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Vendors Harness Excel (and Office) to Win the Lower-end of Business Intelligence Market
Small and medium businesses wanting the benefits of business intelligence (BI) without having to implement a large enterprise system may find a viable option in

share excel document  code, and will eventually share common functionality. Currently, they feature only a limited number of common data and cross-over functionality, not to mention two different look-and-feel paradigms. MBS has also increased the analytic abilities of its ERP and accounting packages, which already provide some Excel capabilities for analytics. Namely, the reporting and analytic capabilities in Microsoft Axapta, Great Plains, Solomon, and Navision allow users to export reports to Excel. Furthermore, the Read More
Document Management System (DMS)
Document management systems (DMS) assist with the management, creation, workflow, and storage of documents within different departments. A DMS stores documents in a database and associates importan...
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2007 Microsoft Office System Suites Comparison
To meet the challenges of our global, information-based economy, employees and teams must work more efficiently and effectively with information. Solving these

share excel document  for quickly, and easily share information with others across geographical or organizational boundaries so they can deliver better results faster. Today's work environment is very different from five years ago. You have access to more powerful software and computing systems, wireless connectivity, and mobile devices such as laptop computers, Smartphones, and handheld devices than ever before. The definition of a workplace or team can now span locations, organizations, time zones - even cultures. An Read More
Best-of-breed Approach to Finance and Accounting
CODA's savvy accounting and financial offerings include budgeting, forecasting, scorecards, and tools that use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets collaboratively and

share excel document  collection system sees its share of the revenues and costs. Typical systems require only four to twenty concurrent CODA e-Finance users to manage all cross-charging and reporting functions. Cubic has recently implemented CODA e-Finance as part of its ticketing system projects in the cities of San Diego, California (US), and Brisbane, Queensland (Australia). As for manufacturing, CODA has long had a partnership with Cincom Systems , which has resulted in about eighty joint customers worldwide to date, Read More
Giving a Business Process Management Edge to Enterprise Resource Planning
By providing business process management functionality, Exact hopes to bring competitive enhancements to enterprise resource planning systems used by small and

share excel document  Globe and e-Synergy also share the same core business logic. A single Microsoft Common Object Model (COM) -based framework is used to store and implement business logic in both Exact e-Synergy and Exact Globe. They also support the XML export and import of data, based on a common, published XML schema used for integration in distributed environments or with external applications. For backwards compatibility, legacy comma separated values (CSV) import flat files are still supported, but Exact's strategic Read More
Mavenlink Rounding Out Its Wares for Businesses of All Sizes
Today, more and more companies are breaking down into a slew of collaborative networks of smaller organizations with ever greater specialization. In this new ad

share excel document  collaborate with team members, share files, assign tasks, milestones, and deliverables, add clients and colleagues, configure team permissions, etc. The solution’s capabilities for conducting business with clients can include tracking budgets, managing T&E, tracking change orders, sending invoices, and sending information to accounting systems (e.g., Intuit QuickBooks ) easily, with one click. There are more than 500,000 people in 190 countries using Mavenlink today, and there is much room for growth. Read More
ECP - A division of Cambridge Global Services (CGS)
ECP provides a number of business management solutions, including, business process management, compliance, document management, forms management, image

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Case Study: Align Technology, Inc.
Planning to expand, Align@a medical device manufacturer@identified electronic document management as a vital component of growth. One goal was to reduce the

share excel document  in folders on a shared, read-only file server where only document control personnel could make modifications. Because all changes required manual updating on both the production folders and the down-rev folders, personnel were required to duplicate work efforts to ensure referential integrity between documents. Employees found it difficult to find the proper revisions of specific documents. Even with the file search capability, employees would turn up many versions of a document—only one of which Read More
Linux and Open Source IT Services (Excel Format) RFI/RFP Template
OS and Application Services, Support Services, Consulting, Implementatation, and Reselling, Migration and Version Maintenance Services, Customization Services

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Excel Users Are “Doomed.” Long Live Excel User Interface
A little while ago, in her post Beware Supply Chain Excel Users—YOU are DOOMED!!!!, my colleague Khudsiya Quadri warned Microsoft Excel users that Excel is not

share excel document  Users Are “Doomed.” Long Live Excel User Interface A little while ago, in her post Beware Supply Chain Excel Users—YOU are DOOMED!!!! , my colleague Khudsiya Quadri warned Microsoft Excel users that Excel is not a good option when enterprise applications are expected to be used. Reading her post and the comments that followed is a good exercise in learning different perspectives from different people. However, in my post, I’ll refrain from agreeing or disagreeing, but rather I’ll open Read More
Intellexer - CDT
Intellexer is a corporate intranet solution that is used for document search, summarization, clusterization, and query handling. It uses semantic technology

share excel document  intellexer,natural language systems,natural language software,natural language technology,natural language processing,document summarization,semantic software Read More
Located in Reykjavík, Iceland, GoPro is a software development company that specializes in case management, document management and customer relations

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Beware Supply Chain Excel Users (You Are Doomed!)
Last week, I attended a supply chain management (SCM) user conference in Florida.The main objective of the user conference was to help users learn and share

share excel document  help users learn and share experiences to eliminate business pains faced either due to lack of technology or business processes. MS Excel, was proudly mentioned in many of the conversations I had with supply chain professionals. It felt like SCM professionals were married to Excel, and their supply chain and operational activities cannot function without it.  What is the Relationship Between an SCM Professional and Excel? I realized that Excel’s relationship with supply chain professionals is due to Read More
Business Intelligence for SMBs: MBS Excel Applications and Competitive Analysis
Companies relying on an Excel or Excel-like system need to know that, while Excel might suffice for ad hoc analysis and data storage for individuals or small

share excel document  Web portals, or collaboratively share with other Excel users. Given Excel's ability to massage data via sorting, creating formulas, and even fixing bad data, one can select data tree hierarchies or dimensions within those hierarchies to construct meaningful data views, such as picking explicit cities, product categories, or salespeople within a territory hierarchy to help with sales analysis. Users can navigate data presented by these views by drilling-down, drilling-across (from one hierarchy to Read More

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