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BigMachines: Getting Bigger and Better - Part I
I recently attended Gartner’s CRM Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona (US). During the conference, I bumped into several old acquaintances who are working for

sell inventions  empower user enterprises to sell more, faster to their customers. These customers can be either other businesses or individual consumers. In this Internet era, enterprises need solutions that provide them with efficient tools to boost their  business-to-business (B2B)  and  business-to-consumer (B2C)   e-commerce  processes and productivity. In particular, those companies that sell products through both their direct sales forces and their channel partners globally require that their quoting and con Read More

Quote-to-Order (Q2O) Systems
Quote-to-order (Q2O) solutions (sometimes known as configure, price, and quote or CPQ) enable manufacturers to mobilize their mass customization initiatives. These systems can reduce time-consuming...
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Documents related to » sell inventions

Legal Considerations in E-commerce
Doing business on the Internet can involve some tricky legal issues. This article will help you understand the kinds of information you need to provide to your

sell inventions  information on starting, growing, selling, merging or financing their companies. Can They Do That? I sent them an e-mail and the next time I looked at their website they had posted the mail, with my name and address for everyone to see. Can't I sue them for violating my privacy? asked one shopper. Somebody told me that my competitor has already taken the name of my store as an Internet address. Can they do that? wondered the owner of a small chain of shoe stores. I heard that someone has a patent on Read More
SAP's New Level of e-Commerce: mySAP.com
SAP adds functionality to its role-based workplace portals.

sell inventions  both buy side and sell side solutions. On the buy side: The mySAP.com buying solution, using SAP's Business-to-Business Procurement component, supports multiparty transactions directly or via the mySAP.com Marketplace. SAP Business-to-Business Procurement also supports multiple back-office systems - SAP and non-SAP - as well as catalog content management services. The buying solution will include e-business products that allow real-time integration with legacy systems and non-SAP enterprise resource plann Read More
BigMachines (part of the Oracle family) makes software that helps companies sell products and services faster, easier and more accurately. Most companies have

sell inventions  software that helps companies sell products and services faster, easier and more accurately. Most companies have sales processes that are complicated, poorly-defined, time consuming and often produce inaccurate quotes. We solve those problems and help our customers sell more and sell faster. All the product and pricing information that salespeople need is stored in our web-based software so it’s up-to-date and available to them anywhere. Because it has the knowledge of their most experienced sales rep b Read More
The Complexities of Quote-to-order and Possible Solutions
It is becoming necessary to go beyond the direct sales force to sell complex products. With the advent of personal computers and the Internet, new possibilities

sell inventions  products well enough to sell them effectively. Getting sales representatives and channel partners up to speed (informed) on new and existing products is expensive and time-consuming. Furthermore, as product complexity increases, so does demand for customized products and services. For more background, please see The Basics of Quote-to-order Systems . Even More Complexity beyond the Direct Sales Force Although the traditional call center is not often used to sell and handle customer inquiries (or complaint Read More
How to Convert Service Calls Into Sales
In the white paper how to convert service calls into sales, you'll discover how real-time offer management allows your company to continuously lear...

sell inventions  The magic formula for selling more products or services is simple: present the right offer to the right prospect via the right channel-at the right time. Of course, that's easier said than done. But if you're in a service-intensive business, real-time offer management can help turn that magic formula into a profitable reality for your organization. Real-time offer management is an application designed to initiate and optimize an offer during customer-initiated interactions, and leverages the customer info Read More
Predictive Analytics for Business Advantage
Today, predictive analytics is used mostly in marketing and sales for help in retention, cross-sell/upsell, and direct marketing efforts. But change is coming

sell inventions  for help in retention, cross-sell/upsell, and direct marketing efforts. But change is coming, and in this infographic from TDWI, learn how organizations are planning to use predictive analytics in new ways. Read More
Geac Decomposes To Survive
Geac, a struggling Canadian enterprise applications vendor has not found its white knight. It will, for the time being, have to sell parts of its business in

sell inventions  company's unsuccessful attempt to sell itself as a whole. On March 26, Geac announced the conclusion of the strategic review process regarding the sale of the entire company. Following an extensive process involving several interested parties and facilitated by CIBC World Markets and Lazard Frres, no formal bid for Geac was received. Since we initiated the process, stock valuations have fallen markedly, particularly in the enterprise software sector. Combined with a tougher market for Read More
Headquartered in California, E2open is a provider of cloud-based, on-demand software solutions enabling enterprises to procure, manufacture, sell, and

