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Should It Be Renamed 'Unobtainium'?
Reports indicate that Intel will delay the release of its 64-bit 'Itanium' processor yet again.

ship settle  discloses what the planned ship date is, ask OK, but when's it really going to ship? - or they add a 9-12 months to the Intel date. The turn of events benefits at least three companies and one group: AMD, Compaq, Microsoft and the Trillian/Linux community. AMD gets some more breathing room for their 64-bit Sledgehammer CPU. Although Intel has the lead in mindshare for the 64-bit market (excluding the Unix/Solaris/etc. markets), vulnerabilities have been appearing in recent months. AMD's design Read More...
ERP System for Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
A U.S.-based manufacturer of industrial machinery turned to TEC for help selecting an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.
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Future Compatible
Companies contemplating upgrading or replacing their enterprise resource planning systems should evaluate whether the change will be compatible with future ERP

ship settle  capabilities. This product should ship ERP II functionality as an integral component of the core system. This will enable the user organization to address current business requirements while they define, develop and gradually start to incorporate ERP II capabilities into their overall business strategy and corporate culture. This article has been sponsored by SYSPRO About the Author Sean Wheller is an author, management consultant and the president of enbaya, a consulting firm that assists hi-tech Read More...
The Players of Software-as-a-Service Business Models and Finding the Best Value Propositions
Although the promise of reduced implementation risk and time, lower upfront costs, etc. justify the hosting/ASP model, this brings an entire new set of issues

ship settle  order , finance , ship , and settle sub-processes. In any case, many of these can only be efficiently fulfilled through a Web-based hosted solution, priced per transaction. The average global trade cycle of order through to settlement is 120 days, whereas a comprehensive hosted GTM solution, like the one from the industry leader TradeBeam , might reduce this cycle by an average of 12 days improving users' cash flow by 10 percent or so. In this case, such potential is possible because of the upbeat Read More...
Dealing with Global Trade Management Complexity
To optimally complete the global trade cycle, a business must automate, track, and provide visibility to the entire global trade management process to optimize

ship settle  booking, ship book, create ship notification, create shipping documents, manage shipping notification, manage shipping guarantee, track shipments, manage events, assess SCM risk, manage customs, clear customs, receive goods, and manage returns settle — create invoice, present invoice, reconcile documents, manage disputes, prepare documents, present documents, manage insurance claims, and receive remittance In any case, many of these could only be efficiently fulfilled through a Web-based hosted Read More...
Enterprise Applications Battlefield Mid-Year Scoreboard Part 4: Other Vendors, CRM, SCP & User Recommendations
Application vendors find themselves in a precarious situation where, concurrently with dismal revenue inflow, there is a need for bigger investment in the

ship settle  the SAP's one) and leadership in many verticals (e.g., service industries and insurance). With ongoing prudent management, its large customer base, solid cash position and strong balance sheet will still keep Siebel strong when the market eventually recovers. It may be quite different situation for its smaller CRM brethren though, which face relegation to their niches, demise and/or consolidation to enhance their offerings. Siebel is also taking the bull by the horns' by acknowledging the integration Read More...
Rootstock to Expand into Distribution
Rootstock Software, provider of cloud manufacturing and supply chain applications, has announced a suite of apps for distribution businesses to be delivered on

ship settle  of POs for direct ship items from vendor to customer, and Carrier Integration are only some of the upcoming distribution-related capabilities. As seen at the  recent TEC Vendor Challenge , the demarcation line between manufacturers and distributors is blurring, and Rootstock’s move is logical. Time will show how successful the cloud vendor will be competing with the likes of NetSuite, Acumatica, Epicor, Infor , and other well-established distribution enterprise resource planning (ERP) providers. Read More...
Compaq, Dell Announce Eight-Way Intel Servers
Compaq and Dell have announced eight-CPU Intel servers, shipping in late August/early September.

