particular are the lubricants in  retailing , although the two remaining Ps-- product and place , are indisputably important there as well. In his  guest author article in Retail Read More...
Kalypso and Integware Merge PLM Practices
Kalypso has recently merged with Integware, a fellow consulting firm with expertise in product lifecycle management (PLM), particularly in the life sciences

science directorate  particularly in the life sciences industry. For about a decade, Kalypso has been offering a set of services, including objective PLM technology strategy and implementation services in consumer goods, high technology, manufacturing, and retail industries. With the addition of Integware, the combined firm hopes to provide clients with a broader set of innovation strategy, consulting, deployment, support, and training capabilities to drive real business results from PLM.   In addition to the life sciences, Read More...
Autodesk Jumps on the Browser-based 3D Design Bandwagon
Autodesk is executing well along its main messages: cloud offerings are doing well, there is ongoing expansion in manufacturing, and the complete suite offering

science directorate  pioneered the art and science of visual computing, this new capability is an important expansion of the remote access capabilities provided through Autodesk Remote software.   In August 2013, Autodesk Remote was made available to subscription and rental plan customers worldwide. Remote allows users to drive Autodesk software installed on their primary computer from a remote PC or iPad, using its full power for 3D design and modeling work, regardless of the device. The collaboration with AWS (the recent Read More...
SignalDemand: Dealing with Supply- and Demand-side Pricing Matters - Part 1
In TEC's previous articles and blog posts about pricing management and optimization vendors like Zilliant, Vendavo, DemandTec, Servigistics or Revionics, the

science directorate  idea is to harness science to understand products’ baseline demand, price sensitivity , and the impact of pricing actions based on demand sensing insights. Recently, however, I had a chance to meet with an interesting pricing optimization startup vendor whose aim is to help upstream manufacturers and suppliers understand how to better translate commodity (e.g., corn, soy, oil, gas, electricity, metals, polypropylene) prices into viable final product mixes. For example, how can a meat packer make better Read More...

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