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Non-Traditional Hours: Key Strategies for Creating Flexible and Productive Work Schedules
Enabled by technology, more and more companies are now allowing—and, in some cases, requiring—employees to work flexible schedules. In this era of VoIP, Skype

skype acount  this era of VoIP, Skype, cloud apps, and mobile devices, some employees really can be as productive (or more so) working off-site. The advantages for companies begin with more engaged, productive workers, and lower overhead costs. So know what you need to consider for flexible work arrangements and the golden rules for developing flexible work policies. Read More...
Process Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as...
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Documents related to » skype acount

Microsoft Analyst Event Part Three: What Else Can Dynamics Do, and What’s Next?
Microsoft recently held its annual Dynamics Fall Analyst Event (FAE) in Redmond, Washington, where news about the company’s Windows 8 platform (see Part One of

skype acount  (enrich contacts data, save Skype or Lyn c conversation history as data, etc.). A good analogy would be having your GPS tell you exactly where to go while you drive instead of printing out a map before your trip and trying to read it while on the road — enterprise apps should do the same within this “contextual BI” paradigm. Via the cloud, Microsoft Dynamics intends to remove the barriers between enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) users and to offer Read More...
Microsoft Officially Launches Outlook.com
After making it available for preview some months ago, Microsoft is now officially launching Outlook.com, Microsoft's new free e-mail service. According to

skype acount  need to migrate to Skype, as the messenger service will be phased out . Will Outlook.com be able to compete with offerings such as Gmail?  Have a comment or feedback on outlook.com? Please drop us a line. Read More...
RIM Finally Launches BlackBerry 10, and Changes Its Name
At long last, Research in Motion (RIM) on January 30 launched its new mobile platform, BlackBerry 10, kicking off a series of events around the globe. The

skype acount  the get go, including Skype, Amazon Kindle, and others. Improved customer experience features include BlackBerry Flow, BlackBerry’s navigation tool, and BlackBerry Hub, the centralized repository for all communications and content (e-mail, text, social media interaction, etc.) The main BlackBerry strategy is to keep focusing on what it does best—offer a platform for the workplace, while enabling users to separate their personal and work environments with a feature called BlackBerry Balance. It is not Read More...
The Blessing and Curse of SharePoint's
Notwithstanding Microsoft's recent purchase of Skype, some pundits have started to question its relevance in the long term (in view of the ongoing consumer

skype acount  Microsoft's recent purchase of Skype , some pundits have started to question its relevance in the long term (in view of the ongoing consumer mobile devices and/or social media success of Apple, Google, Facebook, Oracle, salesforce.com , etc. ). However, there are still many Microsoft products that are quite relevant. One of them is undoubtedly Microsoft SharePoint or  Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) . Until the recent runaway success of  the Kinect for Xbox 360 “gesturing entertainment Read More...
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Getting More Socially Insightful
Microsoft has announced a strategic alliance with InsideView whereby InsideView for Sales will be integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, bringing social

skype acount  charge, with integration to Skype and Lync as required. With the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM release, customers will get access to new mobile client applications on Windows 8 tablets and iPads, as well as touch-enabled experiences on Windows Phones, iPhones, and Android phones coming within the next month. Over the past few months, Microsoft partners from 48 countries participated in the most highly subscribed-to release preview program to date for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and provided feedback on the new Read More...
Microsoft Analyst Event Part Two: Dynamics Offerings for ERP and CRM

skype acount  by Yammer , Office, Skype , SharePoint, VS.NET, Bing Maps , and other services. In fiscal 2012, the Microsoft Dynamics business reportedly grew 11 percent (6 percent in Q1 2013). Microsoft Dynamics CRM grew 30 percent in 2012, while Microsoft Dynamics AX grew 30 percent in the U.S. during the same time. While there have been major strides made in this regard, I still think that Microsoft Dynamics does not fit cleanly in Microsoft’s global sales and marketing plan yet. Major accounts need a global Read More...
Waking Up to a “New Day” at Infor
Moving away from the relentless acquisitions of the past, Infor is waking up to a brand new day, marked by innovative product development that will change the

