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Achieving Growth: New Accounts versus Up-selling to Existing Accounts
A recent survey of chief executive officers has found that growth is again the number one priority, overtaking cost-cutting as their previous top concern. Can enterprise application providers to take advantage of this new focus?

SET OF ACCOUNTS: willing vendor, changing skill sets and attitudes is by no means easy since these two strategies require a different mentality. Further, if unsuccessful, the existing customer will likely suffer the consequences of less experienced, less knowledgeable people. For instance, in a new accounts culture, the majority of service personnel are trained and equipped to install new accounts. They are very good at taking a customer from nothing (a green-field) to implementation. In an existing customer culture,

Duke Realty Remodels Accounts Payable Processes with AnyDocINVOICE
Duke Realty Corporation—the largest publicly traded office and industrial property owner in the US—needed to find a more organized way to process the nearly 20,000 invoices its thirteen locations handled each month. To ensure data was properly captured and processed, Duke Realty turned to AnyDocINVOICE solution and has since been able to create a faster, more visible invoice process that uses 50 percent less staff.

SET OF ACCOUNTS: Payment,   Clearing and Settlement Systems,   Purchasing,   Small Business Accounting,   Time,   Billing,   and Invoicing,   Business Intelligence and Data Management,   Business Intelligence (BI),   Database Management System (DBMS) Related Industries:   Finance and Insurance,   Real Estate,   Rental and Leasing Services Source: AnyDoc Software, Inc. Learn more about AnyDoc Software, Inc. Readers who downloaded this case study also read these popular documents! Best Practices for ERP
11/19/2007 6:22:00 PM

Glossary of Enterprise Applications TerminologyPart One: Accounts Payable Through Internet
As enterprise applications systems developed over time, a continuous stream of new terminology surfaced. This is a glossary of those terms.

SET OF ACCOUNTS: interface (API) : A set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications or for communicating with programs or other systems. A good API makes it easier to develop a program by providing all the building blocks that a programmer needs Although APIs are designed for programmers, they are ultimately good for users because they guarantee that all programs using a common API will have similar interfaces, which makes it easier for users to learn new programs. On the other hand, many

Accounts Payable Takes Center Stage in Cash-constrained Economy
Cash is king in today’s difficult economic circumstances. Chief financial officers (CFOs) and other finance executives are under severe pressure to ensure their cash management practices are top notch—and are placing renewed focus on accounts payable (A/P). Find out more.

SET OF ACCOUNTS: Best Practices for Fixed Asset Managers Talent Management for Small and Medium-size Businesses: Steer Your Business to Handle Change by Creating the Right Road Map for Your Talent Journey TEC 2013 Supply Chain Management Buyer’s Guide Acronym-Related White Papers: Business Intelligence (BI) |  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) |  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) |  Human Capital Management (HCM) |  Information Technology (IT) |  Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) |  Return on Investment
8/6/2010 5:16:00 PM

Business Solutions of the Future » The TEC Blog
Human Capitalist blog IBM Asset Management blog Inventory Optimization and Multiechelon Irregular Enterprise IT Project Failures ITBusinessEdge Enterprise Applications blog Laurie McCabe s Blog Logistics ViewPoints blog Manufacturing Operations blog Microsoft s Dynamics CRM Team blog Microsoft s Supply Chain blog Modern Materials Handling blog Next Gen Enterprise On-Demand Sales Performance Management blog Optimal SAP blog OracleApps Epicenter Pegasystems blog PGreenblog ProcessGenie Architect and

SET OF ACCOUNTS: business, Cloud, CRM, ERP, future, integration, millennial, opaas, paas, SaaS, Security, solution, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Best of the Three CRM Solutions
In 2004, Best Software acquired ACCPAC through its parent company The Sage Group plc and has now released a new version of its CRM product: SalesLogix 6.2. Their objective is clearly to gain as much market share as possible in the growing small and medium sized enterprise market (SME). Acquiring additional market share is a clear objective when competing in a target market that houses players such as Microsoft CRM, Salesforce.com and the mid-sized Siebel offering. It will be interesting to watch how Best Software will position its new

SET OF ACCOUNTS: Best of the Three CRM Solutions Best of the Three CRM Solutions Katarina Novatzki and Kevin Ramesan - August 5, 2004 Read Comments Event Summary The recent product innovations offered by SalesLogix v6.2, along with the acquisition of ACCPAC by the UK-based Sage Group, position the vendor in a wide range of buyer profiles. Best Software, Sage s US-based subsidiary, can now offer to its North American partners the opportunity to provide comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) solutions

The Art of Learning » The TEC Blog
learning-by-doing in real world settings. •    Virtual communities enable new pedagogical strategies that facilitate learner encouragement and motivation. •    Learning Management Systems (LMSs): These systems are used by many organizations to administer, document, track, and report on training programs. So how does one filter this plethora of information, and keep only the most useful information required for an optimal learning experience? This in itself takes a modern scholastic approach:

SET OF ACCOUNTS: education, learning, learning tools, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

A Visionary of Loveliness
Informix released version 2.0 of their interactive data analysis dashboard Visionary. The tool is designed for decision-makers and provides capabilities for viewing and analyzing dynamic data from a variety of sources.

SET OF ACCOUNTS: A Visionary of Loveliness A Visionary of Loveliness D. Geller - April 20, 2000 Read Comments D. Geller - April 20th, 2000 Event Summary What is happening right now in your business? Has your Singapore subsidiary committed itself to a production contract that will push their machine utilization so high that you want to look for backup capacity elsewhere in the region? If so, which kinds of machines are most impacted? Are Web-based sales coming from the Northwest outstripping retail sales from the same

RIM Gets the Gist (of Social Media) » The TEC Blog
adding new tags or setting different levels of importance for your contacts. DC : OK, I get it now. So why has RIM acquired this application? GG : There are two main reasons, in my opinion. The first is general consolidation in the social media universe—companies and startups that created innovative applications have been acquired by larger companies. Some examples are Jigsaw and Radian6 by salesforce.com, Skype by Microsoft, TweetDeck by Twitter, etc. The second reason is that companies like Apple,

SET OF ACCOUNTS: Android, Apple, Blackberry, business solutions, contact management, CRM, facebook, Gist, google, HTC, ipad, Mobile, RIM, social media, Tungle, twitter, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Beware of Legacy Data - It Can Be Lethal
Legacy data can be lethal to your expensive new application – two case studies and some practical recommendations.

SET OF ACCOUNTS: commonly the reason for setting up a data warehouse system. Much can be learned from the methodologies and tools used in the data quality and data warehouse world. When you are planning to migrate your legacy data to a new environment, you should basically treat it as a data warehouse project. Sensible steps are: Profile the data to be migrated : what is the content of the legacy data stores, what abnormalities can be discovered, can the data be understood at all? SQL can help you; or specialized tools

Three Es of CRM
Your Challenge: Get Decision Makers' Approval for The Three E's of CRM. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. With product lifecycles accelerating and pricing pressures increasing, organizations must focus on delivering unique customer experiences to differentiate themselves from the competition. Customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning technologies play a critical enabling role.

SET OF ACCOUNTS: equity scorecard creates a set of metrics by which the organization can assess the impact of changing sales, service and marketing strategies. A recent TSC client, a leading consumer electronics retailer, provides a perspective on the value of a customer equity scorecard. This retailer began implementing a new store model based on a definition of customer-centricity . The first step in this process was segmenting the customer base into a series of group profiles defined by buying behaviors-including
9/8/2005 8:26:00 PM

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