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Advertising Online - A Guide to Successful Market Penetration Part Three: Geo Targeting and Fraud Protection
The same type of technology used to identify and suppress certain types of traffic can also be used for good - geo targeting can supply geographically specific

session caching  the application of a session id based on the time of the search is also effective. This embeds an expiry time on the search URL and will refuse any click transactions if they occur after a predetermined period of time. For example, if a click to your link happens 2 hours after the actual search occurred, one could safely assume that some form of caching has occurred and that the transaction did not happen in a live search environment. There are some risks for the publisher in discarding good transactions Read More...
ERP System for Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
A U.S.-based manufacturer of industrial machinery turned to TEC for help selecting an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.
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Documents related to » session caching

Saba Software: All about People (Cloud) - Part 3

session caching  , distributed caching, virtualization, session failover management, and off-line processing for asynchronous processes. Configurability and Extensibility : The Saba platform offers a configurable application environment whereby business processes, system features, and user experiences can be easily configured to meet the needs of the vendor’s diverse customer base. Integration Ready : Saba solutions are deployed in complex IT ecosystems where integrations with other systems are commonly required. The ve Read More...
Meet the New (Revolutionized) Progress Software
According to TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic, some solid, growing, and profitable software companies never get the respect they deserve. Progress

session caching  Kemsley wrote about the session —that the integration between the Savvion BPM Studio and the OpenEdge Architect development environments is still not that tight at this stage, even though both studios are Eclipse-based. There are also two separate servers: Java-based BPM Server for executing processes and ABL-based OpenEdge Application Server for handling transactions. The session involved quite a bit of back-and-forth coding action by Wilner. OpenEdge’s Niche Appeal I imagine that future releases wil Read More...
An Introduction to Load Balancing
Is it possible for a business to ensure uninterrupted, secure, and high-performance access to network-based business applications and web sites? Yes. With

session caching  functionality used to maintain session persistence includes cookies and header IDs. However, maintaining persistence for the latest generation of applications can require basing persistence on applicationspeciic content (e.g., a transaction ID in an XML document) carried in the payload body. Server health monitoring: Health checks to ensure a server’s availability can prevent directing of a request to a failed server. At a basic level, the load balancer can keep checking the server port to determine its Read More...
E-mail 101
The first e-mail programs were created in the late 60s/early 70s—simpler times, when everyone on the network was trustworthy. Even knowing what we know today

session caching  anything in an SMTP session can be faked: You can’t trust the sender’s address or most of the message headers and body. SMTP is a simple text-based protocol that runs over TCP. A machine wishing to send email (the SMTP client) connects over TCP to port 25 on the SMTP server. The client issues SMTP commands and the server responds with SMTP replies. All commands and replies are in plain-text, human-readable format. The back-and-forth command/reply sequence is called an SMTP conversation. To illustrate Read More...
Dell Updates Its Appliance Line
As part of a far-reaching strategy to grab a large share of Internet infrastructure computing, Dell has announced three new appliance server models.

session caching  Updates Its Appliance Line Dell Updates Its Appliance Line R. Krause - April 28th, 2000 Event Summary Dell Computer Corporation introduced its new line of Dell PowerApp appliance servers as part of Dell's comprehensive Internet infrastructure strategy. PowerApp appliance servers focus on Web hosting and Internet caching. For Web hosting, PowerApp.web products are dedicated Web servers that include optimized versions of Web hosting software from Microsoft or Red Hat Linux. The PowerApp.web 100 products Read More...
ProcessPro ERP Is Now TEC Certified
ProcessPro, an ERP software vendor from Minnesota, United States, recently presented a live demo session of its software ProcessPro ERP to TEC analysts. Here’s

session caching  presented a live demo session of its software ProcessPro ERP to TEC analysts. Here’s a brief overview of the company, its product, and some key factors differentiating this vendor from its competitors. Firmly dedicated to the process manufacturing vertical market within the enterprise resource planning (ERP) space, ProcessPro Software does not offer solutions for discrete manufacturing, or standalone distribution businesses. More specifically, it is narrowly focused on batch process manufacturing, Read More...
Mobilizing Change Part Two: The Case for Action Method
The case for action is intended as a living document, to be updated and referenced by the business and the project team. It should be referenced during the

session caching  return on investment. The session is best facilitated by an independent facilitator. This can be someone from an independent part of the organization, e.g. human resources, or can be a third party. This is an important distinction, because someone with vested interests may attempt to influence the discussion or may be focused on their own particular pet peeves. Most importantly, if they truly facilitate, then they are unable to contribute and this may detract from the end result. Who To Involve For an Read More...
Rackmount Server Sales Surge
Rack-optimized servers are reported to have increased their quarter-over-quarter unit sales by over 50%

session caching  Server Sales Surge Rackmount Server Sales Surge R. Krause - August 17, 2000 Event Summary July 31, 2000 - IDC reports that unit sales of rack-optimized Intel-based servers increased over 55% from 4Q99 to 1Q00, compared with a 2% decline for the overall Intel server market. In the meantime, major Intel server vendors are planning to increase their rack-optimized products offerings in the coming months. Market Impact This trend has been obvious for a long time, so we're surprised it took the market Read More...
APICS 2009 Preview Webinar Series, Session 2: Job Search Strategies for Supply Chain Professionals
I am planning to attend this year’s Association for Operations Management (better known as APICS), conference in Toronto. To better understand the presenters

session caching  2009 Preview Webinar Series, Session 2: Job Search Strategies for Supply Chain Professionals I am planning to attend this year’s Association for Operations Management (better known as APICS), conference in Toronto. To better understand the presenters who are going to be at the conference, I attended a webinar from APICS previewing what some speakers will present. I want to share with our readers the insight that was given to the audience of this particular webcast in terms of professional development. Read More...
Microsoft Lays Enforced-Concrete Foundation For Its Business Solutions
While most of its applications co-opetitors have been licking their wounds and dreading another financial quarterly report, cash amassed Microsoft has recently

session caching  employees . The product strategy session featured a series of solution demonstrations that reflected MBS' threefold development efforts. This is Part One of a four-part note on Microsoft's strategy for its MBS division. Parts Two and Three will cover the Market Impact and Challenges, and Part Four will make User Recommendations. 1. Expanding and enhancing solutions By deepening integration points with the Microsoft Office desktop applications suite, MBS attempted to demonstrate to its global partners how Read More...
MarketingSherpa's B2B Summit: Conquer 8 B2B Challenges
Special offer save $400.

session caching  made to make every session, every speaker and every piece of content focused on helping you as a B2B marketer meet your top challenges. The MarketingSherpa team has identified through extensive marketplace research the top 8 challenges that B2B marketers face each and every day . This year's Summit is built to equip attendees with specific and proven tools, tips, and strategies to conquer these challenges: Doing more with less Generating high quality leads Marketing to a lengthening sales cycle Creating Read More...
Blackboard Learn Makes the Grade and Gets TEC Certified
I am pleased to announce that Blackboard Learn is officially certified by Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) for online evaluation of learning management

session caching  etc.) was accurate. The session lasted a little more than 2 hours. You can find out more about TEC’s certification process on our Web site . About Blackboard Blackboard is a public company (Nasdaq: BBBB) dedicated to working with its clients to develop and implement technology that improves every aspect of learning (whether scholastic or corporate). In fact, client input is critical to its product development. Headquartered in Washington, DC, and having more than 14 offices worldwide, the company Read More...

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