sell inventions  enterprises to procure, manufacture, sell, and distribute products through collaborative planning and execution across global trading networks. Enterprises use E2open solutions to gain visibility into and control over their trading networks through the real-time information, integrated business processes, and cross-network planning and analytics that E2open provides. E2open customers include Cisco, Dell, Foxconn, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Lenovo, L'Oréal, Motorola Solutions, Vodafone, and Western Digital. BE Read More
Direct 500, LLC
Direct 500In today's world of highly competitive distribution sales, businesses are looking for ways to improve their call center, estore and catalog sales

sell inventions  to the estore.MarketingDistributors that sell through multiple channels often face challenges in tracking sales, marketing campaigns and their effectiveness. Direct 500 offers a multi-level source code that tracks how new customers are created and the source of each new order, providing valuable analysis data for the business.Integrating source codes with the Call Center and the eStore provides the business with an effective promotion and analysis tool set. For Example, an email blast with integrated Read More
The Importance of Setting Up an Origin Management Program
Management of free trade agreements (FTAs) and related origin issues has never been as important for businesses as it is today. Why? Primarily because it

sell inventions  lanes does your business sell on or plan to sell on? Once the assessment is complete, businesses should be well on their way to crafting a origin management program. The following five components are key to a successful implementation of such program: 1.  Visibility at the executive level – It’s of considerable benefit for C-level executives to be aware of your implementation efforts and to provide ongoing support for a consistent program. 2.  Cross-functional teams – Ensure cohesive decisions are Read More
PeopleSoft Supply Chain Is Music To Mid Market Ears
PeopleSoft has once again proven the naysayers wrong about its ability to sell supply chain management. Its Accelerated Supply Chain Management offering

sell inventions  Among the more alluring selling points of Accelerated SCM is the guarantee of on-time and under budget delivery, something that PeopleSoft implies can be accomplished in as little as 12 weeks. We generally frown on bold promises of speedy, trouble-free implementations and recommend that users conduct detailed interviews with PeopleSoft and ask for sample timelines and references from past clients who have achieved quick return on investment. PeopleSoft delivers Accelerated Supply Chain Management in thr Read More
Nurturing the Cloud Ecosystem at the Acumatica Partner Summit 2014—Part One
TEC's P.J. Jakovljevic recently attended the Acumatica Partner Summit 2014 in Denver, Colorado, where the cloud ERP vendor’s partner ecosystem gathered to

sell inventions  very early on to sell only through the partner channel, i.e., value added resellers (VARs) as well as to offer the embedded platform to independent software vendors (ISVs), especially those on old technologies and that badly needed a modern bridge to the cloud. Pool Source was the first customer win (not counting Parallels as the free beta customer) out of a direct face-off with NetSuite .   Acumatica’s Distinct Go-to-market Approach   Whether by serendipity or stroke of a genius, two large regional Read More
Global Trade Management Software Vendors Under-Perform, But Were Predictions Overly Optimistic?
After 9/11, the analyst community optimistically predicted a sharp rise in the demand for global trade management (GTM) software. While initially vendor shares

sell inventions  procurement, Web-based buy and sell applications, transportation, and international trade logistics, financial services, and financial settlement are all major categories of trade functionality that are required to satisfy GTM's expanded footprint. The ante has clearly gone up on compliance and risk management. How well an enterprise is prepared for changes in trade statutes and regulations will directly affect the costs and efficiencies of an enterprise's supply chain. Technology Evaluation Centers Inc Read More
IBM Nabs Another Application Vendor
Vignette is IBM's latest partner. This global strategic alliance promises to boost revenue for both parties. The verdict is still out on the impact to future

sell inventions  agreement Vignette promises to sell an undisclosed percentage of V/5 applications with IBM products, and IBM agrees not to develop business applications that directly compete with Vignette. IBM will perform the installations through IBM Global Services. This is not the first time IBM has partnered with an applications vendor to cement distribution channels for its products and services. These alliances have a similar structure. The vendor agrees to optimize its applications for IBM's servers, databases, a Read More

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