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Voice-Over-Broadband Standards on the Horizon
Voice-Over Broadband standards are on the horizon. Today General Bandwidth, Inc. and Efficient Networks announced a business alliance to test interoperability

soho  alliance will benefit the SOHO (Small/Home Office) business market because SOHO's will now be able to have a variety of services available over a single DSL circuit. This will allow SOHO's to reduce their monthly operating cost and allow them to be competitive with the larger companies in any market space. The addition of standards to this developing technology will place Broadband well ahead of the ISDN marketplace, which is both more expensive and completely absent of a true standard. User Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » soho

Infor Unveils the Infor 10x Umbrella Release
The slew of product announcements at the recent Inforum 2013 conference was underlined by the announced general availability of Infor 10x, an enterprise release

soho  only on the so-called SOHO user experience level, which entails Ming.le, ION, Motion mobility apps, pervasively embedded contextual business intelligence (BI), etc. Oracle is really burdened by spending money on maintaining both legacy ERP systems and Oracle Fusion Apps, while there is no incentive for legacy ERP guys to go to Fusion (why would they, if they are getting enhancements anyway?). In the greater scheme of things, Oracle’s Fusion is the most ambitious approach, Infor’s 10x is the most Read More
ACCPAC -- Being Much More Than Meets The Eye Part Two: Announcements Continued
ACCPAC continues to expand its products footprint and operations worldwide.

soho  for small offices/home offices (SOHO). Formation of the ACCPAC Sales Success Distribution Program a global distribution program for ACCPAC third-party developers. An agreement to collaborate with CGA Online Services Corporation to develop CGA Online a new web-based online system that will provide a single source of information and services for Certified General Accountants (CGAs) This is Part Two of a four-part note. Parts One and Two detail recent ACCPAC announcements. Part Three will discuss the Market Read More
Quantum Snaps Off Its NAS Group
Quantum Corporation, recently acquired by Maxtor, will divest itself of its server appliance subsidiary, renaming it Snap Appliances, Inc. Snap Appliances will

soho  situations such as the SOHO market. One of their key selling features is their ability to be up-and-running in five minutes or less. We are not yet convinced by the 4100. The idea of four drives in a 1U-high (1.75 ) enclosure is enticing, and the addition of hot-swappability improves the 4100 over its predecessor (which had serviceability issues), but the lack of power supply redundancy means the unit is still not enterprise-ready. Performance is sufficient for smaller environments. Smaller operations Read More
Intel Small Server Market
Who are the key players in the market segment of Intel small servers? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each, and when is one more appropriate than

soho  greatest success are the SOHO (Small Office-Home Office) market and Asia. Sales patterns in Asia indicate the region is generally more price sensitive than the U.S. This makes the small server a natural for the region. In addition, growth in the Latin American (LatAm) market indicates a potential good fit for small servers. As server appliances and their applications proliferate, this segment will come under increasing pressure. We do not expect the small server market to disappear, but we expect there Read More
Will Sage Group Cement Its SME Leadership with ACCPAC and Softline Acquisitions? Part Four: Market I
Given Sage's revenue level is quite higher than those of Geac, MBS, SSA Global, and Lawson Software, making it an ultimate juggernaut within the SME market per

soho  are small offices/home offices [SOHO] referred to as a feeder channel ), and financial stability. While most vendors targeting mid-market customers should be intimidated by the fact that a number of the large enterprise application vendors are trying to sway into their space (see Software Giants Make Courting a Small Guy Their Business One Priority ), the above facts give credence to Best's management claim that the company continues to take the oxygen out of the room for growth in the lower-end of Read More
ACCPAC -- Being Much More Than Meets The Eye Part Four: Challenges and User Recommendations
One has to see how ACCPAC’s moves to nurture the relationship and the morale of its VARs and to make them more successful (profitable), will play against MBS

soho   a financial suite for SOHO users, that contributes ~20% of the revenue. Furthermore, some regional Microsoft Business Solutions ' (e.g. Great Plains , Navision , or Solomon ) and or Best Software 's (e.g., MAS 90 or SalesLogix ) resellers often generate more than $10 million in annual revenues. Conversely, not many of ~1,500 ACCPAC Advantage Series ' VARs exceed $1 million. One has to see how the above-mentioned ACCPAC's moves to nurture the relationship and the morale of its VARs and to make them more Read More
Zoho’s Mod Appeal
If you are a small or medium business and you haven’t heard of Zoho yet, you should check it out—the company might have an app for you, perhaps even for free

soho  office, home office, i.e., SOHO, although some products are suited to larger companies. The Web-based mini apps of the Zoho Office Suite are a great example of the trend of the atomization of user experience. This is in tune with the Long Tail Theory , according to which companies will compete on ever-smaller and more specific product footprints and capabilities to satisfy ever-smaller niches, and all in a plug-and-play manner. Forrester has also noted a “business technology (BT)” trend , describing Read More
Building the Path to Better Profits: Implementing ERP Technology to Successfully Achieve Return on I
When it comes to software implementations, organizations large and small share common goals of rapid deployment and return on investment. Unlike large

soho  small offices and remote SOHO workers, the SG300 is highly compact, and even includes a 4-port switch for easy LAN connection. For larger offices, the SG560 includes hardware encryption acceleration for superior VPN performance, while the SG565 extends the SG560's capabilities to wireless networks. The SG580 includes firewall/intrusion prevention, VPN, gateway anti-virus and Web filtering, and is suitable for both narrowband and broadband connections. The SG580 features multiple enterprise-level Read More
Addressing Channels and the Low-End Market
Microsoft announced plans to increase resources and provide new tools and offerings for MBS independent software vendors (ISV) and value-added resellers (VAR

soho  market share in retail SOHO accounting products, has only been making nascent strides in the enterprise space and in the equivalent channel ramp-up. On its side, Best Software offers multiple flavors of small and medium enterprise (SME) systems to accommodate varying needs across the range of company sizes and industries, with an attempt of clearer delineation and less internal competition between the products. These start with low-cost desktop' solutions like Peachtree and ACT! , both sold primarily Read More

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