skype acount  Warrior app, which incorporates Skype and FaceTime within a customer's contact record so salespeople can more seamlessly access consumer collaboration tools. Infor10 Motion is cloud based, and the Infor10 Motion App Manager (IMAM) provides a single location for companies to deploy Infor10 Motion applications quickly within their existing IT infrastructure. In contrast, many other mobile platforms require an add-on solution to centralize the effort of multiple deployments. Once a company has gained access Read More...
Software as a Service for Customer Relationship Management and Sales
Major vendors are noting the growing demand for software as a service. However, smaller providers are forging new ground by offering services for inventory and

skype acount  Adobe, Business Objects and Skype. Additionally, new on-demand applications are available from Ascendus, Big Machines, CastIron, ClairMail, Comergent, D2Aligned, DreamFactory, Eloqua, Factiva, Forcelogix, GOT Corporation, Harte-Hanks Trillium Software, iAnywhere, InsideScoop, Intacct, Logotec Engineering, MarketSync, Message Secure, NetSales, NextMark, ObjectPublisher, OpenAir, Payment Processing Inc., the Payroll Company, Pervasive Software, Remend, Rigpa Technology, SalesCentrix, Select Selling, Read More...
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 to Be Released in the Fall
Microsoft Corp. has announced that its 2013 release of  Dynamics CRM—to be available this fall—is designed to make business personal by enhancing mobile support

skype acount  connection between Lync and Skype Microsoft expects that organizations using Dynamics CRM will be taking advantage of the new features to face an increasingly educated mass of customers. Bob Stutz, corporate vice president, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, explains: Customers don’t want to be sold to anymore. [...] They expect businesses to help them make the most informed choice. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps people connect with these customers in a way that is personal—giving them the information they need Read More...
Telecom Re-invention: Optimizing the Online Customer Experience
As networks, devices, and media converge, telecom companies have increasingly complex catalogs of products and services on offer to customers who are, in turn

skype acount  internet companies like Google, Skype and Apple. But beyond their network inventories, they have perhaps a far more valuable asset; a billing relationship with customers. As connectivity becomes increasingly a commodity, operators have an opportunity to nurture and extend the relationship with their customers. However, they have to rapidly take smarter and more incisive steps, re-organise their internal divisions to take a customer, not technology led approach. This re-orientation around the customer, as Read More...
Bullet-proofing Instant Messaging
As more corporations adopt instant messaging (IM), chief information officers (CIOs) and IT managers are learning that it can be a serious source of liability

skype acount  in packages such as Skype, OpenZoep, ICQ, Tpad and countless other multi-purpose communications clients. Although details differ, all IM packages offer the following capabilities: Easy IM download, install and setup Easy integration with e-mail clients for contact information, with automatic generation of buddy or friend lists to facilitate messaging with frequent communication partners Integrated file transfer Automatic capture and storage of IM conversations and other content Typical usage Read More...
Is Selling Software in China Really as Hard as It Seems?
You’re a North American software vendor. You’re considering setting up shop in China.  You know that the risks are formidable, but so are the potential rewards.

skype acount  government’s practice of monitoring Skype traffic). However, the potential rewards are substantial, from a business perspective. A guide to doing business in China, published by Enterprise Ireland , suggests that although it’s “somewhat naïve” to imagine that you’re suddenly going to have a billion-strong market, there are certainly a good 300 million customers who may be in the market for what you’re selling. Also, the Chinese market is generally tech- and software-savvy, which may explain Read More...
Recruiting Trends: 4 Methods for Finding the Right Talent
When it comes to finding the right talent, today’s organizations have plenty of options. With the increasing popularity of social networking, however, companies

skype acount  using video-conferencing (similar to Skype). Or recruiters can ask candidates to complete a virtual questionnaire: candidates log in to a personalized interview session online and respond over the phone to the given questions (see Figure 1), and have the opportunity to review their answers before the information is stored for the recruiter. The video and virtual experience is not for everyone though. Some candidates may be reluctant to be part of an interview where they know they will be videotaped or Read More...
More Banks Turning to Microsoft Dynamics CRM
While the pundits’ assertions that Microsoft is losing its relevance and innovation mojo continue to swirl, especially with an impending CEO change, there are

skype acount  , Lync , and Skype become tightly integrated. Read More...
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