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Expect Boom in Electronic Signatures
E-Pad deployment will skyrocket and make your fax machine obsolete. But don't expect all security experts to embrace electronic signatures as PKI solutions

signature pads  to speed up the signature authentication process that is inherent in relying on FAX machines. Today's choices for authenticating documents include faxing handwritten signatures or using secure public key infrastructure (PKI) solutions. With the complexity of installing and administering PKI through-out large organizations, coupled with fast growing presence of pen-based devices on the market, electronic handwritten signatures are sure to gain popularity. Current trends indicate a 90% probability that Read More
Picture Archiving Communication Systems (PACS) for the Health Care Industry
PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System) manages the storage and display of digitized diagnostic images such as x-rays, CT Scans, and ultrasounds for use by radiologists and other clinician...
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Documents related to » signature pads

Digital Signatures Good from Arctic to Rio Grande
The U. S. Congress passed a bill making digital signatures legal in commerce. Canada's provinces are in the midst of taking the same action

signature pads  Signatures Good from Arctic to Rio Grande Digital Signatures Good from Arctic to Rio Grande D. Geller - July 10, 2000 Event Summary The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act' passed by the U.S. Congress establishes that contracts may not be declared void solely on the grounds that they are recorded electronically or that they are signed or affirmed by an electronic signature. The law applies only to contracts within the jurisdiction of the Congress, those involving interstate or Read More
How Secure is Your E-Mail?
A party interested in viewing point to point e-mail can visit one of numerous news groups and hacking web sites for a full instruction set and tools to read

signature pads  RSA (PKCS), a digital signature and a digital envelope. The digital signature provides some level of security but does not provide for privacy. To encrypt the message for privacy a digital envelope is used so that only the intended recipient can read the contents of the message. The message is not encrypted using RSA, but with encryption algorithms such as DES or RC5 (The latest in a family of secret key cryptographic methods developed by RSA Data Security, Inc). United States Government Plans The Read More
Mid-market ERP Vendors Leveraging (and Occasionally Outdoing) Microsoft’s “Plumbing” - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series analyzed Epicor and SYSPRO, the two renowned enterprise resource planning (ERP) mid-market incumbents that heavily harness Microsoft

signature pads  to its consulting services’ Signature methodology to incorporate process modeling. Within Epicor BPM , the vendor has a powerful tool for modeling (built on Microsoft tools) and brought together with Epicor Service Connect for process orchestration and XSOL for ESL visualization. Epicor has already built out some 150 to 200 best practice process models around its software, primarily for helping customers implement quicker and get a more rapid  return on investment (ROI)  from their ERP Read More
Why Should Enterprises Manage their Contracts Closely?
For companies handling many contracts, ensuring trading partners adhere to contract details is often too cumbersome to be executed without enabling technology

signature pads  officer (CPO), or representative. Signature —At this point, the final agreement between two parties becomes definitive. When both identifying parties have signed the contract, the contract is considered complete and active for its duration. Contract archiving —This final step is one that immature companies take for granted, often just filing the contract away for future record. More advanced companies use indexable and retrievable information for compliance and value analysis.   Mishmash of Read More
Smart Protection Network: Stop Web Threats Before They Reach You
The Internet is now an important business tool@but it also puts companies at risk of exposure to Web-based threats that can cause major damages, such as

signature pads  your reliance on time-consuming signature-downloads. The Trend Micro Smart Protection Network offers real-time better together security against all types of threats-from malicious files, spam, phishing, and Web threats, to denial of service attacks, Web vulnerabilities and even data loss. Combinations of activities are correlated to determine if they are malicious. That's because a single activity of a Web threat may appear harmless, but when several activities are detected together, they may present a Read More
Q2O Systems: Solutions for Quotation Management and Pricing Configuration
Quote-to-order systems include quotation management and pricing configuration solutions. Pricing configuration engines automate pricing and quoting processes

signature pads  process from request to signature. The addition of these capabilities creates Q2O solutions that are then able to manage the contract life cycle, from request, to signature, to execution. To avoid possible confusion, Q2O systems are also called interactive selling systems (ISSs) by Gartner , and they are defined as the integration of a marketing encyclopedia system, sales configuration system, proposal generation system, and order management system under a common UI. ISSs are used to streamline and Read More
Has SAP Nailed Plant Level Leadership with Lighthammer?
The acquisition of the formerly loyal composite applications partner Lighthammer bolsters SAP's capabilities of connectivity and visibility into manufacturing

