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10 Principles for Knowledge Management Success
Knowledge management (KM) can mean different things to an organization depending upon the nature of the initiative. KM is not a technology or set of

selfservice smartree biz  link to your Web selfservice site. A twist on the old saying, “If they can’t find it, they won’t come.” So make it easy to find, easy to access and easy to use. Become a Knowledge-Enabled Organization I think it is inevitable that knowledge management will have a high adoption rate in the next few years. Over time to remain competitive it will be essential to be “knowledge-enabled.” Just a few years ago email was not a common method for seeking customer service; now customers demand the Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » selfservice smartree biz

Enabling Growth for Midsize Companies: Three Strategies for Growing Your Business
Growth@whether organic or acquisitive@is challenging executives today from a strategic as well as an operational perspective. Studies estimate that 50 to 80

selfservice smartree biz  through shared services and selfservice provisioning. Limit risk exposure. An integrated enterprise platform overcomes the risk associated with systemscalability limits as well as regulatory risks typically associated with fastgrowing organizations. Accelerate value creation. Growth doesn’t wait for your business. The ability to integrate systems faster and to adapt processes to changes quickly is critical in staying ahead of the competition and finding new avenues for growth. Blueprint for Success Read More...
Accelerating Trading Partner Performance
Persistent data quality issues between manufacturing and retail trading partners can trigger claims, delay inventory, drag down margins, and lock up working

selfservice smartree biz  web front-ends for partner selfservice that often speed up the on-boarding process, but are typically unlinked from post-launch transaction quality and ongoing vendor performance. Manual on-boarding processes slow down partner certification to a crawl and burden retailers with poor data quality. Private exchanges and value-added networks (VANs) provide a scalable network pipe for passing partner transactions, but fall short in terms of monitoring the underlying business activity, data quality and Read More...
Supply Chain Collaboration: The Key to Success in a Global Economy
Outsourcing and global competition are forcing companies to transform their supply chains from linear processes into adaptive networks. Communities of customer

selfservice smartree biz  collaborative elements, including supplier selfservice, inventory collaboration functionality, and access to collaboration folders. You often see the following processes in your supplier collaboration: Purchase order and release processing Supplier-managed inventory The kanban process Dynamic replenishment Invoice/credit/debit processing Purchase Order Processing An effective collaborative application provides a comprehensive platform for managing and automating the purchase order process, resulting in Read More...
Case Study: NumeriX
Since 1996, NumeriX had been using in-house-developed licensing tools to manage and protect its applications. In 2006, it outsourced licensing to a third-party

selfservice smartree biz  customer's premises, allowing automated selfservice license activation and relocation from the end customer's isolated network. The remaining 15% of these customers are able to use Orion's built-in ‘sneakernet' selfservice license-activation process. At activation time, the Orion client generates an encrypted system fingerprint file, which the user uploads to the hosted Orion server's self-service web page from any Internet terminal using a web browser. The Orion license server returns the encrypted Read More...
What CRM Should Have Taught IT (although not getting the message is not entirely IT's fault)
IT hasn't properly supported CRM because it hasn't understood either its importance or its requirements. The advent of CRM exacerbated a serious, pre-existing

selfservice smartree biz  
A New Era Dawns for Sybase
Sybase, Inc. has announced an agreement to acquire New Era of Networks (also known as NEON). After completion, Sybase will create a new e-Business division

selfservice smartree biz  sybase,enterprise application integration,saas companies,data warehouse software,data warehouse products,datawarehouse software,sybase database,sybase server,open source erp,sybase adaptive server,web content management,software business,adaptive server enterprise,sybase training,enterprise solutions Read More...
Human Capital Management for the Public Sector
In the face of shrinking budgets and increasing demands, public sector agencies must transform themselves into providers of value-added services. By developing

selfservice smartree biz  that employee and manager selfservice functionality reduces costs by 25% over traditional transactional HR processes. Build on the best technology platform - With SAP NetWeaver, your agency can compose business-specific applications that leverage legacy IT infrastructures, enabling a lower total cost of ownership. With familiar screens and interfaces, employees adapt more easily to the new way of working. Most important, the platform provides unparalleled opportunities to link disparate functions and Read More...
How to Lead Your Organization on the Best Path to Performance Improvement (Webcast Transcript)
Companies require an agile enterprise performance management (EPM) strategy to ensure they have information to support effective decisions. The more information

selfservice smartree biz  multiple users and intuitive selfservice capabilities; again, IT certainly is an important part of the picture here. But users don't really have the time to submit requirements and give them to...and give those requirements to IT and then get that information, wait for reports to be developed. Agility, the ability to meet expanded requirements...so connecting the process of statutory and management reporting, having information that both finance and operations can draw from is key to business agility and Read More...
Technosoft Solutions Inc.
Technosoft is an offshore software development company with stringent quality control and a software development delivery system, offering software development,

selfservice smartree biz  
Customer Focused Self-service: Building the Balanced Business Case
Countless customers are engaging in self-service, in the process helping companies save millions by deflecting service interactions to cheaper channels. At many

selfservice smartree biz  used to enrich a selfservice interaction) has also seen significant development. In contrast to the traditional approach of using hard-coded rules, today’s solutions are self-learning. They learn by discovering patterns of customer inquiries (i.e., people who asked about “X” also needed to know “Y”). They also learn about semantic relationships among concepts (e.g.,“approve” and “authorize”are synonyms),which enhances the processing of natural language entered into a Web form or Read More...
Turn the Internet into a Strategic Sales and Interaction Channel
With the emergence of the Internet, the business environment has changed for many organizations, and will change to an even greater extent in the future. Indeed

selfservice smartree biz  As one example, many selfservice Web sites have deployed proactive chat functionalities to provide an additional option for service delivery, minimizing costs of inbound telephone calls while helping to secure customer loyalty. Establish a Differentiated Model:Right-Touch Service Although providing choice and flexibility for customers can be beneficial, you need a way to make decisions about deploying the multitude of available service delivery options. Customer support and service organizations are Read More...
Smartree is about people and technology and offers integrated human resources management solutions designed to increase the efficiency of the key processes

selfservice smartree biz  Smartree is about people and technology and offers integrated human resources management solutions designed to increase the efficiency of the key processes that attract, develop and capitalise on human capital, the primary source of oxygen for a business. Smartree means oxygen and relaxation. Because Smartree offers web-based integrated human resources management tools, perfectly adapted to the customer's needs. Read More...
Microsoft Convergence 2003 portrayed an Enterprise Solutions crossroad!
Microsoft Convergence 2003 provided a perfect learning experience to appreciate the overall Microsoft Business solutions and the directions that Microsoft

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Smartree Talent Management Suite
Smartree Talent Management Suite manage complex and resource-consuming processes like personnel administration, time registration, organisational charting

selfservice smartree biz  Talent Management Suite Smartree Talent Management Suite manage complex and resource-consuming processes like personnel administration, time registration, organisational charting, performance evaluation, training administration, recruitment and others, transforming them into effective and enjoyable activities, for which the administrative and bureaucratic aspects are fully carried out by computers, in a timely and accurate manner. Read More...

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