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Centralizing Bank Connections
Electronic connections with corporate customers determine much of a bank’s competitive differentiation and cost structure. But many banks are held back by

sharp copiers  decade has seen a sharp rise in compliance mandates that organizations must follow, impacting IT groups, finance and line-ofbusiness owners to setup, manage and track new processes and reports. To adhere to the mandates, IT groups must adjust policies, update data requirements, reconfigure systems and provide the auditing and reporting to track compliance. Here's a snapshot of common compliance mandates that are making data transmission more complicated for US banks and insurance providers and financial Read More

ERP for the Oil and Gas Industry (Upstream)
The model of ERP systems for the upstream oil and gas sector addresses the particularly specialized business model of this industry. It is common practice for companies, individuals, and government...
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Documents related to » sharp copiers

These Are the Days of Healthy Growth for an Open-source ERP Provider

sharp copiers  Infor. They've got a sharp team that's worked with many different ERP systems over the years, and they know they need to make a change. They appreciate the breadth of our functionality for sure—but as importantly, they like our transparency, our community of users and partners, and our (for lack of a better word) humility. So I wouldn't say that we've discovered a hidden country of green pastures necessarily—but I think we are a more compelling offering for both experienced ERP hands who need to make Read More
MAPICS Back On Track, But Not Without Restructuring Pains
On August 23, MAPICS, Inc., one of the leading mid-market ERP vendors, announced that it is taking steps to reduce costs through a restructuring plan. Earlier

sharp copiers  This is in a sharp contrast with a position of many Tier 2 and Tier 3 ERP vendors that are currently in for a rough time as they continue to expand their products, refine their marketing message and defend their turf from each other and from ever more intruding bigger vendors, while coping with much scarcer resources. While there may be reason for concern due to a flat license revenue and the staff turnover rate departing from its long record of low, there is no real cause for serious users' concern. We Read More
Examples Of How Some Mid-Market Vendors Might Remain Within The Future Three (Dozen)?
While the ongoing consolidation frenzy is by no means the end of smaller vendors, the number of survivors will certainly be only a few dozen. Amid these ongoing

sharp copiers  good performance due to sharp focus on project-based industries, government contactors and professional services, solid financial situation at the time (and nowadays too, with over $100 million in revenues), and the fact that its founders (i.e., the father and son deLaski) still co-own the majority share of the company, it did not even need an investment backing. Made2Manage Systems Incidentally, another seemingly honorable exit strategy from the public eye happened on June 5, when Made2Manage Systems Read More
MAPICS Moving On Pragmatically Part 3: Challenges
MAPICS remains at a critical point in time, where immaculate execution without much space for missteps will determine its future. Despite notable functional and

sharp copiers  Revised Focus Incidentally, a sharp vertical focus founded on strong horizontal back-office applications has long been MAPICS ' modus operandi. However, given its recent new sales difficulties and the protracted confinement to the iServer platform have made the company revise and rationalize its traditional industries of focus. Although its customers would come from over 20 manufacturing verticals, going forward, the company will from now on focus on gaining mind share and delivering a total world-class Read More
MicroStrategy 7 Hits the Street
MicroStrategy® Incorporated, has announced the general availability of MicroStrategy 7™, a completely re-architected version of the company’s core intelligence

sharp copiers  Market Impact Despite MicroStrategy's sharp drop in market capitalization, their new product offering provides compelling features, which will appeal to traditional brick-and-mortar corporations, as well as the ubiquitous dot-coms. If the product is able to analyze multi-terabyte data warehouses as claimed by the vendor, MicroStrategy should have a leg up on many of the other business intelligence vendors who are attempting to play in this same space. In addition, J.D. Edwards, ranked fourth in the ERP Read More
Support for Old Releases-Good for the User but Is It Good for the Vendor?
The decision to support older releases is like any other business decision, it is all about the money and profitability. If the vendor can make money at

sharp copiers  due to the vendor's sharp focus on complex manufacturers and MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) contractors in the defense sector, and with a relatively small install base of customers keenly interested in these individual enhancements. The picture gets quite a bit more complex for a vendor serving dozens of unrelated industries, where not all users would necessarily want to take new enhancements, which would then result with a number of customers remaining on unsupported product versions. The Read More
Ross Systems Ends Year On a Sour Note and Braces Itself For Survivor’s Game
Ross Systems’ transition from ERP to e-commerce has been a harrowing experience during the last 18 months. On September 14, the company announced yet another