signature pads  added include an electronic signature service and a multilevel confirmation or challenge capability, which securely controls and documents user actions for regulatory compliance with 21 Code of Federal Regulations Part 11 (21 CFR 11), Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), and other regulations. The enterprise application integration (EAI) capabilities have also been enhanced, with the addition of new business logic capabilities that take advantage of Web services in SAP NetWeaver to simplify data integration between plan Read More
OKENA Pioneers Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention
Intrusion prevention has evolved as a smarter alternative to intrusion detection. Pioneer OKENA has mapped application behaviors into rules, and is using these

signature pads  doesn't rely on attack signature analysis. Traditional intrusion detection systems compare network traffic patterns with attack signatures, and the effectiveness of this methodology depends on the vendor staying ahead of current system and network attack exploits, and writing signatures which their product uses with pattern matching algorithms. If the vendor misses a new exploit, if the attack signatures are not engineered properly, if the customers do not download and keep their intrusion detection Read More
Fed Gives ERP A Shot In The Arm
There has been a hubbub in the public sector, with all major players fiercely competing and eventually winning important new federal contracts, primarily for

signature pads  and monitoring, and electronic signature and information retrieval capability. SAP , Oracle , PeopleSoft , SCT Corporation , and, to a degree, Lawson Software , J.D. Edwards , Geac , Computer Associates , Microsoft Great Plains , Siebel Systems , i2 Technologies and others all have been busy delivering or have already delivered similar capabilities. Provision of CRM and additional analytic and reporting requirements are other crucial issues. Each of these players will have to bet on creating an offering a Read More
Code Signing Certificates - Secure Delivery of Code and Content to Browsers
thawte's Code Signing certificate confirms publisher details and content integrity of downloadable code. It is strongly recommended for any publisher who plans

signature pads  Find out how your signature is verified and how customers can confidently and safely download applets, plug-ins, or macros from your site. Read More
The Need for Vulnerability Management
New network vulnerabilities appear every day due to flaws in software, faulty configuration, and human error. Detecting, removing, and controlling

signature pads  as updating an antivirus signature. Change a software configuration to make it less susceptible to attack, run faster or improve functionality. Use most effective means to thwart automated attacks (worms, bots, etc.) Document the state of security for audit and compliance with laws, regulations and business policy. Consistent, ongoing execution of vulnerability management is difficult, if not impossible to do on a manual basis. There are simply too many moving parts to juggle and act on in a timely and Read More
Resurrection, Vitality And Perseverance Of Former ERP 'Goners' Part One: Ross Systems & SSA Global Technologies
While an increasing demand for services and incremental purchases of new extended-ERP functionality from existing client base, with a modest ooze of new

signature pads  support (electronic records and signatures), and the ability to run iRenaissance over the web. Although iRenaissance has been run over the web by Ross' customers for more than two years now, it previously required a client-side plug-in like most of the other ERP systems require today. With the advent of Ross' new .NET-compliant architecture, however, iRenaissance is currently deployed with a zero-footprint client model allowing any computer with secure access to the Internet to access iRenaissance via Read More
Grape Escape 2010: Of Cloud & Angels, Fun & Games, and “In Vino Veritas” - Part 1
Every June over past several years, after the high season for traveling to major vendor events subsides, and before everyone takes their summer vacations, a

signature pads  “Grape Escape” is a signature event that showcases the intimate analyst relationships (AR) and event expertise that JRocket Marketing ’s president and founder Judith Rothrock delivers to her enterprise software vendors’ client base. Ideally, Judith will concurrently have three non-competing software vendors as her clients. She is quite picky about whom she accepts to represent. Namely, once she is “sold” on the vendor’s unique  value proposition , she becomes quite engrossed in crafting Read More
Invensys Production Solutions - Can Historic Strengths And The 'Protean Boost' Overcome Its Liabilities? Part Two: Liabilities, Strategy, and User Recommendations
Invensys must communicate its successes and strategy to the marketplace, and must aggressively invest in customer satisfaction, marketing, and sales. IPS must

signature pads  signatures (i.e., authorized on-line signature that is legally binding). To that end, both future releases of Protean (4.1) and PRISM (7.2), which have been committed to be respectively released mid-2003 and at the end of 2003, will feature the above regulatory compliance in full. The company's early product vision and venerable reputation in the process manufacturing market for providing plant-centric ERP solutions might finally play well to capturing the marketing opportunity. The regulated industries r Read More

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