ship settle  and IBM expected to ship by the end of September.) Early performance figures show an approximate doubling of performance (relative to four-way), and a narrowing of the gap between Unix and Intel/NT servers. Market Impact This means that Intel/NT servers are starting to move into the performance band historically owned by Unix servers. As this trend continues, non-Intel servers will have a tougher time gaining customers in anything but the very-high-end market. Four-way servers now get pushed down into Read More...
What If They Shipped an OS and Nobody Came?
With six weeks remaining before the announced shipment date for Microsoft's Windows 2000 operating system, there are but a few applications

ship settle  operating system, scheduled to ship on February 17, 2000, presently only has six applications certified to run on the Professional version, and only one certified on the Server variation. As the release of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows 2000 nears, the small number of available applications certified to run with the operating system is causing some IT managers concern. Today, only five applications are certified to run on Windows 2000 Professional, and only one on the Server version. While Microsoft officials Read More...
Red Hat Plays 'Love You, Love You Not' with CPUs
Red Hat has announced the release of Alpha Deluxe, its version of Linux for computers based on Compaq’s Alpha CPU. At the same time, the company announced it

ship settle  GNOME interface, and will ship with 800 additional programs. Red Hat has also announced that it will no longer support Sun Microsystems ' Sparc processor, beginning with Version 7, Red Hat's most recent release of Linux. According to Red Hat, there was insufficient demand for Sparc-based Linux. Red Hat will continue to provide an unsupported Sparc edition in its Rawhide developer version, and the company could restart the Sparc version if demand picks up. The company also will continue to support the Read More...
Cisco: IPv6 is Coming, Eventually
Cisco’s announcement of IPv6 support across its product lines continues the next generation Internet protocol’s deployment with all deliberate speed.

ship settle  (IOS) software, scheduled to ship in October. Later versions of IOS will provide advanced IPv6-related features and improved performance, and future hardware platforms will support IPv6, according to Cisco Chief Technology Officer Judy Estrin. Cisco is committed to IPv6, but we're committed to integration, not transition, said Estrin, who made her remarks at the IPv6 Global Summit here. Estrin said the challenges to IPv6 deployment are not technical, but rather the education of end-users and the Read More...
Drop-Shipping-Internet Retailers'
Relying on drop-shipping (sometimes called

ship settle  drop-shipper will package and ship the item, usually in a day or two (if the item is already manufactured and stored), and either the shipper or the retailer is responsible for shipping costs, depending on the arrangement between the two parties. In general, shipping is the function that performs tasks for the outgoing shipment of parts, components, and products, including packaging, marking, weighing, and loading for shipment. The product is shipped with the packing slip in the retailer's name—sometime Read More...
Will Sun Burn Linux with
Sun Microsystems has eliminated licensing fees for Solaris 8 and its source code.

ship settle  8 is due to ship in February, around the same time Microsoft is due to ship Windows 2000. Sun CEO Scott McNealy has been laying the groundwork for the announcement for months by telling audiences that software is a service and should be free. McNealy recommended last year that the government require Microsoft to make free and open its application program interfaces (APIs), rather than break itself into pieces, as a preferred remedy in the current Department of Justice vs. Microsoft antitrust Read More...
Gates Previews Pen-Based Computer
Microsoft chairman Bill Gates used Comdex to present his next hardware solution, a pen-computing tablet-sized PC code named, amazingly enough, the Tablet PC.

ship settle  expect the Tablet to ship until 2003 Market Impact This is interesting on a number of levels. If these products ever become a reality, they could conceivably take market share from notebooks. But three years is pretty far away, in computer terms - especially in an area where smart cell phones and the beefed-up PDAs are eating away at the bottom of the market, and are only expected to get more powerful and feature-packed. There is some sentiment akin to been there, done that, didn't like it - this is Read More...
Intentia: Stepping Out With Fashion and Style Part Four: Movex Case Study Continued With User Recommendations
Intentia's Movex provides ample tools to respond to the trends and challenges of the fashion industry. While Intentia needs to continue to work to get its

ship settle  satisfied or you cannot ship the order. Such behind-the-scenes checks and balances will eliminate your customer's dissatisfaction and the consumer's frustration. Nothing annoys a consumer more and kills repeat business than being out of stock of common colors, sizes, and styles. Figure 2 As has been repeatedly stated, seasonality and delivery constraints can be critical to the success of a merchandizing program. Within Movex you can tag SKUs as being seasonal or non-seasonal. Additionally, the Read More...
Enterprise Applications--The Genesis and Future, Revisited Part Two: 1990s--Enterprise Resource Planning
Integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions became synonymous with competitive advantage, particularly throughout the 1990's. Customers

ship settle  (JIT) and closer supplier partnerships as a way to remain competitive. During the same time frame, the cost of goods sold (COGS) was shifting drastically from labor to purchased materials. Consequently, planners needed to know materials allocations or finished goods' available-to-promise (ATP) values, immediately after customer order entry. On the other hand, buyers needed to know the sales plan several months in advance in order to negotiate prices for individual materials. Empowerment of employees was Read More...

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