sharp copiers  mid-market segment, with a sharp vertical focus and good multi-national capabilities. It also offers financial and HR products for the healthcare and public sector market segments. These have proven to be significantly less profitable than its process manufacturing product line, and have in the past resulted in diluting the company's resources and focus. To that end, although unfortunate and disconcerting, the harsh restructuring moves were imminent. Ross faces the challenge of delivering its ambitious Read More
Global Trade Management Software Vendors Under-Perform, But Were Predictions Overly Optimistic?
After 9/11, the analyst community optimistically predicted a sharp rise in the demand for global trade management (GTM) software. While initially vendor shares

sharp copiers  global trade management,GTM,service oriented architecture,SOA,borders,regulation,shipping,terrorism,port,international trade logistics,ITL Read More
Microsoft Lays Enforced-Concrete Foundation For Its Business Solutions Part 2: Market Impact
Stampede 2002 has radiated moderate optimism within VARs and other attendees, in a sharp contrast with many other user or industry conferences where we have

sharp copiers  which was in a sharp contrast with many other user or industry conferences we have attended lately and where we have felt a generally somber, anxious, or at least subdued mood. Small wonder for this isolated ebullience, given that, despite the current soft market, both MBS and most of its partners are still operating well, are discussing closing new accounts, and even expanding. The lingering initial concern about the ramifications of the Navision acquisition might have also been dispelled by the Read More
Should Uniqueness Vouch For Marketing Automation Niche Players?
Unica's possibly unique set of broad and astute functional footprint and geographic coverage, easily-deployable product with proven quick payback may prove the

sharp copiers  while Unica has a sharp focus on marketing automation and on large enterprises, Marketic has broadened the product range into call center CRM applications and has also targeted the mid-market in southern Europe. Also, Unica pledges to continue to support and develop Marketic's products for the French market, but it also intends to soon introduce its own Affinium product, localized for France. This might give an opportunity to rivals such as Chordiant, E.piphany, DataDistilleries and NCR Teradata to prey Read More
Intentia’s Intents To Be More Fashionable
Intentia remains solid, with both a new product portfolio and an increase in license revenue. The company, which is unimpeded by the current economic slump

sharp copiers  innovativeness and expertise, and sharp vertical focus should be attractive to mid-size and large global enterprises within the following industries: automotive, aviation, apparel/fashion, food & beverage, industrial goods, electronics, furniture, MRO, paper, retail & distribution, service & rental, and steel. European enterprises that run on the iSeries server are the best candidates to benefit from deploying Movex. However, many companies from different geographic regions running on other platforms and Read More
Geac Hopes To See System21 Shine Again Like 'Aurora' Part 2: Market Impact
Geac appears to have at least learned some hard lessons and it should not fall again in the trap of its former rampant acquisition strategy in a number of

sharp copiers  had since resulted in sharp revenue decline, product development strategy limbo, disconcerted user base, and disastrous financial results (see Figure 2). Sticking to its former frugal strategy (acquire, cut administrative expenses and generate service revenue) instead of taking decisive action to breathe fresh air into its arsenal of products, had also backfired on Geac and relegated it in the back seat of the enterprise applications market. Still, Geac's strengths today remain its geographical spread, Read More
A Forum for Wireless Standards…About time isn’t it?
A wireless standards forum has been needed for years, and given the wide array of vendors participating in the newly formed Mobile Wireless Internet Form (MWIF)

sharp copiers  Software, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics, Sharp Corporation, Siemens, SK Telecom, Solect, Sony, Sprint PCS, Sun Microsystems, Synacom Technology, Tekelec, Telcordia, TELOS Technology, Telstra, Telesystem International Wireless (TIW), Toshiba, 3Com, Vodafone AirTouch and WIND. (Source: PRNewswire) Market Impact MWIF will exist to implement internationalized Wireless IP-based services consisting of data, video, and voice programs. If the MWIF can reach a successful standard based on the Wireless Access Read More
ROI Systems - A Little ERP Fellow That Gets By
ROI Systems continues its disciplined new technology adoption. The moderation component of its strategy has been paying off, which proves crucial these days

sharp copiers  That is in a sharp contrast with the IT industry trends where flash in the pan products/companies have been the name of the game, and recently profit has become an abstract notion for smaller enterprise applications vendors. For more than two decades, ROI Systems has managed to deliver strong discrete manufacturing functionality and excellent customer support, although at the deliberate expense of much slower-than-market growth and moderate new technology introduction. While the company cannot be Read More

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